Louis Tomlinson Can't Love Me...

Claire was a normal teenage girl. Fussed over acne. Fussed over clothes. Fussed over boybands. But when her father passes, she becomes bitter. Hateful. Like she is mad at the world. Her mother buys her tickets to a One Direction concert in a desperate attempt to bring her back. WIll meeting the boy of her dreams fix her?


3. Something Wonderful

The screaming fans were totally tuned out as I watched him sing. Hannah, slapping my arm as she jumped up and down, was the same. I didn't even notice Liam, Harry, Niall, of Zayn, or hear their voices. Just him.

He seemed to notice me too. He sang with a half smile on his face just like mine. His eyes bored into mine, and it was obviously noticeable, because Hannah was shaking me.

"He's staring at you, Claire, you!" She shouted, with a twinge of envy. "Louis is staring at you!"

"Huh? No way!" I had to yell back, over fans shouting Gotta Be You with the boys.

The dark dome had seemed to brighten up after they had come onstage, grinning madly. The seats in the first row were lush, compared to the rest, but no one int it was sitting down. Our hands were permantly stretched out, hoping to get a touch from one of them.

"Cahn we get a fahn onstageh? Anyonhe?" I was spacing out again, but Louis was calling for a fan onstage. His eyes scanned the first row, over the twins next to us, who stomped their feet, over Hannah, and his gaze stopped, on...me.

"Ohmygod." I whispered. He was smiling at me, grinning now. "You," he called into the mic, "with the blazah and the red handbagh."

He walked to the edge and helped me onto the stage. The dome was eerily quiet, like all the fans were incredible jealous and were refusing to say anything.

When our hands touch, I shuddered. Electricity. But I shook the thought of love away and considered myself as a lucky fan as Louis personally sang Stole my Heart to me, and kissed me on the cheek at the end. Zayn stepped up and helped me offstage to my seat. I was curious why his touch provided nothing at all, not even a spark. But I dismissed the ridicious thought of Louis liking me as my headstrong self.

I was in a daze the rest of the concert, only hearing Hannah singing next to me and saying she can't wait to meet the boys. Why? Why did I honestly think, Louis Tomlinson, of all people liked me? I refused to look at him again, for fear of seeing him looking at me again and my brain eating it up like the crazy idea was true, false hope.

Before I knew it, the concert was over and I mentally cursed myself for not enjoying it more, then vowed to have a great time backstage, no matter what.

 I touched up Hannah's makeup for her, hoping one of the guys noticed how pretty she looked. Her blond hair was straightend and fell over her shoulders, and her blue eyes matched her 1D shirt perfectly. We made sure our ID's were ready, and headed on backstage.

"OhmiGod, Claire! Do you think Niall will think I look pretty?" She fussed.

"You do, you do," I assured her, but I wondered if Louis would think the smae about me.  

When we rached the backstage entrance, the buff security guard took one look at our lanyards and shooed us in. I stepped through the open door and looked around, expecting gobs of fangirls, but the boys were alone and sitting on their couch, not facing or noticing us.

 I grabbed Hannah under the table due to embaressment, where they couldn't see us.

"Where are all the other girls? Are we late? Are we early? What's going on?" I whisper-yelled. Hannah widened her blue eyes. 

"Easy, Claire! Didn't you hear me talking to you during the concert? The backstage was so expensive, I only knew of 4 parties who bought them! We either arrived before or after them!" 

"Oh." I felt stupid for freaking out. Would she notice how I glanced at the back of Louis's head before I pulled her under? Will she think I like him and call me big-headed? What if-

"Lets go!" She mouthed. I nodded.

We stood up and tried to make it look like we walked in from the door. I cleared my throat.

Louis was the first to turn around and when a smile spread over his face, my heartbeat quickend.

"H-H-Hi, we're here for, uh-"

"We see yer passes, gahls, we know." Niall winked. I practically heard Hannah's heart beat.

"So, where should we staht?" Liam jumped off of the couch.

"Oh, I know." Harry called. "I'm Harry, he's Zayn," He pointed to himself and Zayn.

"We know your names." I giggled.

"Of cohrse they do." Liam grinned. The sight of all ah-dorable boys, grinning right in front of us, was almost overwhelming. "So, what do you whant to know abouht us?"

"You know, besides what you read in the mahgazines." Louis added.

"Uh, what about...were those XFactor video diaries real?" Hannah asked. "Like, was it scripted?"

Zayn shook his head. "All us." Niall grinned. "Not all of it was true, of corse."

We talked with them for awhile. It got less uneasy, and we realized they were normal guys, like the ones at our school. Well, besides the fact that they were famous.

About an hour later, Hannah's phone rang. She turned her back to the boys, and I did too, nervous about being alone.

"Ok, Mom. Front parking lot? Yeah? Yeah, ok, I'll be right there." She turned to me after she hung up. Her eyes were tired, but happy. "My moms waiting for me to drive me home. I would've argued more about riding with you, but I'm pretty tired."

I nodded. "It's okay, I am too." We turned back to the guys. " We gotta go," Hannah said, pointing to the door. "It was really great meeting you."'She added.

They actually looked a little dissapointed. "Hugs!" Harry threw his hands in the air. We all took turns hugging each other. Louis held me a little longer than the other guys. Or was it me holding him?

When hannah headed to the door, Niall shouted "I'll escoort ye to yer car!" And he walked her out the door. She was red with happiness. I felt happy for her, too.

The other boys snicker-walked out the door after them silentley, creeping to watch them. Except him.

I looked at my shoes. He smiled warmly. "I'm not as immature as them in real life, you know."

I looked up at Louis. He looked just like my cousin right now. His hair was messy, his shirt baggy. He looked normal. So thats how I treated him.

"Are you sure?" I stuck my tounge out at him, and he laughed.Then he held out his hand.

"May I escohrt youh to youhr cahr, miss?" He said. I took his hand and laughed.

"Yeah, but don't run away when you see the inside. I'm a mess." I grinned.

He walked me to the outside of the backstage room. My car was in a different lot than Hannah's mom's was, but I looked around for her anyway. "Where do you think they went?" I asked.

Louis frowned. "Who knows?" He asked. I wondered why he sounded mad.

When we arrived to my car, I leaned against my door and faced him. "It was awesome meeting you." I smiled.

I turned to open the door and drive away, put he truned my with both hands. "Wha-" I started, but he put his fingers under my chin and kissed me. I closed my eyes. When the kiss was over, I left them closed, my lips spread slightly, in a daze.

I opened my eyes, and then...he was gone.

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