Louis Tomlinson Can't Love Me...

Claire was a normal teenage girl. Fussed over acne. Fussed over clothes. Fussed over boybands. But when her father passes, she becomes bitter. Hateful. Like she is mad at the world. Her mother buys her tickets to a One Direction concert in a desperate attempt to bring her back. WIll meeting the boy of her dreams fix her?


2. The Most Exciting Thing

"One Direction? Mom, I'm 17!" The bright red and white tickets on the kitchen table were blinding.
 She looked confused. "But you loved them 6 weeks ago."

6 weeks ago. Before my Daddy died. I shook the thought away. "Mom, there's no way I'm gonna-"

"No no no. You have been a lump since, well, you know. I was sad too. But your father would not want you to not have a life. He would want you to be happy. Now, I want you to take Hannah to that concert with you, and the backstage passes, and have some fun. THIS Saturday."

I looked down at the tickets, defeated. My mom wanted this. And when she wants something, guess what? Yeah. She gets it. Damn it.

It's not that I didn't want to have fun with my best friend. Well, yeah, it actually was. It just didn't seem right, after my father died, to have any fun. But there was no way to worm outta this one. I had to go, and besides, she probably spent a lot of money on this. Since we have lost a lot since the loss of my father, she was really breaking her kneck for me, economy wise.

I sighed through my nose. "Fine Mom. But I take the car." She paled, and I had a moment of smugness, but then she nodded.

I finished my breakfast thenwalked to school. In first period, I told Hannah about the concert, then asked if she could make it.   

"Make it??? You're asking if I can make a One Direction concert???" Her blue eyes were wide, and her hair seemed to curl at the very thought.

I raised my eyebrow and sideways looked at her at her, seated at her desk. "So that's a yes?"

SLAM! My pinchy-looking math teacher whapped her ruler on my desk. "I'm assuming you know the square rootof 74?" She sniped.

I blushed. "Uh, 12?" The A-average kids laughed. My teacher turned red, too, but out of anger. "{ay attention in class, Mz Hollister." She snapped.

I nodded, then tried to pay attention to her lesson as she continued teaching it. But my eyes led astray as I surveyed the round classroom. I hated it's cream colored wall, the square rows of deskd, the dumb-looking blackboard with white chalk, while all the other math classes had whiteboards with colorful markers.

A square folded note was thrown on my desk, labeld Claire/Hannah on it. I picked up the note, eyes never leaving Ms. Newton, and put my arms under my desk. I unfolded it, then glanced on it for a split second. I saw a bunch of red yeses, all over the paper. I half smiled as I crumpled it into a ball, then stuck it in my pocket. Maybe this would be fun after all.


I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned. My white shire with the blackk One Direction logo on it mtached perfectly with my black blazer, dark wash True Religions, and white ballet flats, and the red lanyard and ID for our backstage time. My eyes were bright, my hair was glossy. I was ecstatic.

"You ready to go?" My mom called, "Hannahs waiting for you at her house!"

"About to go!" I shouted back. I grabbed my red handbag, the final touch, then dashed out of my room. I jumped 3 at a time down the stairs, and grabbed the car keys and stuffed them in my bag.

'"ByeMomloveyou" I said as I kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks, Mom, for doing this."

She grinned and pushed me out of the door. "Go have fun, Claire! Be back by 1:00!"

Once I got into my moms white SUV, I put the keys into the ignition ans screamed. Then I backed out of the driveway, and drove as quickily as I could legally to Hannahs. I called her on the way.

"Be ready NOW, " I yelled. "We're goingto One Direction!" I shouted before I hung up.

I pulled into Hannah's driveway 10 minuets later and put the window down. "Lets move!" I shouted like a colonel to his generals. She yanked the door open, jumped in, and putt her seatbelt on in 5 seconds.

"Woooooooooooooooooooo!" She screamed as she put her window down. Then she put it back up, and yanked open her blue Prada. She pulled out a burned CD labled "One Direciton!!" and put it in the CD slot. Then she put it to Track 4, and turned it up.

                                                     The light shines, it's getting hot on my shoulder

                                                     I don't mind, this time it doesn't matter

                                                    Your friends, they look good but you look better

                                                     All my life, I''ve been waiting for a girl like you to come around


                                                     Under the lights tonight, you turned around, and then you stole my heart,

                                                      With just one look, then I saw your face, I fell in love

                                                      It took a minuet girl, to steal my heart tonight

I turned it down. "Hannah, open my purse. The tickets and your backstage pass are in there." She obidently followed orders. She put on her ID and examined the tickets.

"Claire." She sounded like she was about to hurl.

I sideways glanced at her. "Yeah?" She put the tickets back in my purse, buried her head in it, and screamed.

I jumped, and a car behind my honked.

"What? Hannah, you almost mde me crash damn it, what?"

"You better not swear in the front row of the concers, or Liam might hear you!!" She shouted.

"What?!? Front row? Yaaay!" I screamed, not caring that I sounded like a loser.

I turned up the music an we sang all the way to the concert.

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