Brave Heart { Zayn Malik Love Story }

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1. » Prologue

   His hazel eyes stared down at my hair as he concentrated on the long strands that he entwined his fingers in. Even though I am facing the other way, I can tell he is confused. I seriously don't believe he has ever braided hair before. Zayn's forehead wrinkled as his eyebrows pressed together, his lips pursed in a straight and firm line. The edge of my mouth lifted as i struggled not to giggle, amused by his nostalgic face.


   My head fell back onto his shoulder by one swift pull. I glared up at his amused face, trying not to crack up. I have to act like I hated it. Before I could say or do anything, the dark-haired boy rested his smooth forehead against mine. We both closed our eyes, mine following after his. We stayed in sync until Zayn spoke up, opening his eyes.


   "Austin." His husky voice spoke, the tone indicating his fatigue.


   "Yes?" I answered him in a whisper, gazing into his eyes, waiting for his response.


   Zayn leaned down, slightly turning his head as he inched towards me. My eyes fluttered and his remained half-open. Before he reached me, he whispered three amazing words into my mouth.


"I love you."

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