Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


40. I lied..

Hannah's POV

When we woke up the next day, Hayley and I decided to take a walk and maybe do some shopping. I woke Niall up and told him.

"But babe! We went shopping yesterday! And I want to spend the day with you!"-Niall.

"But babe! I want to spend time with Hayley!"-Me.

"Fine! But this means you have to wear your special pj's tonight."-Niall.

"Yeah, I'll wear them, but not in your bed.. Wait! You brought them?!"-Me.

"Well, duuuhh! My girlfriend is amazingly beautiful! Why wouldn't I?"-Niall.

"Cause you knew nothing was going to happen, and it still wont."-Me.

"Come on! Please! We're on vacation! We deserve some fun!"-Niall.

"Fine, if you want it so bad, call the doctor and see if it's okay!"-Me.

"Fine, I will."-Niall.

"Babe, I was kidding. Don't."-Me.

"Once you leave, you have no control!"-Niall.

"Are you kidding me?!"-Me.

"Nope. Now have fun babe."-Niall.

"Yupp, love you!"-Me.

"Love you too."-Niall. Then he kissed me and made me fall on him. After that he walked me down the stairs and brought me to Hayley. Then Hayley and I walked down the board walk! This house is AMAZING!

"Sooo, why didn't you want to come?"-Hayley.

"I don't know. Just not something I thought a pregnant girl should do."-Me.

"Yeah okay. Hannah, we've been friends for a while and I know that is not what happened."-Hayley.

"Okay fine. It's because I'm only seventeen and I'm pregnant. Hayley, I can't listen to people talking shit about me. I can't handle it. I never could. And now, when I'm here and in a bathing suit and skinny jeans, and not baggy shirts and pants... I feel really fat. I don't like it. At all."-Me.

"Hannah, you have nothing to worry about. No one is going to talk about you. Trust me, someone does, they are getting a face full of fist!"-Hayley.

"Haha. Thanks. Wanna go shopping?"-Me.

"When wouldn't I?"-Hayley.

"Good question."-Me. As we walked up to this huugee shopping place, we made small talk. Nothing big, but nothing to boring. When we saw Victoria Secret, Hayley automatically started making jokes.

"Soo, Niall went in there with you? I like the sexy stuff he bought. You surprising him this vacation with something special?"-Hayley.

"Hahahahah. No."-Me.

"Come on! Why not?!"-Hayley.

"Because, I just don't want to. And I don't think it's too safe."-Me.

"Don't be stupid. You had sex with Niall when you were pregnant for Harry's kid. I'm pretty sure, it would be fine."-Hayley.

"Haha. Niall said he was going to ask the doctor if it was okay to have sex! Oh my god! I hope he doesn't."-Me.

"Damn, she's fat..."-This random ass bitch.

"What was that Hannah?"-Hayley.

"That wasn't me, just keep walking.."-Me.

"Hoe! I said, look at that fat whore!"-The random ass bitch.

"Excuse me?"-Hayley.

"Hayley, it's fine. Can we just go home? I don't want to shop anymore. I just want Niall."-Me.

"No! I want to talk to you! What happened to not being fat when you're younger?!"-The random ass bitch.

"She is NOT fat!"-Hayley.

"Hayley! Lets go! It's fine!"-Me.

"Yes she is fat! She looks like a fucking fat cow!"-The random ass bitch.

"FUCK THIS SHIT!"-Hayley. Then she ran over to the girl and punched her... Fuck! I tried to go over but, kinda, got pushed, a little. That just made Hayley even more mad.

"COME ON HAYLEY! I DON'T WANT TO BAIL YOU OUT OF JAIL ON VACATION!"-Me. She didn't stop so I called Niall crying. He came and stopped the fight.. After getting hit.. Hahahahaha. Then he brings us home. Hayley wouldn't talk to me or Niall. When we got home she went straight to her and Liam's room. I never told any of the boys about the fight.... I probably should, so I did. Liam went up to their room and tried to talk to her but she wouldn't open the door. She just kept saying,


Then I walked up to her door and opened it.. IT WAS FUCKING UNLOCKED THE ENTIRE TIME!

"Hayley, what's wrong?"-Me.

"This whole thing was my idea, and guess who gets into a fucking fight?! Me!!"-Hayley.

"Yeah.. But listen, we don't have to go back there."-Me.

"But that means no more shopping!"-Hayley.

"Better than fighting."-Me.

