Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


3. Telling the guys

Hannah's POV

I was just sitting downstairs talking to the boys, we exchanged numbers and all that fun stuff. I found myself taking a big liking to Niall, but i found out he has a girlfriend ... but me and Harry are flirting? I could get used to this. Then, out of no where i hear crying... Hayley? She comes running down the stairs with Liam not far behind her.

"Hayley are you okay?"-Me.

"No...."-She comes running to me and cries into my chest.

"Guys..Hayley has to tell you something."-Liam said.

"No..Hannah does.."-Hayley.

"Wait..that's Hannah's baby then?"-Liam.


"NOOOOO!!! Hayley what did you tell him?"-Me.

"Wait.. yeah that's my baby.."-Me.

"Hannah, Liam knows. Just tell the other guys for me. And how. Please."-Hayley.

"Alright..why just start and if you can't finish it then I will."-Me.

"I can't!"-Hayley said starting to cry again.

"Alright! I'll tell them for you just stop crying."-Me.

"So boys...umm...eeerrmmm...her boyfriend was a douche i don't know what to say."-Me.

"You suck at explaining things!"-Hayley.

"Fine.. umm.. soo.. it was an abusive relationship..this is very awkward. He wanted to.. should i put this fuck her! Excuse me Liam, or better he wanted the Nike quote...Just Do It. She didn't want to he wouldn't take no for an answer.. umm..and that's how beautiful baby Bentley came who is upstairs."-Me. All the guys faces dropped.

"And her ex doesn't know who Bentley is and shall never know who he is. So if he ever comes around while you guys are here then just go with it and say the baby is mine."-Me.

"Oh..look at the time.."-Hayley.

"NO you aren't going to bed yet. Lets play a game!"-Me.

"Your games are never good Hannah."-Hayley.

"Truth or Dare."-Me.

"Even worse..."-Hayley.

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