Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


4. Truth or Dare

 Liam's POV

I just found out the girl I like has a baby.. from a psycho. Now we have to play truth or dare.. what an odd game. We all sit in a circle and Hannah starts.

"Liam truth or dare?"-Hannah.


" you feel about Hayley having a baby?"-Hannah.

"Hannah just stop!"-Hayley.

"Fine..Do you like Hayley?"-Hannah.

"Hannah i said stop."-Hayley.

"This is a new question.. stop isn't a choice."-Hannah.

"You're so immature."-Hayley.

"No i'm not."-Hannah.

"Yes! I do."-Me. That was awkward.

"Soo..Lou truth or dare?"-Me.


"I dare you too..hmm.. kiss Hannah on the lips for 5 seconds."-Me.

"Fine."-Lou. He goes over to Hannah and they kiss for 5 seconds and pull away. Harry doesn't look so happy. Didn't Lou tell me his sisters name was Hannah?

"Lou.. what was your sisters name again? The one you never knew?"-Me."

"Um.. I don't really remember. If i heard it i guess i would remember."-Lou.

"So Harry truth or dare?"-Lou.


"Why didn't you look so happy when I kissed Hannah..Wait her name was Hannah.."-Louis. Hayley looked at Hannah.

"Hannah weren't you adopted?"-Hayley.

"Yeah but there is nooo way this is possible."-Hannah.

"You guys do look alike."-Zayn.

" no."-Hannah.

"Yeah..yeah yeah."-Hayley.

"No no no we don't no no..drop it."-Hannah.

"Same hair..same eyes..Hannah you just kissed your brother!!"-Hayley.

"NO I DIDN'T!!!!!"-Hannah.

"Yes you did."-Niall.

"Wait Lou you said twin.."-Me.


"LOU!! When is your birthday?"-Hannah.

"December 24th."-Louis.


"Hannah just call your foster mom and ask her!"-Hayley.

"No she is probably asleep."-Hannah.

"Lou. call you mom."-Hayley


**Phone Call**

Louis' Mom: Hello?

Louis: Hi, so my twin sister.. who adopted her?

Louis' Mom: I'm sorry what?

Louis: I think my sister is right next to me.. so who adopted her?

Louis' Mom: Cindy Wright.

Louis: Alright thanks. Love you bye.

**End of Phone Call**

"Well this is awkward.."-Louis.

"Look at the time.."-Hannah.

"Nope! You're not going anywhere!"-Hayley said with a smirk.

"Soo what do you guys want to do then? I'm done with Truth or Dare!"-Hannah.

"So Harry why didn't you answer?"-Louis.

"Umm,potty break!!"-Harry.

"Fine Hannah truth or dare?"-Louis.

"Truth..i've had enough with dares today."-Hannah.

"Do you like Harry??"-Louis.

"I'm thirsty i'll be back."-Hannah.

Harry's POV

What.The.Fuck.Just.Happened. I was looking for the bathroom but ended up in the kitchen. Where is there bathroom? This isn't a big house. I should be able to find the bathroom. All of a sudden Hannah walks in.

"I thought you were going to the bathroom."-Hannah.

"Yeah. I couldn't find it."-Me.

"Want me to show you?"-Hannah.

"Yeah..thanks."-Me. We got to the bathroom. And I couldn't help it. I leaned in and kissed her. When I pulled away, she was blushing and looking at the ground.. Did she not feel the same sparks?!

"I'm soo sorry! I have wanted to do that since i saw you. Actually, no i wish i was sorry but im not."-Me.

"Harry.. its okay but umm... I kinda sorta have a boy friend..."-Hannah.


".. I'm sorry. But i have to go... umm. night Harry."-Hannah.

"No. Hannah wait. I didn't mean to yell just please listen to me."-Me.

"No. I'm just gonna go to bed. Night."-Hannah. And she walked away...

"What just happened? Why are you screaming? Why did you swear at her? Why is she crying in her room?!"-Hayley.

"Wait! She's crying?!?!"-Me.

"Yeah! And I want to know why! So answer me!!!!"-Hayley.

"Errrm, uhh, we just kissed... And then she told me she has a boy friend..."-Me.

'No she doesn't?"-Hayley.

"She just said she did!"-Me.

"Go talk to her! Make it right and wait! You kissed Hannah?!"-Hayley.


"You guys should date."-Hayley.

"She has a boyfriend.."-Me.

"No she doesn't!"-Hayley.

"Why did she lie then??"-Me.

"Errmm...just ask her..."-Hayley.

"No..i want to hear it from you."-Me.

"She..umm..hasn't had a boyfriend before..just go talk to her, goodnight."-Hayley.

"Alright night."-Me. I walked to Hannah's room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?"-Hannah.

"The Cookie Monster!"-Me.

"The Cookie Monster used to scare me..."-Hannah.

"Umm...The Little Mermaid??

"She isn't supposed to be on land you idiot!!"-Hannah.

"Who cares now open the door!"-Me.

"I can't"-Hannah.

"Why not??"-Me.

"I'm changing!!"-Hannah.


"HOLD ON!!! I'm putting my shorts on!"-Hannah.Then i hear a bang so i walk in. She is still wearing no shorts or shirt but on the floor. Rubbing her butt.

"Ummm....should I be concerned??"-Me.

"No no. Just get out!"-Hannah.

"Why...I already see you.. There's not much more i can see."-Me.

"Yes.There is.."-Hannah.

"Yeah..but i'm not gunna see that."-Me.

"Fine what do you want??"-Hannah.

"First of all I would like you to get covered up..not that I don't want you like that.. but if Louis were to walk in..nuh uh.. not good."-Me. She puts her clothes on and sits on her bed.

"So what do you want Curly??"-Hannah.

"Why did you lie??"-Me.

"What are you talking about??"-Hannah.

"About the boyfriend?"-Me.

"I don't know what you're talking about."-Hannah.

"Yeah you do.. Now why did you lie??"-Me.

"I didn't lie."-Hannah.

"Hayley told me now spill."-Me.

"Well, I don't really know what to say."-Hannah.

"Hannah, you're not stupid. Tell me the truth. Its not that hard."-Me.

"Okay.. Well, i had a boy friend for about a year. We umm we did it and then he left. Theres nothing else to say about it. I just dont want to get hurt again. It's not a big deal but when we kissed, I felt sparks.. And when i used to kiss him, I felt the same. Except this time, the sparks weren't just sparks. They were like fireworks! And I know that sounds pretty corny, but its true.."-Hannah.

"Are you serious?!"-Me.

"Yeah? Why is that so surprising?"-Hannah.

"I would NEVER do that to you! I actually felt the same way and would never want to hurt you in any way, shape, or form."-Me.


"Please believe me!"-Me.

"I do!"-Hannah.

"So i wanna know.. Will you go out with me?"-Me.

"ummm.. Let me think about it.."-Hannah.

"Okay. Sooo.. The boys and I want to know, can we stay the night?"-Me.

"If you dont mind the baby crying all night, then yeah sure!"-Hannah.

"Okay! Where is the baby?"-Me.

"With Hayley and Liam."-Hannah.

"Why dont we give the two love birds some time alone."-Me.



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