Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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7. » Chapter Six

Burning Red


   I grabbed a bottle of wine, nothing fancy or expensive - just something to lighten up the mood with she comes back. After I poured two glasses, I put the bottle up, wishing to stay sober tonight.


   Why am I doing this? I met the girl four days ago and now she is changing into my clothes as if she is my girlfriend. Why did I speak to her at the store and encourage her while she stood hopelessly frightened on the stage? Since when do I care?


   I placed myself on the bar stool, my elbow propping up my head as I became lost in thought. Yes, Austin is a charming girl but is more "cute" than "hot." What I have always imagined myself with is a sexy brunette who gets what she wants and pleases my needs. I can't see Austin as that person... Maybe she could just be a one night fling. But - she's injured. And seems so vulnerable and insecure, along with shy and naive. I wonder if she is go--




   I spun around in my seat to see the adorable girl herself standing on the last step of my wooden stairs, her and rested on the railing. She picked out an oversize - at least on her - grey sweatshirt and a pair of my running shorts. They hang just below her knees and over her yellow neon ankle socks. She has let her hair down, loose in messy caramel waves that reached to the middle of her back.


   "Wine?" Austin questioned me with one eyebrow raised, uncertain of my choice. I smiled at her as she walks towards me, my glass resting between my fingers.


   "Yep. How old are you?"


   "Seventeen." Woah, young.


   "Turning eighteen when?"


   "Next month." She answered and sat down beside me, her body facing the bar but her head facing me.


   "Close enough -drink up, love." I announced while tapping my glass to hers.


   She stared at the red-purple liquid and sloshed it around the glass. Austin pulled her bottom lip with her teeth, biting it in that irresistible way.


   "First time?" I chuckled after taking my third sip, enjoying the burning feeling in the back of my throat.


   She nodded, eyeing me. "Well it isn't exactly legal." She says and hesitantly lifts her glass with shaky hands.


   "You don't have to if you don't want to." I reassured her, my eyebrows raising in interest.


   She shook her head and brought the glass to her lips, taking a long gulp before I could warn her. Within seconds she began coughing, her hand held up to her throat. Chuckling, I take her glass from her hand and sit it back onto the counter top.


   "Haven't you heard that the first sips are always the worst?"


   Austin stifled one last cough and wearily shook her head, looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes. "No..."


"Okay then, let the master show you."

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