Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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4. » Chapter Three

She's Insecure


   { So this is mainly dialog rambling. It switches into Zayn's POV. DONT FRET MY PET! Everything sweet, romantic, adorable, and hilarious will start in the next chapter. }


   The customers turned their attention to Mitch and I because of my raised voice - Beanie Kid looked too. Crap. Before I could speak, Mitch leaned his torso towards me, the hand beside his cheek making it obvious that he is whispering.


   "Go and talk to him."


   My cheeks became even redder as I listen and I pulled away from him.


   "It's not like that." I snorted and walked away from the twenty year old. The customers adverted their attention towards Mitch as he began to play his newly tuned guitar. I nervously continued towards Beanie Kid, mentally preparing myself before I spoke up. He's looking at an old album... Queen?


   "You should get this one instead - it's the same one but with more tracks." I informed him, sounding like a dork while pointing to the album next to him.


   His hazel eyes brightened up as he turned his head to me, smiling friendly and warmly.


   "Thanks." He said in his thick accent - Bradford, maybe?


   I nodded my head the slightest bit, more of a dip than nod. "S-sure..."


   It was silent for a moment until he spoke up, causing my head to dart up and my eyes to look into his again. Fuck. I adverted my eyes to his face instead of his hazel orbs - do you know how hard it is to not look into someone's eyes when they are talking?


   "Do you work here?" Me? Work here? ...Huh, that's a thought.


   "Um, no... I'm just good friends with the owner so I'm here a lot." Stop rambling, you idiot!


   "Oh, really? Well you were spectacular earlier." He praised, causing my cheeks to warm.


   "Th-thanks..." Stop stuttering. Gosh... This is so awkward.


- Zayn's POV


   She's insecure. You can tell by the way she stutters and blushes. She smiles at the floor, interested in her shoes. I bet she doesn't know she's beautiful - with long caramel hair snaking over her shoulders and silver green eyes. Long, dark eyelashes outlined her large eyes while small, barely noticeable freckles settle on her nose. She has "cupid's arrow" lips that are the perfect shade of pink - resembling the color of cherry Laffy Taffy. She's coated in thin clothes - a plain white tank top is tucked into her vertical blue and white striped shorts that end way above her knee. A thin denim shirt is loosely waving around her curves and reaches to the belt of her shorts. Her feet are shielded by red vans with white laces. Perfectly casual.


   I smiled warmly at her, pleased by her taste in music. Especially when she sang Moments. She looked up from the wooden floor and catches my gaze. Her pale cheeks redden and a small smile forms on her lips. She has this perfect face shape - one that is usually seen among tumblr models.


   "Your name?" I ask her, trying to continue the conversation.


   "Austin." She replies rather fast, causing a light chuckled to escape from my lips. Was she waiting for that question?


   I continued to smile at her and stuck out my hand. Austin... I have never heard of a girl named Austin. "Nice to meet you, Austin. I'm Zayn."


   She hesitantly reaches out her petite hand and I catch it with mine, then softly move the two hands up and down. We let go and let our hands fall to our sides.


   "Um, well, I have to go but it was nice meeting you." She hurries with flushed cheeks.


   As she begins walking past me, I struggle to speak. She's leaving and didn't even recognize me?


And like that, she is gone.

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