Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


44. What's Going To Happen Next?

Hayley's POV

Once Hannah ran upstairs the rest of the boys came in. Taylor got ice for her face. I looked at my hand and it started to swell up a bit. So I got myself some. I walked past everyone, even though they all were confused as fuck about what just happened. I was walking up the stairs when I heard Taylor from behind me.

"Cough.. Cough.. Slut. Oops sorry I have a little cough." I walked back down.

"Awww.. Taylor thinks she can break me by calling me a slut isn't that cute.. What happened to your face? It's uglier when you walked in.. and I didn't even think that was possible cough cough. Oops sorry I have a little cough." I said then I walked back up the stairs leaving Taylor speechless. 2 Hayley 0 Taylor it's on bitch. I went into my room and just laid in bed. I turned on the TV and was watching Teen Mom when someone walked in. I looked up and saw Liam.

"Hey babe."-Me.

"Hey. What happened down there? You know to Taylor's face and your hand?"-Liam said as he sat down on the bed next to me.

"From the beginning?"-Me.

"From the beginning."-Liam. Here goes nothing.

"So a while back, Hannah, Taylor and I were all best friends, told each other everything had fun and was normal teenage girls. But Taylor got this boyfriend and everything went down hill from there. Her boyfriend was a complete dick, like Josh. He came to our house one day with Taylor and we kicked him out. Taylor flipped shit and stopped talking to us. Then Hannah and I became her victims of bullying online and shit like that. All the 'bullying' stopped when I became pregnant with Bentley. We haven't talked in so long and then Harry brings her here. Everything that happened outside that you saw happened. But when we went inside, that's a different story. She was calling Hannah fat, saying shit about me, about you guys, about everyone and I couldn't stand it. She had the stupid ass smirk on her mouth and I couldn't take it. So I went over to her and best the shit out of her......................And now we are here."-Me.

"Wow. That girl is messed up."-Liam.

"Yeah.. I know."-Me. We talked a little bit more. Then we decided to go downstairs and see how everything is going. All the guys heard Taylor and Harry's side of the story. So they wanted to hear mine. But Niall wasn't down here. He was probably with Hannah. I told them everything and they seemed to believe me over Taylor and Harry. There stories were probably bullshit. Harry not so sure, but Taylor I know for a fact she made it all up. Taylor was giving me the nastiest looks.

"Taylor.. why are you even here? You got what you wanted. You got to make fun of me and Hannah more... why don't you just leave us alone?"-Me.

"Because..  I was invited here and I'm not leaving because you and Hannah want me too. I didn't know you two were here so no I didn't get what I wanted. What I want is Harry."-Taylor.

"Well.. uhmm... errmm... I don't want you.. I only brought you here to make Hannah jealous.. but that didn't work so errrmm. You can leave now.."-Harry. THAT DICK!!!


"Yeahh. I didn't know it was that bad between you three I just thought you guys would ignore each other not get into a fist fight."-Harry.

"I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS!! But BYE TAYLOR!!!"-Me. Taylor screams then walks out. That's not going to be the last time hearing from her I can tell you that.

"Look.. Hayley I'm sorry. I didn't think it would blow up that bad."-Harry.


"Look.. I'm sorry."-Harry.

"This is going to take a little more than a sorry Harry. Plus I think Hannah deserves to know this too, that all this Taylor shit was to make her jealous and take you back. If you even had a chance before.. you just officially blew it Harry... good job.. you ruined not only my night but Hannah's night as well. Plus you just ruined anything you thought you had with Hannah. Congrats."-Me. Harry walked off ashamed with himself and then there was me and the rest of the boys except for Niall and Harry.

"Well.. that wasn't expected.."-Louis.

"I know..."-Me. Hannah and Niall came down a little bit after. They seemed really happy.

"Where is 'THING 1' and 'THING 2' ?"-Hannah.

"Which one is which?"-Me.

"Thing 1 is her... Thing 2 is him.."-Hannah.

"Then Thing 1 left and Thing 2 is in his room."-Me.

"Left?"-Hannah and Niall.

"Yeah.. Harry made her leave.."-Liam.


"He only brought her here to umm.. make you jealous.. but don't worry Hayley already yelled at him for it."-Louis. They nodded and sat down I could tell Hannah wanted to go and slap Harry in the face so many times. But she controlled herself for once. Liam brought me upstairs to talk.


Liam's POV

I brought Hayley upstairs to talk.. but I just wanted to be alone with her.

"What did you want to talk about?"-Hayley.

"Nothing.. I just wanted some alone time."-Me.

"Okay."-Hayley. We laid in bed and just enjoyed each others presence. I know I'm going to propose soon I just don't know how I should do it or when. I already have the ring but I need the perfect plan. Hayley fell asleep and Louis walked in.

"Hey mate."-Louis.

"Hey."-Me. We started talking about everything that happened then he brought up the ring.

"When are you going to do it?"-Louis.

"I have no clue.. I don't even know how I should do it. I need to make it special... but I don't know how."-Me. I looked down to make sure Hayley was still asleep. Lou and I talked about it for a while and we came up with the perfect plan! I just need a time to do it. Maybe on our last night here? Or maybe sooner? I don't know. But all I know is she will have to say yes to this.. I hope.

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