Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


43. How Could You Do This?

Hannah's POV

"Hannah, you know none of the stuff that I said down stairs even matters!"-Harry. He thought it would've been a good idea to visit me in my room after everything he said. It ended up really hurting me and I just ran upstairs to my room. I cried and cried for about three hours until there was a knock on my door. Then I saw Harry standing at my door when I opened it. I tried to slam it in his face but he put his foot in the door. I kept trying until he screamed out in pain and slammed the door open. It almost hit me, but it didn't. He's lucky for that. That's when he tried to talk to me and make me understand. How could I understand what he was saying when it was true?!

"What are you talking about?! I didn't know who the father was! I am a bad mom.. I didn't even start yet."-Me. Oh yeah, he called me a bad mom because I would never be able to handle a child.

"Hannah. I was upset. You had no right to call me Josh."-Harry.

"And you had no right to do anything to me! I was speaking the truth! I'm not fucking sorry I did anything to you! I hate you! Get the fuck out of my room! NOW!"-Me. Then he just walked over to me and kissed me. HE FUCKING KISSED ME!! But then I felt myself kiss back? No! I pusses away and we were standing so close. He wouldn't leave or get out of my life. I love NIALL! Not HARRY!



"NO I DIDN'T! GET THE FUCK OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!! I NEVER WANT TO BE AROUND YOU!"-Me. Harry left and then Niall walked in like he heard absolutely nothing. I ran up to him and started apologizing automatically. He didn't say anything. Just told me he didn't know what I was talking about and that no matter what happened, he would always be there for me and that he will never leave. I stopped crying and he looked me in the eyes,

"Hannah. See that ring on your left hand? That means something I would never want to give it up. It means more to me than life itself. See that baby bump? That means that I will never leave, no matter how hard this shit gets, I will always be there. We have talked about this before babe. I love you and I will never mess anything up by making a really stupid choice. Please baby, tell me what's wrong."-Niall.

"I wish I could but I would have to tell you everything..."-Me. He nodded as in telling me to continue.

"Well. Him and I got into this huge fight downstairs and he came to talk to me. It pissed me off and I told him that I wanted him to leave and that I hated him. Then he kissed me! He fucking kissed me! But, then I thought about you and I, I thought it was you for a second, so I started to kiss back.. But then I opened my eyes and saw it was him.. Niall, I pushed him away!"-Me.

"Is that all babe?"-Niall.

"What do you mean, is that all?"-Me.

"You forgave me, when I didn't deserve it. I'm pretty sure I can deal with a tiny mistake. At least you thought it was me, and not just wanting him again."-Niall. I couldn't handle it anymore. I jumped on him and started kissing. I was so happy he didn't break up with me. The baby and I needed him and I don't think I would be able to handle it. All I have to do now, is deal with Harry and make sure he actually knows it is Niall and I forever. And it's not going to change anytime soon...

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