"I suppose."-Hayley. Then there was an awkward silence until Niall yells for me.
"Sorry babe, but I got to go. I'll get Liam to come up, okay?"-Me.

"Yeah, have fun."-Hayley. Then I got Liam and made him talk to Hayley.


"Yeah, but I didn't want to interrupt her."-Liam.

"Well, she wants you."-Me. Then I walk away and into mine and Niall's room. And what do I see? A cheeky little Irish boy with these "special pj's" in his hand..

"Niall, what are you doing?"-Me.

"Trying to get my amazing girlfriend into these tonight."-Niall.

"I will, but it's not night time yet."-Me.

"Yeah, but I thought we should go out for a nice dinner, then go swimming, then have some special pj time!"-Niall.

"Are you asking me, or telling me?"-Me.

"Both. So get dressed in something nice."-Niall.

"But, Niall. I'm pregnant. I can't really wear something nice.."-Me.

"Of course you can baby!"-Niall.

"Fine. But you have to give me at least an hour or two."-Me.

"Of course. Call or text when you're ready. I'll have one of the boys take you."-Niall.

"But why not you?"-Me.

"I have to set everything up. I want it to be perfect."-Niall.

"The only person that can drive is Harry though.."-Me.

"So? Him and I are fine. He knows we aren't going to break up. Hannah, it will be fine. I love you."-Niall.

"I love you too babe."-Me. Then he kisses me and walks out. GREAT! Now what am I going to wear? I pick out this mid thigh length dress, that is a little tight, well, it hugs my belly bump. The dress is gold, with a shiny top, with sparkles on the breast line. The bottom is all ruffles. For shoes I wore gold flats with a bow on them. For my makeup I did a cat eye effect with minimum eye liner. I curled my hair and did a braid with my bangs, just to keep them out of my eyes. When I was done I shot Niall a text telling him I was on my way. Then I walked down the stairs where everyone was.
"Oh my god Hannah, you look amazing!"-Hayley.

"Thanks."-Me. Then I looked over at Harry and Louis literally closed his mouth...

"Hannah, you ready to go?"-Harry.

"Yeah. Bye guys see you later."-Me. Then I heard Hayley whisper,

"Yeah, she's going to put those special pj's to use tonight.."


"Lets just hope she keeps quiet this time!"-Zayn. When Harry and I got to his car, he tried to help me but I just told him that i was pregnant, not crippled. He went to the drivers side and tried to make conversation but I just pretended not to hear him so he eventually stopped. This was already awkward enough. When I thought he was done, I was wrong.. really wrong.

"Hannah, you can't keep pretending this shit is going to be fine if you look out the fucking window and think everything is going to be okay!?"-Harry.

"Well, that was unexpected."-Me.

"No! It's not! You have OUR baby inside of you, but Niall is going to be the father!"-Harry.

"I thought you said you were fine with it.."-Me.

"Obviously I'm fucking not!"-Harry.

"Whatever. I'm not talking about this right now."-Me.

"And why fucking not!? This is the perfect time to talk about it!"-Harry.

"No, it's not."-Me.

"Why not Hannah?!"-Harry.

"Because, I'm not stressing!"-Me.

"Well, I'm not being stressful!"-Harry.

"Oh, I beg to differ."-Me.

"I'm just trying to talk to you."-Harry.

"And that's what causes me stress!"-Me.

"But, Hannah I love you!"-Harry.

"And I love Niall! Not you!"-Me.

"Thanks Hannah!"-Harry.

"What would you like me to do?! Tell you that I love you and that I want everything to work out?!"-Me.

"Yeah Hannah, that would be amazing!"-Harry.

"I just can't do that."-Me. Then we pulled up to the place. It was a nice little picnic on the beach, about an hour away from the house. I walked out of the car and walked up to the blanket in the sand.

"How was your drive?"-Niall.

"Fine. This is amazing Niall!!"-Me.

"Anything for you babe."-Niall. Then he kissed me and I saw this bottle?

"Niall, what's that?"-Me.

"Go open it!"-Niall. I walked up to it and picked it up. When I opened it I saw a note:

Will You Marry Me?

when I looked up Niall was on one knee and holding out a box.

"Hannah, I love you with all of my heart. I know that I have made some really stupid decisions in our relationship, but I want you to know that they are all in the past and I want us to move forward. When we kiss, I feel sparks and fireworks. Will you, Hannah Marie Tomlinson, give me the honor of being your husband and making you Hannah Marie Horan?"-Niall.

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