Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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3. » Chapter Two

Good Luck


   The wind pulled my hair back as I walked into Mitch's Mic Mania. It is a shop all about performing. Yes, you can by instruments and albums, but, everyone comes for the shows. I took a walk after Lily left to look for a job. I am not really interested in jobs right now, unlike her. She has always wanted a job, which is unbelievable because she is the laziest person I have ever met.


   "Austin!" Mitch greeted me with a warm, wrinkled smile while pausing in the middle of his song - Iris.


   I returned his smile and walked further into the store, tilting to the right as I try to escape the wind from the doors. Mitch waved me over, putting his acoustic guitar down beside him. He began adjusting the Sony microphone in front of him, and it seemed to be just my height. Uh-oh.


   Mitch glanced back at me, continuing to smile from ear to ear. "C'mon up."


   I looked around at the small crowd of people, nervousness building up inside of me. There are maybe fifteen pairs of eyes set on me, waiting patiently for me to step onto the small, circular stage. I glanced back at Mitch, shaking my head back and forth. My eyebrows wrinkle while I stare up at Mitch with my best puppy-dog look; he just shook his head.


   "Sorry, love, you can't escape this time." He winked at me, which cause me to be in confusion.


   Why did he wink? Is there someone in the crowd? A scout?! No, no, no!


   A large hand yanked on my arm pulling me up to the stage. I spun my head around to see Mitch handing me the microphone. I shook my head once again, and he put the mic back onto the stand. Mitch slowly walked away after handing me his guitar... Dammit. He knows I have always wanted to play this guitar.


   The crowd began to clap, expecting me to play. I just stood there, frozen and stuck in place. They were all watching me - some snickered and some sighed. My eyes caught a hazel pair, belonging to a boy in the back. He wore a dark green beanie, a large black leather jacket that covers a red plaid shirt. To tell you the truth, he looks like Marshall Lee from Adventure Time except is a little too cute...


   He raised his right hand, revealing a thumbs up. "Good luck," he mouthed.


   And with that, I instantly sat down and began strumming the guitar. Amazingly, I didn't miss one note.


   "I thought I saw a man brought to life.

   He was warm.

   He came around like he was dignified."


   I felt... alive as I sang, smiling from ear to ear even though Torn isn't the happiest song out there.


   "I'm already torn..."


- Ten Minutes Later


   Everyone clapped after my three songs - Torn, Moments, and Paradise. Surprisingly, I actually managed to enjoy singing on a stage in front of fifteen people. I know fifteen isn't a lot, but, it is enough to freeze me. Thank God that boy with the beanie encouraged me or I wouldn't have lasted. ... Who was he?


   I walked over to Mitch, who was too busy tuning the guitar to notice me. With a single tap on the shoulder, Mitch spun around with the most horrified expression. Priceless.


   "Woah! Oh... Hey, Austin! You were great out there." I smiled back at him and held up my hand, showing him the "peace sign." 


   "Thanks, Mitch. Um, ya know... Who is that boy over there?" I pointed to the Beanie Kid, hoping he wouldn't turn around and notice.


   Mitch looked at Beanie Kid and shrugged, turning back to me. " He's not a regular and I haven't seen him around town... Sorry, love." His apologetic smile twisted into a large grin, and he lightly punched me in the shoulder. "Why?" He teased.


   "Well--" I started, blinking my grey-green eyes at his suggestion. I could feel my cheeks begin to burn up as I realized what he meant.


"I-it's not like that!"

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