Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


9. Rock.Paper.Take off all your clothes.

Harry's POV

Why is she staring at me? Did I do something wrong?

"Hannah, are you okay?"-Me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I have an idea!"-Hannah.

"And what might that be?"-Me.

"We should give Hayley and Liam some time alone tonight, have them go to a really nice resturant. But they have to think they are meeting us. Ask Liam to meet you at  Olive Garden, and I'll tell Hayley to meet me there. And we'll babysit!"-Hannah.

"YAY!!!!!! BABYSITTING!!!!!!!!"-Me.

"Huh? You're excited to babysit but not to be with me?"-Hannah.

"No. Thats not what I meant."-Me.

"Well, what did you mean then?"-Hannah.

"I'm excited to babysit WITH YOU!!!"-Me.

"Good save, Styles, good save."-Hannah. Then to shut her up, I kissed her. Then Hayley barged in,

"I stopped hearing talking, whats going on?"-Hayley.

"What did you hear?"-Hannah.



"I heard something about babysitting and I wanted to know what these plans were without me being informed?"-Hayley.

"We were going to talk to you about it right after we were done talking."-Me.

"Obviously you were done talking, the only talking that would be going on is the bed sqeaking, and the moans coming out of your lips."-Hayley.

"No! Thats not what was happening!"-Hannah.

"Yeah it was, so what about this babysitting now?"-Hayley.

"Liam and I were going to bring Bentley somewhere tomorrow and Hannah was going to take you somewhere."-Me.

"Alright. Deal. I'll let you get back to 'talking'".-Hayley.

"DON'T FORGET TO CLOSE THE DOOR!"-Me. Hannah slapped me in the arm for that... But we continued to 'talk'.... 2 hours later we took a shower and went down to eat. When we got down there everyone was looking at us... AGAIN!

"How was 'talking'?"-Hayley.

"Pretty good thanks. You should try it sometime, you might be in a better mood."-Hannah.

"Fuck off. Love you."-Hayley.

"Love you too. Can you make something to eat?"-Hannah.



"HELL NO! Make me food!"-Niall.


"Fuck that. When have you ever made me food?"-Zayn.


"Haaaannnnnaaaahhhh.. Nooooooo. Ask your boy toy. He seemed to be doing whatever earlier.. Yuck. Try being quieter. You even woke the baby up!"-Louis.

"Hahahahahahahahaha. Harry will you pleeeasse make me food?"-Hannah.


"Thats not a way to treat your girl. She has been doing whatever you wanted for," She looked at her invisable watch," a while! Some people wpuld actually be in bed! GO  MAKE HER SOME DAMN FOOD!"-Hayley.

"What am I going to get in return?"-Me.

"What did you not get?"-Hayley.

"EVERYTHING!"-Me. Hannah turns around,

"Oh really?"-Hannah.


"Dude, my sister cracks that whip!"-Louis.

"No. I just don't want to argue."-Me.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thats what they all say."-Hayley.


"YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY"-Hannah and Niall.

She's so cute. I leave and yell for someone to help me, hoping Hannah would, but no, It's Louis... Yaaaaaaaay.

"Cool it with my sister."-Louis.

"Nice to see you too."-Me.

"No, I mean it. Even though we just met, she would rather spend time with you then get to know her TWIN brother."-Louis.

"I'll talk to her and she'll hang out with you, alright?"-Me.

"Yeah, I guess. But I still want you to cool it, I can see the hickey on her neck! Even if she tries to hide them with make up!"-Lou.

"i don't know what your talking about."-Me.

"Yes you do, Styles. Hurt her like all the rest, I'll hurt you."-Louis.

"Okay. I get it. It's not going to happen."-Me.

"Thats what you said about the others too. That will NOT happen to my sister."-Louis.

"Okay. It won't."-Me. Then we just made food. If only Louis knew how much she actually meant to me....


Hannah's POV

As Harry was walking to the kitchen, I was watching him leave. I hope this damn hickey isn't noticeable. I will fucking kill him! When he asked for help I was getting up but Louis basically ran to the kitchen. Cute.

"Oooooohh Hannah, whats that on your neck?!"-Hayley.

"What are you talking about?"-Me.

"The hickey on your neck, with make up on it. Not working to well. Everyone can see it."-Hayley. I'm going to kill him.

"What took you guys so long up there, hmmm?"-Niall.

"Nothing! We talked!"-Me.

"Yeah we could hear your moans from down here. Was it a heart to heart? Or a body to body?"-Zayn.

"No. We talked and played a game."-Me.

"What game?"-Hayley.

"One that takes a while.."-Me.


"Yeah Niall. Monopoly."-Me.

"I have a clue... Do not say it!"-Hayley.

"Well now I want to know!"-Liam.

"Rock, Paper, Take off all your clothes."-Me.


"Calm down. Its a fun game. If you actually tried it like we always said we would, you would LOVE it."-Me. Her and Liam need to just cut the shit and admit.

"well, I guess thats too bad for me then."-Hayley.

"No? We hear you and Liam up there!"-Niall.

"My bed doesn't squeak?!"-Hayley.

"But your moans do!"-Harry. When did he get here?! I kiss him as Hayley decides to bud in, "Did you hear what 'game' you guys were playing?"

"It wasn't monopoly!"-Niall. Everyone looked at him weird.

"What? It sounds like a much better game!"-Niall.


"WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!"-Niall.

"Okay, you HAD to add that!"-Hayley.

"Yeah, Hannah, What game was it again?"-Zayn.

"Nothing. Just a game where you get to know people."-Me.

"Real well."-Hayley.

"No seriously. I want to know!"-Harry. So I decide to whisper in his ear.

"Rock, paper, take off all your clothes..."


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my god! True true."-Harry.

"I'm going to bed! Night guys."-Me.

"I just made you food!"-Harry.

"Not hungry anymore, just reeeaallly tired."-Me.

"I wonder why."-Hayley.

"Whatever. Harry come with?"-Me.


"No. Just sleep."-Me.

"Be there after I eat."-Harry. I ran up the stairs and into the room just in tume for a phone to go off. I look around and see that its Harry's that Brittany girl,.... WHAT THE FUCK?!

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