Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


48. What The Hell!?

Liam's POV

After the beach Hayley and I decided to just relax. God I love this girl. We were just joking around and making each other laugh. Then we heard Hannah scream something. I couldn't make it out it was either help or stop. I grabbed Hayley's hand and we ran downstairs. What we saw was crazy. I made Hayley stay behind me. I went over to Harry and Niall, and tried to pull them apart. Hayley was with Hannah they were both scared. Niall and Harry were pounding each others faces in. I tried to get Niall and Harry away from each other but one of them punched me in the face on accident I'm guessing. Hayley came over.

"Hayley go back with Hannah."-Me. She went right in between Harry and Niall. Both of their fists were up, but they stopped themselves before they punched Hayley.

"What the hell is going on between you two?"-Hayley. They both start rambling on.


"Okay, so Hannah told Niall one last chance and he blew it again. He went and smoked a joint!! It kills me that he can walk all over her and she takes him back!! Then I make one tiny fucking mistake and she leaves me! When she is pregnant with MY child!!"-Harry.

"NIALL!? You smoked again!!! After Hannah told you that she would leave you!? Hannah!? You took him back AGAIN!!?"-Hayley.

"Hayley.. I had too."-Hannah.

"NO!! YOU DIDN'T!"-Hayley.

"Hayley. I made a mistake. Hannah forgave me..we are engaged."-Niall.

"Harry made a mistake! But Hannah doesn't forgive him! Harry has made 1 mistake Niall you've made a million!"-Hayley.

"I'm sorry."-Niall.

"Be sorry all you want, just know next time you break Hannah's heart you will be dead.. I'm not even joking.. I don't care if I get in trouble you have broken her heart too many times for me. Next time your done! I don't care what Hannah says next time.. you will be whether she likes it or not"-Hayley. She is really pissed.

"Guys, go get cleaned up."-Me. They went to separate rooms and cleaned up. Then it was only Hayley, Me and Hannah. Hayley got me ice for my cheek.

"Are you okay babe?"-Hayley.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little punch."-Me.

"Hannah, why do you keep going back with him and hurting yourself in the process. I don't understand."-Hayley.

"That's exactly how I felt about Josh Hayley. Now you see what I had to deal with. Except Niall doesn't beat the crap out of me."-Hannah.

"You just had to bring that up right!? Every time I say something it's this happened with Josh, that happened with Josh. Josh is the past Liam is present and future. I'm done with Josh and have been for a while."-Hayley.

"I didn't mean it. You know that. I'm pregnant I have the hormones. But I go back to Niall because I love him. But answer one question. Why did you stay with Josh?"-Hannah.

"Because, I was scared Hannah. I didn't know what he was going to do next. I knew I didn't love him. I thought I did at first, but once everything else started to happen, the beatings got worse, the days got worse, I knew I didn't love him, but I couldn't leave him, because he could have killed me and I know he would've if he had the chance. That's why I stayed with Josh. It wasn't because he keeps making mistakes and I think he will change. People don't change fast. It takes a while."-Hayley. Hannah and Hayley both had tears in their eyes.

"Hayley.. I'm so sorry. I promise you. Next time Niall messes up I will dump his ass. If I don't then you can do whatever the hell you want to both of us."-Hannah.

"By that you mean Niall.. I could never punch you I have a few times but I hated doing it."-Hayley. They hugged it out. Then Niall and Harry cam back.

"Hayley, I'm sorry. I promise I won't hurt Hannah again."-Niall.

"Yeah.. You seem to promise a lot of things.. Promise is a big word Niall... I hope you mean it."-Hayley.

"Hayley, thanks for sticking up for me."-Harry.

"Anytime. I was just speaking the truth."-Hayley.

"And Liam, sorry for punching you."-Harry.

"It's fine mate. You didn't mean it. You meant to get Niall not me."-Me. Hayley and I walked back upstairs and sat on the bed. We started kissing, then it turned into a make out session and the longer we kissed the more passionate it became. We laid down while still kissing. You could probably guess what happened next. Once we finished we both were laying there cuddled up to one another and just stayed there silent.

"I love you Hayley."-Me.

"I love you too Liam."-Hayley. I can't wait too much longer I have to propose soon. I think I'll do it all tomorrow.

"Hayley, do you want to go out tomorrow night for dinner?"-Me.

"Yes. I would love too. Where are we going?"-Hayley.

"It's a surprise."-Me. After that we fell asleep in each others arms. I can't wait to give her my last name.

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