Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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8. » Chapter Seven

You Won't Fall


   The back of my throat is burning, and if this wasn't my third glass, I would be screaming. I have gotten used to the pain and am - as the matter of fact - enjoying it. Zayn taught me to take small, light sips, and to only take a few per minute. He had refused my request for my second glass, so I had to get it myself, ignoring his argument.


   I glance over at him, his glass up to his slightly parted lips that form just around the edge of the cup. He really is the master - I think. He catches my gaze and smiles softly before speaking. I don't really understand his words until he talks again.


   "Are you alright, Austin?" He has little concern in his voice while he smiles at me, hazel eyes locked onto mine.


   I dip my head slowly, not adverting my eyes from his. He continues to smile, and I can feel one tugging at the corner of my lips.


   "What about you?" I ask, taking another sip of the red liquid.


   "Sober enough." He answers and I stare at him, smiling.


   "Are you sure, sir?" I was going to take a flashlight and do what the cops do but I don't think I can get up.


   "Miss, please. I only had one glass where you are on your third." He smirks, facing me with slightly-large pupils... What do mine look like?


   "Then I'm safe." I tease him and finish my glass. The wine goes down the wrong way, causing me to gag softly. I try not to make a big scene and worry him, but that fails when I have to cough again. His eyebrows wrinkle in concern as he watches me, and I feel his arm snake around my shoulder. He leans in a little closer and I can feel his breathe on my cheek.


   "Do you need some water, love?" He whispers, uneasiness filling his voice.


   I shake my head with a final cough, his arm remaining around my shoulder. My arms go across the counter, parallel, and reach the other side. My head goes down between them and I let a sigh escape my lips.


   "I though I was going to die," I mumble in the counter.


   Zayn stifled a laugh and lightly shakes me, putting both hands on my shoulders as he stands behind me. "C'mon, you should get some sleep and sober up."


   I can tell he is laughing at me when I shake my head. I sit up, turning around to face him with my best please-don't-make-me face. Zayn continues to shake his head and I sigh once more.


   "Pwease Zayn?" I beg, keeping the same look on my face.


   He sighs - I got him this time. "I get the couch - you get the bed." ... Never mind, ignore my gloat.


   "But that's not fair!" I complain, "it's your flat. You should sleep in your own bed, I'll sleep on the couch."


   "Austin--" He starts but I don't let him finish.


   "I shouldn't even be here, so at least let me do this one thing." I plead him while locking eye contact with him.


   "Fine," He sighs but chuckles immediately after. My eye brow raises in confusion but a smile remains on my lips. I think I won?


   Zayn leans in towards me, arms stretched out. His long limbs wrap around me and I let out a light gasp, hoping he didn't hear me. Judging by the way he laughed, he heard me. Zayn lifted me up and I began to protest, kicking my feet lightly. All he does is chuckle and suddenly I am over his shoulder, batting his back with my fists.


   "Zaaaaayn! Put me down!" I plead but he doesn't budge. His chest rises and falls lightly as he laughs and holds me tighter on his shoulder.


   "No, I'm taking you to the bed!" I feel my cheeks redden and I gulp hard - maybe it's from the wine. Zayn walks up the stairs, carefully and slowly, making sure we don't fall.


   "Zaayn, please don't drop me."


   "I wouldn't think of it." He replies, a soft smile on his lips. I advert my gaze to the ground, watching each step go back until we finally make it to the bedroom.


   "Okay, bye, I have a couch waiting for me downstairs." I rushed, squirming on his shoulder.


   He sat me down on the edge of his bed and kneels down in front of me, his face inches from mine. "Austin, sleep here." He demands softly, staring at me for my response.


   "No--" I begin but he cuts me off, shaking his head lightly.


   "Okay, how about this? We both sleep here but one different sides." He suggests, and I remain quiet, my lips pursed in a firm line.


   As long as he doesn't do anything... "Alright."

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