Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


52. It's All My Fault.

Hannah's POV

It's all my fault. Hayley left because of me. I called her a bad mom. How could I say that? She would do absolutely anything for Bentley! I'm not even a mom yet and I have screwed so much up for my baby. I have to make this right. She won't answer my calls or texts. I don't think I deserve a reply but, I am going to see her. She is going to talk to me. Without talking to anyone, I went on the laptop and got a plane ticket. I have to leave at 8:30 tonight. It was already 5:30. I started packing and just as I was about done with the first suitcase Niall walked in.

"Where are you going?"-Niall.


"No you are not."-Niall.

"It's not really up to you."-Me.

"I'm not driving you."-Niall.

"I'll ask Harry."-Me.


"Niall stop. I'm still going to go either way."-Me.

"No. Hannah you HAVE to stay!"-Niall.

"No! I am not going to stay! My best friend just left! What do you expect me to do? Not care?!"-Me.

"No one is going to bring you to the airport right now!"-Niall.

"Then I will take a taxi or something."-Me.

"No you will not."-Niall.

"You can't control me!"-Me.


"You are not going to tell me what to do!"-Me.

"You are pregnant! You can't just make rational dicisions!"-Niall.

"This isn't rational! Hayley has been there for how long?!"-Me.

"Whatever Hannah! Go after someone who wants nothing to do with you!"-Niall.

"She didn't say that.. Did she?"-Me.

"Of course she did! Why would she want anything to do with you after what you said to her?!"-Niall.

"We'll. I am going anyway. I need to find another place if that's the case. If your not going to help, get out."-Me.

"Whatever! Have fun chasing someone who will never want to talk to you again!"-Niall.

"You re so fucking hurtful, you know that?!"-Me.

"I'm just stating the facts."-Niall.

"And to think I actually love you?!"-Me.

"What's that supposed to mean?!"-Niall.

"That you're a dick!!!"-Me.

"Then why are you still with me?!"-Niall.

"Here, take the fucking ring them!"-Me. I took my ring and threw it at him.

"No babe, please keep it on..."-Niall.

"No! I'm done with this! You are so mean to me! I hate this Niall! What happened to the fun Niall that I fell in love with?!"-Me.

"I don't know. He's gone. I've changed. And it's better now."-Niall.

"So being a dick is a good thing?!"-Me.

"You have no clue how many girls I have falling for me! And I choose to stay with you!"-Niall.

"Good for you! Go be with them! You aren't engaged anymore! Do whatever the fuck you like!!"-Me.

"Thank fucking god!"-Niall. Then he walked away. What the fuck did he just mean by that??! Whatever! I'm done being treated like shit! He needs to change, if he doesn't I don't need him. I walked to Harry's room and knocked on the door. He didn't answer.

"Harry, will you please drive me to the airport? My flight is at 8:30."-Me. The door opened to reveal a tear stained face. His eyes didnt sparkle like usual, they were dull. Unlively. He didnt say anything. He just pulled me into a hug. We didn't say anything, we didn't have to. It was just a friendly hug, but with so much meaning behind it. I know I made a mistake. I think I've been hiding my love for Harry because he hurt me so bad. He was my first heartbreak after.. Him.

"When do you want to leave?"-Harry.

"Whenever you want to."-Me. He didnt let go, in fact, he just sat in his bed and buried his head into my neck. I didn't mind. It felt so right. We sat there for a while. Every now and then, I could feel his tears on my neck. They were cold and I shuttered. He wiped them off, and apologized. I just kept telling him it was fine. I hate seeing him like this.

"Harry, what's wrong?"-Me.

"I.... I.... Thought... You... H... Ha.... Hated... M.... Me.."-Harry.

"Not at all... Harry I.."-Me.

"You? You what?!"-Harry.

"I have to get going! It's already 6!!"-Me. I'm such a pussy! He let go of me and I went into my room, with him fallowing close behind. I took the "special pjs" out of my bag. Idiot!

"So, Niall thought he would get you in those?"-Harry.

"I guess so."-Me. "Did he?"-Harry.

"Nope. I would never fit in them!"-Me. I just started laughing awkwardly. And looked away. I finished packing and we went downstairs. I said goodbye to Zayn and Louis. I ignored Niall and Liam's glances. When I looked at Niall he looked away. When I hugged Zayn I didn't expect this,

"Please don't give up. Just because Niall didnt work out doesn't mean there won't be someone else."-Zayn. What?! Then I hugged Louis.

"Love you little sister. Try not to be too upset. Everything will be fine. I just hope you get over him."-Louis. I told him I loved him too. Then Harry and I walked out the door. I didn't think twice. I just got in the car and sat quietly. When he started the car, he turned the radio on. Nothing good was on so he turned it back off. I just sat and looked out the window the whole time. We stopped at a red light and he turned the radio back on. Irresistible started playing and he looked me in the eyes and sang to me. When he was done, I started to look down, blushing. He lifted my head up by putting his hand on my chin.

"You are so beautiful."-Harry.

"Haha thanks Harry."-Me.

"I mean it Hannah, I really do. I love you."-Harry.

"Just kiss me..."-Me. The next thing I knew, Harry had his lips on mine. It felt so wrong, so many butterflies but then there was a honk?! Then we pulled apart and saw the light was green. He started the car again, but this time he laced his fingers with mine. He rested them on my thigh.

"I'm sorry. I know you're with Niall. I'll stop."-Harry. He started to take his hand away from mine but I grabbed it and made it stay.

"I'm sorry Hannah. I don't understand.."-Harry.

"I broke up with Niall..."-Me.

"Oh. I'm sorry?"-Harry.

"Don't be."-Ms. Then everything got silent and I saw Harry smile out of the corner of my eye.

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