Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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2. » Chapter One

You Don't Need A White Horse

   A rough hand glided it's way up my thigh, making my body begin to freeze. The hand slid down and inched towards my private.


   "Stop." I ordered before he could get any closer.


   "C'mon, Austin. Just one time." He begged, biting down on my ear, causing me to wince in pain.


   Gunner has always been like this - a spoiled, perverted, jerk who likes to get what he wants. I hate him. I hate him down to every last bone in my body. Sure he has the looks, but that's all anyone could see in him. He is always trying to control me and everyone around him. He uses violence and money to get what he wants. I hate him so much - and he is my boyfriend.


   "I said stop, Gunner." I basically pleaded as his hand made it's way down and became closer to the edge of my panties.


   "And what if I keep going?" I hesitated for a moment before answering this ego-maniac.


   "I would do this." I spun around, kneeing him in the crotch.  He shrieked in pain, one hand blocking my target and the other reaching out towards me, fingers straining to grab me. Before he could touch my face, I reached forward and pushed up on his nose with the bottom of my palm - the way to break someone's nose. He hissed in despair, now on the ground trying to stop his bleeding distorted nose with his hand. I maintained my harsh face and grabbed my phone, staring down at the pathetic eighteen year old groaning on the floor.


   "We are through." I stated in my coldest tone, attempting to frighten him. Judging by the look on his face, sweat forming along his hairline, I had accomplished my mission. I slammed the door behind me and refused to look back, ignoring his childlike insults.


- Two months later


   Since the break-up, I have been living with my boy band obsessed cousin, Lily. She is the total opposite of me with blonde hair and brown eyes, tan skin and stands at five foot eleven. I, for the other hand, have caramel like brown hair and grey-blue eyes, along with mildly pale skin and I stand at five foot seven. She is loud, optimistic, and never stops moving but has always been there for me ever since we were kids. My ex-boyfriend and I used to live together but since that is over now, the only other place I could turn to is Lily's flat.


   "Austin!" Lily yelled for me, her tone exposing her excitement. This outta be good. I hurried down the stairs after closing my... er, book. I nearly tripped a few times but finally made it to my destination - the kitchen. You see, Lily's profession is cooking. She is twenty years old - about two years older than me - and is in college. She has always been an amazing chef but is steadily increasing her skills by the day. My mouth began to water at my eyes glanced around the area, spotting various cakes and pies along with fresh fruit and waffles. 


   As I walked towards the table, I whispered just loud enough for her to hear me. "The court will charge you guilty for making me fat." I teased her just before hugging her around the neck, smiling.


   Food is amazing. I sat down at the table and Lily followed after me, sitting across from me to make it easier for us to converse. Our conversation eventually leaded to her second obsession - One Direction.


   "Did you see Zayn's hair?" She started, chewing on a piece of velvet cake.


   "Yeah?" My eyebrow raised and I stared at her, gulping down orange juice.


   "I really miss the old style..." I blinked my eyes while sitting the glass down, trying to imagine the picture that she showed me of the latest Zayn Malik.


   "Really? I think it looks great..." I mumbled.


   All Lily did was scoff and shove an orange slice into her mouth. She smiled widely, showing an orange smile. I grinned at her childish behavior and started to crack up. She nearly choked as she laugh along with me. She teared up and bite the orange in half.


   "So I am guessing that The Bradford Bad Boy is your favorite " She smirked, hoping that I had finally become a Directioner.


   A playful smile remained on my lips as I rolled my eyes. "I only like his hair." Lie.


   Personally, I have already became a Directioner the moment they did their cover on Torn. That song has always been my favorite and the only one I sing in the shower. Yes, I sing in the shower. If I think about it, I don't believe that I will ever have any romantic feelings for Zayn Malik, or any other of the boys. It's a fictional thought - to fall in love with the number one boy band and expect them to love you back. So why bother?


But if Mr. Malik comes to our doorstep, he won't need a white horse.


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