Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


57. Hospital Visits...

Hannah's POV

We were all watching another movie waiting for Niall to get back. We heard brakes squeel.. And people scream! We all ran outside and saw Niall on the ground. HE GOT HIT BY A FUCKING CAR!? I ran towards him and everyone made their stupid fucking comments. No matter what anyone says, Niall was always there when I needed him. He was an amazing friend before he let his demons get the best of him. I am NOT going to just let him suffer. I called 911 and they sent an ambulance. When it arrived, Niall's breathing slowed.. I started to cry and they asked me to take the ride with him to the hospital. I did, even though Harry was REALLY pissed. In the ride, Niall stopped breathing a couple times, but they always continued to keep him alive. Then, he stopped again, when we got to the hospital in the driveway. He wouldn't start again! They wrote the time of death and everything! I walked over to him and help his hand.. He couldn't die! He couldn't!

"Niall.. You hear me?! Wake your fucking ass up! Everyone loves you and you can't die! You just can't! You will meet your princess... You will! She will love you and you will happily ever after. Just because shit with us, happened, doesn't mean you shouldn't be with someone else.." I whispered in his ear. Then he took a huge gasp of air! He is breathing!!

"That's unbelievable!"-A Nurse. They took him in the hospital. I asked for everyone to come and see him. They said not until he woke up. I gave them my number for them to call me when he woke up. No matter what time. When I called Harry to pick me up, he didn't answer. So, I called Hayley.


Hayley: Hellooo?

Me: Can you come pick me up?

Hayley: Yeah, you're not staying?

Me: I can't. I'm not dating him or anything.... I'm not allowed.

Hayley: Oh. That's bullshit.

Me: I'm aware. So can you?

Hayley: Of course. Be there soon.


As I was sitting there waiting for Hayley to come pick me up I got a call coming in. It was Harry.


Me: What?

Harry: You called?

Me: Yeeep. But it doesn't matter anymore.

Harry: Obviously you're pissed.

Me: Is it that obvious?!

Harry: Yeep.

Me: Whatever. See you when I get home.

Harry: No. Lets talk about this.

Me: How?

Harry: Talking?

Me: When I get home.

Harry: Okay. See you when you get home. Love you.

Me: Yup.


When I hung up the phone Hayley was waiting for me. I hopped in the car and she turned the music down. She gave me a look and I just rolled my eyes and looked out the window.

"What the fucks up?"-Hayley.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter."-Me.

"Tell me. Now?"-Hayley.

"There is nothing to tell."-Me.

"Damn Hannah. You're so fucking stubborn!"-Hayley.

"K."-Me. Then I just looked out the window. She put a CD in and I realized what she was trying to do... Trey Songz... Simply Amazing... Of course! I started to sing to it, without even realizing it. So wasn't she. I took a video of her, because, you know, best friend things... I put it on twitter and I knew there would be some sort of pay back. Thank God she doesn't have her phone. When we got to the house, I walked in and the boys' weren't there? Or they were upstairs. So I looked at Hayley and started dancing around singing to her. She just had to get that song stuck in my head! After I was done, I turned around and heard a bunch of laughs.. Damn! I started blushing and looked down. My phone started going off and I saw a twitter mention... I opened it and saw a video.. FUCK!!


"Yes, really. You know, best friend thing."-Hayley.

"But, its bad enough! The boys' already had to see!"-Me.

"Now, the whole world can too!"-Hayley. I watched it and I saw how crazy I literally looked! But, I think it was pretty cute. HAHA! Just kidding!

"It's alright babe. You looked pretty cute."-Harry.

"Haha. Shut the fuck up."-Me.

"I can see why all the guys want you."-Louis.

"Louis, you shut the fuck up."-Me.

"You do not talk to your older brother like that baby sister!"-Louis.

"You don't even know that you're older than me!"-Me.

"Lets find out!"-Louis.

"Is this a bet?"-Me.

"Everyone what is your bets?"-Louis.

"I have money on Hannah because she seems older. More mature."-Zayn. That was quick.

"I bet Louis, he looks older."-Liam.

"I'm going to go with Liam."-Hayley.

"Of course."-Me.

"I'll side with Hannah and Zayn."-Harry.

"Of course."-Hayley. Louis called his mom. Oh sorry, our mom. He put it on speaker.


Mom: Hello?

Louis: Who is older?

Mom: What do you mean?

Louis: Hannah or I? Who is older?

Mom: What do you mean? You guys are twins.

Louis: Who popped out of your vagina first?

Mom: Louis William Tomlinson!

Louis: Mom, I'm sorry. But I have a bet, I need to know.

Mom: Let me check the baby books!

Louis: Okay.

Mom: Oh. It was you. By 3 and a half minutes.

Louis: Okay, bye mom. Love you.


"Haha! Now you have to do something... Hmmm."-Louis.

"It was a friendly bet Lou!"-Me.

"Nope! You have to post another video of yourself singing to someones song!"-Louis.

"But Hayley already did that to me!"-Me.

"So! Do it again! Right now!"-Louis. I turned on the song and started but my phone started to ring. I ran over to it and looked at it. It was the hospital.


Me: Hello?

Them: Yes. Niall Horan is awake and he is asking for a Hannah Tomlinson?

Me: I will be right there.


"Can someone drive me to the hospital?"-Me.


"Niall is awake."-Me.

"Yeah Hannah. I will drive you."-Hayley.

"I can drive my girlfriend to the hospital."-Harry.

"Okay. Liam and I will take our car and The boys will go in another."-Hayley.

"Okay.."-Me. We all went in the cars and Harry didn't even start it yet.

"Umm.. Harry, we have to go!"-Me.

"Not until you tell me why you want to see him so bad!"-Harry.

"Because! Now start the fucking car or I will start walking!"-Me.

"Hannah! Just fucking answer me!"-Harry.

"Just drive the fucking car!"-Me. He just stared at me and I opened the door and walked out. I starting walking to the hospital.



"GET IN MY CAR!"-Hayley. I didn't respond, just kept walking. Then I looked to the side of me and Zayn was in his car.

"Hannah, please get in the car."-Zayn. I walked to the passenger side and got in. We drove to the hospital and I almost ran in.

"I'm here for Niall Horan."-Me.

"Ahh, yes. He has been waiting for you."-The nurse.

"I know. Where is he?"-Me.

"Room 234."-The nurse. I walked in and saw him hooked up to a bunch of machines. I don't know if I can handle much more of this...

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