Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


2. What??

Harry's POV

I run out of the building and look for the guys. THEY LEFT ME!! But i look across the street and see Hayley and Hannah walking out of Starbucks with the boys. I walk over to them.

"Harry where have you been?"-Louis.

"Brittany decided to talk to me more...thanks for leaving me there!"-Me.

"Sorry bout that."-Niall.

"I really need to go. I'll talk you guys some other time! Hannah come on!"-Hayley. She sounded worried.

"Are you alright?"-Liam. I can tell he likes her.

"Yeah. Just some family business. I'll be fine though. Well talk to you later."-Hayley

"Want us to come with you?"-Liam.

"No no.. its okay."-Hayley. Then her and Hannah walk to the car.

"Should we follow them?"-Me.

"I don't know guys... isn't that like stalking?"-Louis. 

"Boys.. are you actually going to let 2 pretty girls walk away? Do you even have their numbers? I actually approve of those two!"-Paul.

"Do any of you have their address?"-Me.

"No! Lets follow their car its over there!"-Louis. We get in the car and follow them.

Hayley's POV

We get in the car and start driving to the house. We finally get there and I run inside. I walk in to see Hannah's mom trying to quiet down Bentley. I walk over and take him from her arms.

"Thank you so much for watching him."-I say to her.

"No problem anytime."-Cindy. Cindy leaves and I hear Hannah scream from outside. I rush to the door while calming down Bentley and see nothing. Bentley is my son. I know it sounds slutty to have a son and only being 17 but it's not my fault. My ex-boyfriend raped me. Hannah runs in and closes the door. Or so i think. I turn around and see five confused boys standing there.

"Why are you holding a baby?"-Niall.

"It's my cousins. I've been watching him for her."-I say.

"Oh."-Niall. He starts crying again so i run upstairs to lay him down.

"Shh..shh baby it's okay. Mommy's here. Don't cry."-I say to Bentley he stops crying.

"Mommy? I thought you said he was your cousins?!"-Liam.

"No. No. He wont quiet down unless he has his mom tell him that before he falls asleep..." I try to say, but when he looked me in the eyes i couldn't help but look at the ground. I felt sick, nothing could make this any better.

"No.. Don't lie to me."-Liam.

"I'm not..."_me.

"It's not good to lie to someone right when you meet them, you know."-Liam. Shit.

"Well, its a good thing that i'm not. Thanks for the advice though."-Me.

"if he's not yours, then why do you have a whole bedroom just fir him. With a bunch of clothes and toys?"-Liam.

"Because, um, he visits a lot."-Me. GOD, JUST LET HIM BELIEVE ME!

"Then whats wrong with his mom? i thought you said that he wouldnt go to bed without hearing her?"-Liam.

"Because she is usually here with him."-Me.

"I dont see a room for her."-Liam.

"Oh my god. Okay! He's my baby! Happy?!" I just lost it! Sobs kept coming. I never cried when i found out i was pregnant. I never cried while he was doing what he wanted to me. I never cried when my parents basically disowned me. I never cried throughout anything. But guess what! I let it all out now......

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