Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


63. Uninvited Much...?

Hannah's POV

When Hayley went to answer the door, I looked from in back of the couch... It was her mom!??!! WHAT THE HELL?! Why does everything have to happen when the boys only have 3 fucking weeks here? I just stood up and walked over to the door. I knew there was going to be an argument. There always was when it came to Hayley and her mom, Judith.

"Hannah, nice to see you again."-Judith.

"Yeah, always a pleasure."-Me.

"Now, mom, you can leave."-Hayley.

"No. I see you have been hanging out with some boys and I want to meet them."-Judith.

"Since when do you care?"-Hayley.

"Since you had Bentley."-Judith.

"What?! BULLSHIT!"-Hayley.

"Alright. Lets calm down."-Me.


"I know. Just please. I will talk to her."-Me. Hayley rolled her eyes but walked away.

"Now, why did you really come?"-Me.

"To see my grandson."-Judith.

"Like Hayley said, since when do you give a fuck?"-Me.

"Excuse me! Watch your mouth!"-Judith.

"Sorry, but when did you become my mom? You can barely keep one child!"-Me.

"That is enough!"-Judith.

"No, its just begun."-Me.

"You have something to say about me not being able to keep my child? You couldn't even keep on alive! When it was inside of you!"-Judith. I couldn't handle it anymore. I ran upstairs and cried my fucking eyes out! This fucking bitch!

"Hannah! What happened?!"-Hayley.

"Your fucking Mom!"-Me.


"... She... Said... I ... Couldn't... Even... Keep.. A.. Baby."-Me. Then Louis jumped up and RAN to the door. I walked back down the stairs to.. Listen :)

"What the fuck gives you the right to talk to my sister like that?!"-Louis.

"And you are?"-Judith.

"Hannah's brother."-Louis.

"No. Hannah is an only child."-Judith.

"She's adopted! I am her twin brother!"-Louis.

"You look nothing alike!"-Judith. Then I walked behind Louis and just fucking closed the door. I locked the lock.

"Now! No one open that door!"-Me.

"Wasn't planning on it."-Hayley. Then I walked back up the stairs to my room. I was starting to cope with the fact I couldn't be a mother but then when she said it, it just wasn't right. Then I went on Twitter to see those videos the boys' put up. I never looked at them. When I logged on I saw I had a bunch of mentions. I looked at them and couldn't stop reading. There was some nice ones but they were masked by the hate. She's a slut. She wouldn't stop being a whore long enough to be a mom. She lost the fucking baby, what kind of mother is that?! She goes from guy to guy. She's breaking the band up. The band is going through shit because of her... I stopped reading and threw my phone against the wall. It shattered in a bunch of pieces. I heard running up the stairs.

"Hannah, what happened?!"-Hayley.

"Fucking Twitter!"-Me.

"Where's your phone?!"-Hayley.

"The thing on the floor over there."-Me.


"I threw the fucking phone! It is on the floor! I broke it!"-Me.

"Damn.. Was it really that bad?"-Hayley.

"I don't know. You look and tell me! I'm going to bed! Leave!"-Me. She shut the door and I made a pile of blankets on top of me. I started to think of what everyone thought about me and it only made me feel like more shit. I started crying and I heard the door open and close. I felt my blankets get pulled back and someone climb in.


"Please, stop crying."-Niall.

"Why did you come up?"-Me.

"I didn't want you to be alone. Thought you could use some company."-Niall.

"Haha, no. Please leave."-Me.

"No Hannah. Just stop acting like everything is okay! This is your problem! You push everyone away when they want to help you."-Niall. I just started crying again and he pulled me into a hug. I cuddled up to him and he just rubbed my back. After about an hour of this, I looked up and saw a few tears in his eyes.

"Awww, Nialler. Why are you crying?"-Me.

"I hate to see you cry Hannah! It's just so sad!"-Niall.

"I can't help it! You're being so sweet and... and... I don't deserve it."-Me.

"Stop that!"-Niall. I just shrugged and started to shiver.

"You cold?"-Niall.

"Just a little."-Me. He grabbed another blanket out of the closet and came over to me. When he was about to lay back down with me, Harry walked in.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't know you already had someone in here."-Harry.

"Harry, it's fine."-Me.

"No. I will come back later, when your boyfriend isn't around."-Harry. Then he turned around and winked at me? What the hell? I just shrugged it off and cuddled up to Niall.

"Niall, you wanna sleep in here tonight?"-Me.

"Where else was I planning on sleeping?"-Niall.

"Dunno. You tell me."-Me. The rest of the night we just talked about everything and nothing. There was no point to anything we were talking about. It just felt nice to have the old Niall back. Hopefully, he stays like this and doesn't go back to the dick Niall EVER again!


Niall's POV

I finally have Hannah back! I will get her to take me back. One day. I want this to work out. I know for a fact I won't let her slip through my fingers this time. I love her and I am not going to give this up. The ring will go back on her finger. It felt so right talking to her and I know she felt the same. When we were cuddled up, it felt so right. I can't believe I have to go on tour, for a year and a half! Away from her! This is such bullshit. But, what I do know is that, I have something to look forward to when the tour is over. She will be my princess.

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