Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


37. Just Stop!

Hayley's POV

I felt Hannah sit up. So I sat up and saw Niall at the door and Liam on his phone on the floor.

 "Niall.. what do you want?"-Me.

"Hannah.. are you okay?"-Niall.

"What do you think? I just saw my boyfriend pounce on Harry and then fighting."-Hannah.

"I thought it was the best thing to do. He deserved it."-Niall.

"He might have deserved it, but it doesn't mean you have to do it. This whole thing is ruining your friendship with Harry when it really shouldn't."-Hannah.

"I'm sorry Hannah.. Please come back in the room. Please..."-Niall.

"Niall.. I need to think.. I love you so much but.. I'm ruining a friendship between you and Harry that was perfect before I came along."-Hannah.

"Hannah.. don't say that."-Liam.

"But it's true! You guys were perfectly fine enjoying each others company having the best time ever.. then you met me and it all turned upside down."-Hannah.

"JUST STOP IT! All of you! DAMN! Hannah. look everything happens for a reason! You and Niall are meant to be together, you need to stop stressing about every little thing.. you could lose the baby if you don't stop! Is that what you all want? You guys need to grow up and realize that there is a life on the line! Its going to be hard considering Harry is the biological father but Josh is the biological father of Bentley.. but me and Liam are fine.. and Josh was their drummer. We all need to have a talk later! Right now I just want to sleep more! Okay?"-Me. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

"Your situation is different than mine and Hannah's."-Niall.

"HOW!? I had a baby.. Josh was the father. I met you guys I lied and said it was my cousins.. Liam found out.. we started dating and BAM he is the father of Bentley.. Your situation is Hannah is having a baby.. it's Harry's you guys are dating.. BAM you can be the father.. is that so much different?? I got raped.. that's the only difference.."-Me.

"Why are you so mad about this?"-Hannah.

"Because! There is too much shit going on! Everyone needs to calm the fuck down and just realize that you could lose the baby if all this keeps going on!"-Me. Everyone in the room was quiet.

"Sorry for freaking out but it needed to be said.. okay?"-Me.

"I know.. Sorry."-Hannah. Hannah went back to bed with Niall. Liam hopped in bed with me.

"I was surprised to hear all that come from you.. you're always so calm."-Liam.

"Not always.."-Me. I cuddled up to Liam and then fell asleep. When I woke up I went downstairs. Everyone was down there.. it was definitely awkward.

"Guys.. we need to have a talk.. NOW."-Me.


"Not really you, Lou,or Liam, but Harry, Niall, and Hannah yeahh. I'd rather have you guys around in case anything happens."-Me.

"Harry. Look.. I know you want this baby to be yours.. which it is.. but I think that it would be better if Niall was just the 'father' figure."-Me.

"I know.. everyone wants that.. but I don't. I want to be in this baby's life.. I don't want to be like Josh.."-Harry.

"You will be in the baby's life.. Just as an uncle not as a dad. You will never be like Josh.. he was just a monster.. you aren't."-Me.

"I know.. but I want to be the father. I was so happy that I was the father when I found out... I never suspected anything so I was fine with Hannah and Niall having a baby together.."-Harry.

"Harry.. please just let me and Niall be happy.. and you can do anything with the baby! Just let Niall be the dad..... Can you just be the uncle? It would be so much easier that way."-Hannah.

"I really want to do that.. but It won't feel right to me knowing I could have had the family you and Niall are having with MY child!!!!"-Harry.

"Look.. I know it will be hard for you.. I understand it.. but please.. if you ever loved me you would do this for me."-Hannah.

"Can I please think about it? Please?"-Harry.

"Yeah.. I guess."-Hannah. Harry went upstairs to his room. I went after him.

"Hayley just let him be."-Liam.

"I have to talk to him about something."-Me. I walked to his door and knocked..

"GO AWAY!"-Harry.

"Harry. Please.. I have to talk to you."-Me.

"Fine.. the door is unlocked."-Harry. I walked in and went over to him on the bed. I sat down.

"Did you really think you would be Josh if you did that?"-Me.

"Yeah.. I would have given up my baby and not be around for any of it."-Harry.

"Josh.. he didn't even know that Bentley was born.. and he.. he raped me.. you didn't rape Hannah and if you do this then you will make it so much better for the baby. You are nothing compared to Josh. Look at me.. Doing this would make you a really good person.. you would make the babies life so much better.. Not saying you wouldn't be a good father but you and Hannah shouldn't be together as much as you want to you shouldn't.."-Me.

"I know.. I'll do it."-Harry. He gave me a hug and walked downstairs with me not far behind.

"Hannah, Niall.."-Harry. Everyone snapped their heads up.

"I'll do it.. I'll be his uncle only."-Harry.

"Thank you soo much."-Hannah and Niall. Harry nodded and sat down. Hannah looked at me and lipped 'thank you'. I nodded and sat next to Liam. We were watching TV and I thought about something.

"We should go somewhere for vacation. SOON!"-Me.

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