Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


59. Paul...

Hayley's POV

When we all woke up in the morning the nurse came in and said Niall could leave when ever he wanted he just had to sign out. Niall got dressed we went to the desk. Niall signed out and we headed home. We decided to pick up Bentley and take him back home with us. Lets just hope that everything is settled. We got back to the house and saw the guys trying to clean up broken glass? Except Harry wasn't there.

"Where's Harry?"-Hannah.

"Sleeping Beauty is trying to sleep."-Zayn.

"Shouldn't he be down here helping you guys?"-Hannah. Hannah starts to walk upstairs but turns around.

"Wait where is Harry sleeping?"-Hannah.

"In your room.."-Louis.

"What the fuck?"-Hannah.

"You might want to wash your sheets... there might be some blood on them.."-Zayn.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?"-Hannah. She ran upstairs.

"What happened in here?"-Me.

"Umm.. fighting with Harry they threw glass I guess.."-Liam.

"Weren't you here to stop the fighting!?"-Me.

"I.. umm.. fell asleep."-Liam.

"REALLY!? You fell asleep when you were supposed to be watching them?"-Me. I made it sound like he was babysitting...

"But babe I was tiiireeeddd."-Liam. I just shrugged it off and went to help them. I put Bentley in his playpen. Once everything was cleaned up there was a knock at the door. I went to open it and saw Paul there.

"Hey Paul."-Me.

"I need to talk to the boys."-Paul. I let him in and went to go get Harry and Hannah. I walked into Hannah's room and saw Harry's face cut up... Hannah was screaming at him but stopped when I walked in.

"What do you want?"-Harry.

"Well Hello to you too. Paul is here and needs to talk to you all."-Me. Harry sighed and walked downstairs with me and Hannah not far behind.

"Okay, boys. You guys are going on tour in three weeks. Hannah should have her baby by then and you've taken too much time off."-Paul.

"How long?"-Niall.

"A year and a half. You should be back by Bentley's third birthday. But the girls can't come."-Paul.

"A YEAR AND A HALF!!??"-Louis.

"I can't stay away from them for a year and a half. I am a dad."-Liam.

"If you want your job you will."-Paul.

"Liam it's fine.. just go. We'll be fine."-Me. Paul says bye and then leaves. Hannah went to her room. All the guys were quiet. Trying to take in the fact that they will be gone for a year in a half , in three weeks. Liam was really upset because he is missing Bentley's 2nd birthday. We were all sitting there awkwardly. Then we heard a scream from Hannah. Everyone jumps up and Louis grabs a baseball bat?? We run upstairs and see Hannah crying and on the phone. She was FREAKING out!!

"What's going on!?"-Louis.

"Hayley!!! I'm bleeding AGAIN!!! I'm FUCKING bleeding AGAIN!!!!!"-Hannah. OH SHIT!!!

"Shit! You have to go to the hospital."-Me. We all ran downstairs. Hannah was on her way down when she passed out. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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