Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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9. » Chapter Eight


Look At The Stars

    I sneak under the duvet, my cheeks flushed. Zayn is in the bathroom, changing in privacy. Why am I doing this? Yes, he saved me life, but I don't have to sleep in the same bed as him... right? I know that cleaning up his wounds won't even come close to re-paying him, but... Why the same bed?!


   Soft footsteps near the bed as large hands lift the duvet on the opposite side of me. Zayn's body slipped under the duvet, the bed becoming instantly warmer. My body tosses to the right, facing him. His hand is supporting his head as he chuckles, showing perfectly straight teeth. The lamp remains on, leaving a soft, orange glow to surround the room. Zayn smiles at me, his thin lips formed into a soft curve.


   "Hey," he greets me, staring at my face as I hold the duvet up to my nose.


   "Hi..." I squeak...? Okay - I squeaked while releasing the duvet a little bit, the duvet now just below my neck, resting on my shoulders.


   Zayn continues to smile at me in the same warm and friendly way. I stare at him, sitting up to his height.


   "Hey, Zayn," I begin as he locks his eyes with mine. "What is your last name? It's been bugging me, ... Because I feel like I have heard of or seen you before and--" God... Austin, stop rambling!


   He laughs, shaking his head lightly. "If it helps, it's Malik."


   Ma-lick? Maaah lick. Like let me lick you or... Let me Malik you! "You're Zayn Malik!" I nearly yell, and my cheeks instantly become red. He already said that, Austin... Idiot.


   "Yes, I am. I thought we already established that?" A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he spoke, amused by my stupidity. "Is there anything else you would like to point out?"


    I stare at him, lifting the duvet up to my nose once again. "Of One Direction..." I mutter and he chuckles.


- Zayn's POV


    So she just figured it out - seriously? As I chuckled, she stuck out her bottom lip, pouting while staring at me. Guilt came over me, causing my hand to reach out towards her. Before it could touch her cheek, I managed to lift it up to ruffle her hair. It's soft and long strands fall through my fingers, landing atop her head once again.


   She glances up at the hand and back to me, confusion filling her silver green eyes. They look a lot like Harry's eyes - but there is something about them that's different. A spark. A soothing spark that shine when she smiles and becomes even brighter when she pouts.


   Austin catches me staring at her and sticks a rosy tongue out at me, her cheeks the same shade of pink. The lamp flickers off, the bulb finally dying out after one long year. A small noise comes from my left and I feel a light touch to my side.


   "Austin?" I slowly reach out my hand, feeling the same soft texture I had felt earlier when I ruffled her hair. Her body is shaking and her head dips down, nuzzling into her pillow. The little light coming from the moon shows through the curtains and makes out Austin's features. Her eyes are shut tight, a few strands of hair stretched across her face. Her top teeth are pulling back her bottom lip.


   "Austin?" I question once again, my hand now resting on her back, rubbing small circles as lightly as possible. She pushed further into the pillow, her hands squeezing the duvet that she had wrapped around herself.


   Poor baby... "Come here, love." I whisper, dropping my hand to her waist, pulling her to my chest. Austin did nothing but sniffed as I pulled her. I began rocking back and forth, slowly and softly. The seventeen year old began to stare at me, releasing her bottom lip. Just as I found her eyes with mine, she looked away, burying her face into my shoulder. I let a small sigh escape my lips as I watch her.


   "Austin..." I hesitate but continue anyway, whispering softly into her ear. "Are you scared of the dark?"


   She shook her head, leaving me in confusion until she speaks back. "No... I am afraid if what could be in the dark..."


   "Care to explain?" I ask her, rubbing her neck with my head, my thumb moving in small circles.


   "I hate horror movies..." She said quietly, seeming to be embarrassed or shy, which causes my lips to form into a small curve.


   I tense as I feel a small hand snake around my waist, a sniff coming from the frightened girl. Maybe she imagined something?


   "Zayn...?" She mumbled, seeming so vulnerable and insecure.


   "Yes?" My thumb stops as my hand slides down to her waist, pulling her closer to my body.


   "Can you... sing something?"


   "Sure, doll." I hesitate, and decide to sing Yellow by Coldplay.


   "Look at the stars.

   Look at how they shine for you.

   And everything you do.

   Yeah, they were all yellow."

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