Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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5. » Chapter Four

The Deer


    It has been four days since my performance at Mitch's and meeting Zayn. I can't help but feel like his name and face are so familiar.


   But this isn't some weird, cheesy story about fate - this is reality. And reality is knowing that the day I met him will not change my life one bit. I will keep walking on the streets I just barely know. I wish I could belong in a romance book - live a good life knowing that all of your pain and worried will be swept away within the swipe of a page.


   I had told Lily about Zayn and she had a total episode - and not a short Adventure Time episode, a Criminal Minds episode. She screamed, cheered, laughed, and squeezed me until I began wheezing. She congratulated me, telling me that he may be the one. I just rolled my eyes at her naive idea, but maybe she is right? I mean, you never know if you already met the person of your dreams. ... Naw.


   These past days have flown by so slowly - they consisted of TV and a certain lazy seventeen year old girl. Yep, me. Being my bored self, I decided that I should take a walk. Outside. Smart, right?


   Thirty minutes later, I found myself walking down the streets, no where to go. Only occasional streets lights helped me around, flickering as I walk by. All the stores are closed at the moment, since it is around twelve. I sighed, holding my phone in my hand while scrolling through my contacts, wondering who I should text. I began to sway towards the right, walking off of the sidewalk and onto the road...


Zayn's POV


   A puff of smoke blew from my mouth as I release the white cigarette from my chapped lips. I watched the barren street while leaning onto the lamp pole. The cigarette remained in my hand as I stood still.


   And then, I saw her. Across the street with her red vans stood Austin. She wore a long grey plaid shirt that reached somewhat above her denim shorts. Her neon socks show at the edge of her shoes, but no higher. As she walks, her long ponytails sways with each step.


   She leaned to her right and walked onto the road - causing my heart to quicken. Is she paying attention or no? My pace grew and I walk closer and closer towards her, my cigarette hanging to my side.


   As I opened my mouth to call out for her, lights neared her small body. I was able to speak, but to a minimum while I watched the car grow closer and closer to her.


   I called again, after dropping the smoking rolled up tobacco. This time she heard me. Austin looked in my direction - I am unaware if she actually saw me or not - and looked as if she were a deer caught in headlights. The driver to the old, rusted Ford screamed at her - in either rage or horror.


I did the same and dove onto the street, arms stretched out towards the frightened girl.

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