Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


58. How Did This Happen?

Harry's POV

How could she just go see him?! Was she even thinking?! MY girlfriend went to see HER ex fiance! I started the car and tried to find her. She wasn't on ANY of the roads? What?! I drove to the hospital and sure enough, she was with him. Holding his hand. Talking to him. Laughing. Damn!

"What are you doing here?!"-Zayn.

"Seeing my girlfriend."-Me.

"You're not here to see your best mate, but to see your girlfriend that you left on the side of the fucking street?!"-Zayn.

"What the fuck is your problem?!"-Me.

"YOU! You are so fucked up to even notice how amazing your girlfriend is! Get your head out of your ass and apologize!"-Zayn.

"Why are you so involved with this?!"-Me.

"Because everyone treats her like shit! She shouldn't be the one crying over ass holes!"-Zayn.

"Whatever. Tell Hannah I am going to be at the house if she needs me."-Me.

"I don't think she will be looking for you anytime soon."-Zayn. I didn't say anything. Just walked out. But then I thought about Hannah.. She is coming home. I walked back in and didn't stop. I walked into Niall's room. She just looked at him, didn't even notice me coming in. This had to stop.

"Hannah, lets go. I'm leaving."-Me.

"Okay? Then YOU leave."-Hannah.

"No. I'm leaving and you are coming with me."-Me.

"No. You're leaving. I'm staying here."-Hannah.

"Uhh.. I don't think that's going to happen."-Me.

"Well, too bad. It is happening."-Hannah.

"God Dammit! You are fucking coming home with me!"-Me.

"Yeah okay. I'm staying the night!"-Hannah.



"I mean uhh, you sure? No I meant really?! And yes, it was supposed to be happy. She is my BEST FRIEND!"-Niall.

"Well, in that case, Hannah say good bye to your best friend!"-Harry.

"You are NOT my mother! You will NOT and can NOT tell me what to do!"-Hannah. I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room. When we were walking to the car, we were interrupted.

"Hold the fuck up. What is going on?!"-Hayley.

"We are going home."-Me.

"No! You are going home! I am staying here!"-Hannah.

"Harry! Let her go!"-Hayley.

"No! We are going home!"-Me.

"Oww! You are fucking hurting me!"-Hannah.

"And I thought you were better for Hannah? What the hell was I thinking?!"-Hayley.

"No, seriously Harry! You are really hurting me!"-Hannah. I ignored everyone else and walked to my car. I opened the doors and Hannah got in... On the ride home, she didn't say or look at me. When we got home, Hannah ran inside and went to her room. She slammed the door and locked it. I went up behind her and tried to get in. She didn't answer so I just kept knocking. Then I heard the bathroom door lock. Then I heard her talking to someone?!


Hannah's POV

I can't believe him! I have the biggest fucking bruise! I called Hayley because I know she will answer. Harry kept knocking on the fucking door so I went in my bathroom. Fucker. Hayley wouldn't answer so I called the one person I knew for a fact he would answer!


Zayn: Hello?

Me: Yeah, Zayn can you come back to the house?

Zayn: Yeah. Hannah! Have you been crying?!


Zayn: Oh.. Okay... Yeah... I will uhh... come get you?

Me: Thanks. I am staying over night at the hospital so don't let anyone else!

Zayn: Haha. Okay. I won't. See you soon.

Me: Bye.


I came out of the bathroom and I realized there was no more knocking. I started packing clothes and whatever else I needed for the over night sleepover with Niall. I brought movies just in case and then I went downstairs. I went straight to the kitchen, Harry was upstairs taking a shower. I could hear the water. I put A LOT of food in my bag. Whats an amazing sleep over without food?! And with Niall I had to have a lot. When Zayn pulled up I put my jacket on and headed out the door. Ehh Harry didn't need to know anything. When I got in the car, Zayn grabbed my hand and made me show him my arm. When I did, his eyes turned really dark and I could tell he was PISSED! We didn't talk to whole ride to the hospital, but it was okay. When we got to the hospital Hayley wanted to know everything. I just shrugged it off and went to Niall's room.

"I thought you weren't coming?"-Niall.

"I wasn't going to let a little arm injury keep me away from you!"-Me.

"What did he do?!"-Niall.

"Nothing. It's fine."-Me.

"No it's not. She has a bruise on her arm from ass hole."-Hayley.

"Hannah, let me see."-Niall.

"It's not that big. It's fine."-Me.

"Show me!"-Niall. I took my jacket off and I had to roll up the sleeves of my shirt.

"What the fuck?!"-Louis.

"Lou, it's nothing. I'm fine."-Me.

"It doesn't look like nothing Hannah! He fucking hurt you! He gave you a fucking bruise! That is bullshit! I am going to talk to him!"-Louis.

"Liam, go with him."-Hayley.

"Why me? I got punched last time!"-Liam.

"Uhh because Zayn is pissed at him too! You do NOT want two against one!"-Hayley.

"Ughh! Fine! Wait! I'm mad at him too!"-Liam.

"You're not that stupid. And you have a son. You won't be like that!"-Hayley.

"Ugh!! Why do you have to be right?!"-Liam. Then he gave Hayley a kiss and went with Louis... Fuck!! Hayley decided to stay the night with Niall and I. We all had an amazing time... I did NOT expect that to happen! No word about Harry though, but I didn't care. I hope Louis messed him up!

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