Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


53. Really?!

Harry's POV

She broke up with Niall!! Yes!! I have a chance!! I didn't untwine our fingers the whole way to the airport. I love her, she knows it. She had me kiss her. The taste and feel of her lips on mine kept replaying in my mind. When we got to the airport I didn't want her to leave.

"Harry. I think I made a mistake."-Hannah.

"I understand. I will bring you back?"Me.

"No. Not about that."-Hannah. Then it was clear. Kissing me.

"Hannah! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't of kissed you! I knew you weren't over Niall! And.."-Me. Then I was interrupted by her crashing her lips to mine. I think it was to shut me up, but hey, it sure as hell worked.

"Not about that Harry."-Hannah.

"Then what?"-Me.

"Ever leaving you to begin with..."-Hannah.

"Will you please be my girlfriend?"-Me.

"When you come back, and we go on dates. Ask me again."-Hannah.

"Will do."-Me. I walked Hannah into the airport and walked with her until I couldn't walk any further. When she has to leave me, I hugged her and kissed her hair.

"Is that all I get?"-Hannah. I chuckled which caused her to giggle. I love her giggle. I love her smile. I love her everything.

"Take a picture curly, it lasts longer."-Hannah.

"How about I do something else?"-Me.

"Like?"-Hannah. Then I leaned in and kissed her. There was fireworks and butterflies. I love this girl.


Hannah's POV

Harry kissed me, again. I keep getting butterflies, but I keep thinking about Niall. Well, fuck that. He chose to change and leave the old Niall behind. I don't like the old Niall, but I do like the new Harry. He proved to me that he changed and for the best. I kissed back and we pulled apart. He hugged me again and when I pulled away. I turned around. I wish he could come with me, I'm not very good with planes. I slept thought the last plane ride but this one, I would be alone. With no one else. When I sat on the plane, I felt my phone vibrate at least three times. I didn't check it but with another vibrate I did.


Please tell me I'm not dreaming.


You're not.


Then I read another one:


Please come back. We need to talk.


Nothing to talk about. We're over. Done. No more. Have fun with the other girls falling for you.


Then the other one:


No need to come home. Not there.


I ignored hers and I got another one.

                     From:Hazza(: Turn around. X


I turned around and there he was. Harold, standing there waiting for me to come hug him. Arms outstretched. I ran up to him and hugged him.

"I thought you would like some company."-Harry.

"How did you guess?"-Me.

"I remembered you didn't like planes."-Harry. He remembered?!

"Let's go sit down babe."-Harry. He laced out fingers together and we walked to my seat. When I sat down I turned to him. I was a little cold.

"Babe, are you cold?"-Harry.

"Yeah but I'm fine."-Me.

"Don't be silly. Let me get you a blanket."-Harry. He called for someone and they gave him a big blanket. We cuddles underneath it. I was asleep in no time. My phone went off a couple of times but I didn't bother to check it. I had Harry and for now, that's all I needed. He out his hands on my baby bump.. Our baby. I was having an amazing dream where Harry and I got married and we had two more kids, but the baby wasn't there... Strange. I didn't think anything about it, but I probably should've. Harry woke me up and told me we were landing. I slept for hours?!?! Awesome!! When we landed we got a taxi to the house. Hayley wasn't lying. She wasn't at the house but I was. I was staying. When I walked in things looked a litter torn up. I called my mom and told her about everything. She said Hayley never came to get Bentley. Weird? Maybe she wanted a her day. Harry and I went to pick Bentley up. When we got home, Hayley still wasn't home. My belly started to start making weird ass noises.


"Uhh huh!"-Me. I went into the kitchen to make food but he made me sit back down. He ordered pizza. I put Bentley to bed, it was like 7 in the morning. He wasn't ready to stay up. When I sat back down, there was a knock on the door. Harry went and got the pizza. As he sat down, Hayley walked through the door with this guy I have NEVER met before. She wreaked of alcohol and weed.

"Hayley, what the fuck is going on?!"-Me.


"You smell of booze and weed!"-Me.


"Your son is upstairs!"-Harry.

"I don't fucking care! I'm already a horrible mom!"-Hayley.

"So your plan is to be really bad?! And cheat on Liam?!?!?"-Me.

"He helps me..."-Hayley.

"What?! Your engaged to Liam!"-Harry.

"Sean helps me! I needed to be helped! I was depressed!"-Hayley.

"And your a mother! You need help Hayley!"-Me. Then her look softened but then stiffened again.

"He isn't leaving. You are."-Hayley.

"Bullshit! Sean leave!"-Harry. Then he walked out.

"Yeah Hayley. Really here to help."-Me.

"Shut the fuck up! Leave me alone!"-Hayley.

"I'm going to help you!"-Me.

"No! Get the fuck out of my house!!"-Hayley.

"Whatever! I'm taking Bentley to a hotel!"-Me.

 "Good! You'll be a better mom then me."-Hayley. I walked upstairs and grabbed everything Bentley would need. I left most of it. If we need something else, we could go buy it. She needs help and the only way I know is Liam. She may get pissed, but he needs to know.


Liam: What?!

Me: Hayley came home drunk and high.

Liam: Yeah okay! You think I would believe you?!

Me: Believe what you want. She came home with this guy named Sean. She was going to cheat on you Liam. She is high. Drunk. She needs you.

Liam: Bullshit.

Me: Believe what you want. Good bye.

Liam: No. Are you sure?

Me: Do you not remember what happened with Niall. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

Liam: Thank you Hannah. I will be there soon.

Me: Anytime. Harry and I are taking Bentley to a hotel.

Liam: Okay. Thanks again.


I walked back downstairs with everything and Bentley.

"Liam is on his way here Hayley."-Me.

 "No he's not."-Hayley.

"I just talked to him."-Me.

"You told him?!"-Hayley.

"I had to."-Me.

"No! No you didn't! I hate you!"-Hayley.

"Whatever you say. Bye."-Me. And I walked out. When we got to the hotel, Bentley fell asleep again. This kid sure can sleep! I put him in the king sized bed and went back to see Harry in the kitchen area. I told him I was going to bed and he fallowed me. When we laced down, we cuddled the best we could with Bentley in the middle of us. Harry kissed me over Bentleys head and we fell fast asleep. I had the same dream, but where's the baby?!

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