Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


42. How Did It Get Like This?

Hannah's POV

How could he do this to me?! He knew the shit she did to me! He fucking knew it! I couldn't take seeing her after what she did! She USED to be mine and Hayley's best friend. All three of us used to do everything together. Until she got this douche bag boyfriend that we didn't like... When he came over one day Hayley and I told him to leave so she flipped and we never really saw each other since. Even though she's Taylor Swift, I hate her! I want nothing to do with her. And clearly she hates me and wants nothing to do with me. She does nothing but criticize. She used Hayley and I as a target to abuse online but it ended when Hayley became pregnant. Only the fact we were hoes now and whatever. But I never thought Harry would have enough balls to bring her here. Maybe he didn't know it was this bad... No of course he did! I told him about it when she texted him that day!! But why would he do this?! It makes no sense! But at least it's a good sign. He won't be all over me, like he still wants us, he's finally getting over the fact that Niall and I are engaged and will be together forever. I should be happy for him and not crying because of my problems. I stopped crying and pulled away from Niall. I went to walk into the house but was pulled away by Hayley.

"No Hannah! Do not be the bigger person! She's a stupid bitch!"-Hayley.

"I know but we were all the best of friends before she changed. We might get it back."-Me.

"You can do whatever you would like but I am NOT trying to work things out with her."-Hayley.

"I thought you were going to help me and stick by me no matter what!?"-Me.

"Of course I will but I just don't want you to get more stress Hannah! It's not just you that you need to worry about! Your baby needs it too!!"-Hayley.

"I know but holding grudges isn't going to help anything!"-Me.

"But it won't end up with you hurt either!"-Hayley.

"I know you're only looking out for me but I have to do this! I think it's right!"-Me.

"Fine but you are NOT going in there alone. I will have your back!"-Hayley.

"She's not going to hit me Hayley, I'm pregnant. She is a bitch but not that stupid!"-Me.

"I have always had your back, it's not going to stop now."-Hayley. We walked inside and she automatically started. But she was worse than ever! I never should of thought of this!

"So how's that fat belly going?"-Taylor.

"She's not fucking fat!?"-Hayley.

"She sure does look it! Oh sorry Hannah. Am I reminding you of your ex?! Are you thinking about cutting yourself, or not eating? Maybe even about just throwing it all up!?"-Taylor.

"NO!? I'm not like that anymore! I overcame it, when are you?!"-Me.

"HAHA! Best come back you could think of?"-Taylor

. "Would you just shut the fuck up Taylor?!"-Me.

"No I can't. Harry invited me here and I am staying!"-Taylor.

"Did we say anything about leaving?!"-Hayley.

"No just making it known that Harry Styles wanted me! Not you, me! Why are you here anyway?!"-Taylor.

"Because the boys wanted to go on vacation with US!"-Hayley.

"Sure hunny. Keep telling yourself that. They only want you here so they don't have to be alone and so that they can get more publicity. I mean think about it. When people found out they brought two ugly, fat, whores with them. People will want to talk to them even more. All the more reason to think the boys are sweet."-Taylor.

"For the last fucking time Taylor, she is not fat! You only say that shit because your jealous!"-Hayley.

"Jealous of what? Those fat thighs or that fat stomach?! Cause right now, I can't choose. They are both huge!"-Taylor.


"You let her tell you that you were fat?!"-Hayley.

"Yeah, she's the reason I became anorexic again.. But it's okay. It brought us closer!"-Me.

"No it is not fucking okay Hannah!"-Hayley. Then she ran over to Taylor and started to punch her. I tried to pull her off but it wouldn't work. If I wasn't pregnant I would've already fucked Taylor's day up. Harry's came down and automatically put me on the couch and pulled Hayley off of Taylor. Damn! Taylor looks worse than she already did?!

"Damn Hayley! You fucked her face up good!!"-Me.

"Haha. I did didn't I?!"-Hayley.

"What the fuck happened!?"-Harry.

"Your girlfriend started saying shit about Hannah so I stepped into it! She's the reason Hannah became anorexic Harry!?"-Hayley

"She needed it! And she needs it now more than ever! Look at her Harry! She's so fat?!"-Taylor.

"Taylor! She is not fat! She's pregnant!"-Harry.

"Haha a lot better. I bet she can't even find out who the father is!?!?"-Taylor.

"Oh yeah Harry, why don't you tell her who the father is!!"-Hayley.

"This isn't needed! Niall is the father!"-Me. Harry gave me a dirty look but then it was replaced with a look of hate.

"Yeah okay Hannah. You're like the biggest slut! How could you even think it was Niall's?!"-Harry.

"Are you fucking kidding me Harry?!"-Hayley.

"No Hayley, let it be. He's right. I didn't know who the father was. Niall and I worked through it and he is the father. He's better than the other guy I was with anyways. Much better father Niall will be. The other guy was a lot worse than Josh."-Me. Harry's face softened and I saw some tears in his eyes, but I was just beginning. He is going to regret anything he ever says about me or my baby. Forever!

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