Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


38. Vacation? But, Why?

Hannah's POV

A vacation? Why couldn't this happen when I wasn't pregnant?

"A vacation?"-Me.

"Yeah, wouldn't it be fun?"-Hayley.

"Not when you're pregnant."-Me.

"Hannah, pleeaaasssee!"-Hayley.

"And you have Bentley.."-Me.

"I have already talked to your mom about this."-Hayley.

"Fine! But it has to be somewhere warm!"-Me.

"Of course! But where?"-Liam.



"I'LL GO ONLINE AND ORDER A HOUSE TO RENT FOR TWO WEEKS!"-Niall. Then he went on his laptop, with me looking over his shoulder.


"A reason you're looking so close?"-Niall.

"Oops... Sorry."-Me. Then I backed away and went to walk upstairs, but I was dragged by him to sit on his lap. When I did, I saw Harry give him a dirty look, but then when he saw me, it stopped, and he looked away..

"Babe, what about this house?"-Niall.

"Yeah it's really pretty."-Me.

"You alright?"-Niall.

"Yeah, I mean, I like it. I like that it's right next to the beach and that no one will be able to see my body in a bathing suit."-Me.

"Are you really going to start that?"-Niall.

"I like the house okay?!"-Me. Then I got up and walked upstairs. I can't believe I thought going to Miami would be fun. I would wear a bathing suit, and people would talk shit, I know they would. Niall even thinks I'm fat and ugly. No! He didn't mean it! Of course he did! Look at you! You're fat and ugly! He wasn't lying! You're lucky he is even there anymore. No matter how hard you try, you will never make him happy! The voices wouldn't stop. They just kept getting stronger and stronger. You're useless, a piece of shit, a nobody, careless, no one cares, you could die today and no one would give a shit. I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself, I didn't like the person that looked back at me. Thoughts of razors came back to me, but then I put my hand on my baby bump and I couldn't stress. I am pregnant! I'm supposed to be big! I can't help it! At least the baby is healthy! I will not do something that I can regret! This baby needs me to be strong and to stop with all these stupid insecurities, but the thoughts will always be there. Then Niall comes in and walks up to me.

"Babe, what are you doing?"-Niall.


"Don't lie. What were you thinking about?"-Niall.

"I can't go on vacation!"-Me.

"But you said you wanted to!"-Niall.

"I did. But then I thought about it.. I shouldn't."-Me.


"Cause we're going to Miami and I will be in a bathing suit. Niall, I just can't. There wont even be one to fit.."-Me.

"Don't be stupid. You're perfect. You're not even big."-Niall.

"That's not what you said.."-Me.

"But, I was being stupid and so are you! You're pregnant! You're not supposed to be a twig!"-Niall.

"But, I don't have one that fits Niall! And what pregnant woman will put their baby in danger of.. a.. umm... shark attack!"-Me.

"What are you talking about?"-Niall.

"Niall, I can't do this!"-Me.

"No one is even going to be looking at your bump Hannah!"-Niall.

"But I don't want to go! I don't want to deal with all the stares and comments!"-Me.

"Who cares what they think!?"-Niall.

"Me!!! I fucking care! It's not easy to be your girlfriend! Everyone hates! It sucks Niall!!"-Me.

"I get hate too babe! I'm sorry about that! But please! Just go!! We need this just as bad as everyone else does, us probably more."-Niall.

"But I can't fucking do it!!"-Me.

"Fine! I'm just going to pack all your stuff for you!"-Niall.

"Well, I wont get in the car or the fucking plane!"-Me.


"Fine! But you are going shopping with me before we leave!"-Me.

"Why are you punishing me?!"-Niall.

"You're the one who wanted me to go sooo bad!"-Me.


"When are we leaving?"-Me.

"Tonight. So lets go!"-Niall.

"WHAT!?"-Me. We walked out to the car and drove to the mall. We looked around and I got A LOT of clothes, that Niall is carrying. I just keep getting stuff, just for him.

"Babe, why am I carrying all this? This is a lot!"-Niall.

"You wanted me to go on vacation! We still have like 6 more stores."-Me.


"Watch your mouth."-Me. Then we walk into Bath and Body Works.

"Do I really have to be in here with you?"-Niall.

"Shut up and walk with me."-Me. I walked around and bought like, a lot. Hayley and I need to smell good! Then we walk into Victoria Secret.

"But babbbee!"-Niall. Then I pick up this reeeallly sexy lace langerie.

"Still wanna leave?"-Me.

"Nahh, I'm good now."-Niall.

"Hahahahahaha."-Me. He grabbed it out on my hand and picked out A LOT more, while I went over to the sweatpants and sweatshirts. I texted Hayley and asked her if she wanted anything and she said whatever. So I got her some outfits, along with me. Then I bought this really pretty bag. We checked out then went into this bathing suit store. Niall insisted that I get a bakini... Fuuuuckkkk. But he just made me try like 4793729 on.. Not really but, it felt like it. He made me buy like 6... What the hell. After that we went into this shoe store and Niall got like 14 pairs of shoes... Damn. I got 3. After that we went to the food court, but Niall wanted Nandos. On the way home, we picked up some for everyone. When we got home I made him bring everything in.

"But, babe, please help."-Niall.

"Sorry, pregnant women aren't allowed to carry a lot! How are those 14 pairs of shoes now?"-Me. Then I walked into the house with the food. When Niall came in everyone gave him the What The Fuck face.. LOLOL!!

"Uhh, Niall, you went shopping?"-Zayn.

"Yeah. Hannah made me go with her."-Niall.

"Into Victoria Secret?!"-Louis.

"Yeahh... It wasn't very fun."-Niall.

"Niall, that whole 3 bags is the shit you picked out for me! I have one or two bags for Hayley and I, that I picked out!"-Me.

"You picked stuff out for her?!"-Liam.

"Yeah.. Kinda."-Niall. He started blushing.

"Awwe look! Nialler is blushing!"-Hayley.

"What exactly did you get Nial!?"-Louis.

"Nothing. Just clothes... For bed.."-Niall.

"Eww Niall! Ewww! Lock your door when this is happening!"-Hayley.

"Hayley, I'm pregnant! Nothing like that is going to happen."-Me.

"Then why did we get all those sleeping clothes?!"-Niall.

"I don't know. The same reason you bought 14 pairs of shoes!! That you're never going to wear!"-Me.


"Yeah Louis, he did. And I only got 3 pairs.. This boy even went into Bath and Body Works and bought everything in those 4 bags!"-Me.

"No I didn't that was all you!"-Niall.



"Niall, just shut up! You know it's not going to work. She has you wrapped around her finger!"-Zayn.

"No she doesn't!"-Niall.

"Yeah she does!"-Louis. Then Louis grabs the Victoria Secret bags from off the ground and dumps them out... Not a secret anymore... Niall runs over and picks everything up, and then throws them in the bag like no one saw them. He then brought everything upstairs to be put inside the suitcases. We went through everything and picked out a couple of dresses, some sweats, skirts, shirts, a sweatshirt, jeans, well, basically everything we bought. When we were done packing we went to bed.. I wonder if he brought all the stuff he decided to buy.. Stupid boy. Or, maybe not so stupid.


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