Miles Away

Jessie and James...

Jessie and James are best friends though most people think that they like each other because they boy and girl, totally not true and most people close to them could tell you that. They have been inseparable since they meet at the first day of school. When James tells Jessie that he's going on holiday for a while, Jessie believes him whole heartedly...

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1. Chapter One

Best friends. The title you give to someone who your very close. Some you couldn't live without. But what if you had to live without them? How would you survive...well you don't. //

"James!" I shouted opening his bedroom door and barging in. James was sprawled out on his bed a book in hand. "I'm near the end just let me finish it" James begged but I pried the book from his fingers and throw it down on his bedside table. "You promised me you would come with me" I pleaded sitting on the edge of his bed. "I know it just a really good book" James said sitting up beside me. "But if my best friend needs me then I can put it down for her" James said and I beamed at him. "Come on then"I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to his feet. He stumbled a bit then straightened. "Are you ok?" I asked "I'm fine" he said smiling at me. "Well big foot don't go tripping over everything when we're out" I joked making James laugh. James grabbed his keys and wallet and we headed out the door. //



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