i have waited to long to quit now

a simple life loving 16 year old girl sky goes on trip of her life and meets one of her role models a guy she thought would never notice her as they become friends something happens that would make her dream go backwards management believes she's not the best kind of friend after she gets her self into a bit of trouble but she wont stop fighting for the one she was waiting for


1. the letter


as I open my eyes the alarm clock begins to ring I slap it so hard it falls off the night stand and onto the floor. my slippers drag on the ground as i walk down the steps. sky come here i turn to the to  living room were carla my sister is sky guess who is on the tv she says i don't know one direction we both run to the tv. i love one direction they are so talented and i would love to meet them . as i look at the tv my eyes glow with joy well better get dressed i started up the stairs. after i was dressed i grabbed a bagel out of the bread box and ran out of the door . i opened the mail box what's this a letter i opened it it had a red boarder and at the top it said CONGATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON ONE DIRECTION TICKETS i was so happy i forgot i had to go to work. i cant believe this i am finally going to go to a one direction concert uh i cant wait . hey rick (my boss) guess what rick answers did you win one direction tickets oh my gosh how did you know Carla told me . so when do you envark on your adventure rick said happily in two days i cant believe this is really happening. when i came home i thought people would be happy for me and all but my mom just told me what a bad idea it would be but i have been waiting for this chance. i stubble up the stairs and fall onto the bed. well its the day i have been waiting for i get to go to the concert. on my way to the air port i tripped over some guys luggage but not even that could let me down, this is the day i have been waiting for. i walked on the plane my seat is 2a ok here it is right beside me their was a older lady holding a brown dusty book with a gold boarder. as i sat down the women glared into my eyes excuse me she said but may i read your fortune i looked at her and said sure. ok my dear i see a great adventure and what is this a love  possibly the love of your life oh my what's this what's what i shout she said well you will see. what , what ,what will i see i shouted people looked at me all around then i finally just took a nap. i see the boys on the stage and people are dragging them into ambulances i shout no, no ,no what happened ah i shouted . suddently a pilot was shaking me and was shouting miss ,miss you need to get up the flight is over . i looked at him and stepped out of the plane under my breath i whispered it was just a dream.the . before i left the air port i asked one of the employees if they knew the name of the women that was sitting next to me but they had no idea what i was talking about so i just stepped out into the beginning of my adventure.

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