Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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6. » Chapter Five

Come Back To Meet Me


    "Shit." I hissed when the cotton contacted the scrape on my right cheek that would eventually leave a small bruise. Austin pressed down on the cotton, causing more water to spread through the open wound. I contained my wince this time as my eyes squeezed together.


    I glanced over at Austin, who's eyebrows were wrinkled together in worry. She pulled the cotton away, opening her mouth but closing it after a few seconds that felt like an hour. We sat in silence in my kitchen, and she sniffled while staring at the ground.


    What happened? Thankfully, I was able to push her out of the road and the way of the Ford. We both made it out with minor wounds but she still insisted on cleaning mine up.


    I smiled warmly at her while watching strands of brown hair fall from the high ponytail. She looked up at me, her silver green eyes meeting my own hazel pair. We remained the eye contact until she glanced back at her vans.


    "Um,... Thank you..." She muttered, a small and soft smile formed on her pink lips.


    I returned the smile and lightly nodded my head. "It's fine. Are you feeling okay?" She dipped her head once more, causing me to speak in her place.


    "You know - I can't properly talk to you if you don't look at me."


    She shuffled in her seat and looked up at me. "Sorry..." She apologized - either for the wounds or her looking at the ground.


    "It's fine, really. So how have you been?" Zayn, you idiot, small talk won't get you anywhere.


    "Um, fine, if you count being lazy as a good thing." She answered with a warm smile plastered on her face. Good, she's opening up.


    "Ha - laziness has never been a bad thing."


    She smiled... differently, I guess? Not wider or larger, maybe it just seems brighter.


    I glance down at her legs, various scrapes catching my eyes. Her shirt is torn also.  "Err, would you like to change?" 


    Austin blinked her eyes and looked down at herself, her cheeks instantly becoming red.  "Um, sure." She replied, unsure whether she could where anything of mine or not. 


    "On the top drawer, there are some t-shirts and sweats if you want..." I began and she nodded. "The room to your right once you go upstairs."


And she left, again. But this time, I know she's coming back.

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