Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


8. What. Did. I. Just. Hear.


******We know that Louis is the oldest in the band but in this book he is the youngest, considering Hannah is his twin, and Hannah is younger than Harry. They are 17. Harry is 19. Liam and Niall are 20. Hayley is 18.******


**2 weeks later**

Hannah's POV

Everything was finally working out. Ever since Hayley got that text from that ass hole the guys have never left our sides, and Josh was no longer One Directions drummer, of course. I understand her but they were always around me as well. That, to me, made no sense. He wanted her and Bentley, not me. But whatever, it gave me a reason to be with Harry at all times. He was just scared because of the fact that he tried to rape me. Harry and I have been getting along great. My mom says its just a honeymoon phase but, this phase better last. I guess I get to meet my real mom when Louis goes to visit but I don't really know if I want to. It's his time to spend with his family. He must not want someone whom he just met to tag along. No matter how many times I try to tell him this all he ever has to say is,"Hannah, it's your family too. We're twins! I'm pretty sure no one is going to mind if you come, other than Harry. Our family is going to love you. I promise." I just don't understand a lot that is going on right now... But thats okay. Right now, Louis is trying to book flight tickets to see them but Liam stood up and went to the kitchen to answer his cell. He looks like he just saw a ghost. Hayley just went to the kitchen to see if he's alright. They should just admit they're together already, I mean they sleep together and they have the nerve to talk about Harry and I being loud... You just don't even want to know the sounds that come from that room... Just no.



"COME HERE!?!?!?"-Me. She walks in.


"Whats wrong with him?"-Me.

"I don't know I guess they have to leave for tour or whatever. But Liam is trying to persuade them to let us tag along. They aren't so happy about the fact that the baby will be going but Liam is trying to work it out. He really doesn't want to leave us but he keeps talking about Bentley. I guess he wants to be his father figure. No matter how many times I tell him that he doesn't have to be, he wont stop talking about how cute our family would be, hes already talking about having another one. But I have four words for that one, HELL TO THE NO! Haha."-Hayley.

"He obviously already loves you but I think he loves Bentley more. But thats sooo cute! I think you two need to stop lying to us and just tell us the truth. You guys are dating! You can't shrug us off anymore! We hear you at night! Harry and I admit we are together and we have since its been happening! You should too!!"-Me.

"We're not dating. I mean, we kind of are. But we just don't have the title yet."-Hayley.

"What do you mean?!"-Me.

"We are doing everything coupes do, but he hasn't asked me officially yet."-Hayley.

"Yeah, I know you've done EVERYTHING! Make him ask you!!"-Me.

"And how the hell do you think I should do that?"-Hayley.

"Just casually bring it up. Its obvious you two are having sex. You cannot lie."-Me.

"Who's trying to lie about it?"-Hayley.

"You sicko! Now go see if were going on tour with the boys or not!"-Me.

"YOU GUYS ARE!?!"-Liam.

"THANKS!!!"-Me. Hayley went to go talk to Liam as I went upstairs to go wake Sleepy Head up. As I was about to walk in the door I heard him talking to someone on the phone.

"Yeah mom I know..... But she's different.... I actually feel like I love her...... Yes Mom. I think she's seriously the one..... I know its really soon to say this. I really do but when shes around I don't want to do anything but hold her in my arms...... I don't want to have to leave for tour knowing that I could be leaving my beautiful future fiance here...... I just don't think I have enough strength to leave her..... Yeah mom.... I went to look at engagement rings the other day, and I found the perfect one... I want to meet her parents first... I know I met her real parents before but I want to meet the ones she grew up with... Yeah mom I have to go. I'm going to go see the baby. Love you." What. Just. Happened. I walk into my room and he wasn't there. I hear my bathroom shower turn on so I jumped on the bed and decided to think. Was Harry talking about me on the phone? Of course he was talking about me! Who else would he be talking about? I'm his girlfriend. Even though we've talked about getting married and having children, I didn't think he was being serious about it... Through all my thoughts I must've fallen asleep because I woke up as the curly haired boy opened the door of the bathroom in his towel. God, his body is so... fit. If that even explains it. I think I could spend my life with this boy! I really can picture the perfect house, with the perfect kids. Just the perfect life. With him as my husband, forever and always. Wait?! What am I saying?! We have only been together for 2 weeks!? This is insane! I have fallen head over heels in love with my beautiful boyfriend, Harry Edward Styles.

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