Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?



Liam's POV

Today is Hayley's 19th birthday. The guys, Hannah and I have stuff planned for all of us. I woke up and saw Hayley still asleep so I walked downstairs to see everyone talking.

"Morning guys." I said. They all said it back to me.

"So. What's the plan for today?" Niall asked us but more like looking at Hannah.

"Well, when she wakes up we can all go out for breakfast, or we can wake her up. Then Liam said he wanted to take her somewhere after breakfast. And while Liam is out with her we all set the party up." Hannah whispered just in case Hayley woke up.

"Alright. What time do we need to be back?"-Me.

"Um...4:30-5:00."-Hannah. What are we going to do for that long? I got it. I have the perfect plan!

*1 Hour Later*

"Why isn't she up yet?"-Zayn asked.

"Lets wake her up. Nicely!"- I said. We all went upstairs and into her room. 

"HAYLEY ELIZABETH CARTER GET THE FUCK UP!!"-Hannah screamed while jumping on the bed.

"SHUT UP!!! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!"-Hayley screamed from the bed. She kicked around and then kicked Hannah and made Hannah fall off.

"OWWW!!!" I heard Hannah yell from the side of the bed. Everyone started laughing.


"Thanks Haz!"-Hayley said back.

"Happy birthday hay! I RHYMED!!"-Louis.

"Haha.. Thanks Lou"-Hayley.

"Happy Birthday Hayley!"-Niall.

"Thanks Ni!"-Hayley.

"Happy Birthday Hay-Hay"-Zayn

"WOW. Thanks Zay-Zay!"-Hayley.

"What's up with the weird nicknames you two?"- I asked all confused.

"I dunno. Zayn said Hay-Hay so I was copying him and said Zay-Zay."-Hayley.

"Those are our new nicknames though okay?"-Zayn

"ALRIGHT!"-Hayley yelled.


"THANKS HOT STUFF!!"-Hayley. They laughed.

"Happy birthday babe."-Me.

"Thanks baby!"-Hayley. I went over to her and gave her a kiss.

"GET A ROOM!!"- Harry yelled.

 "THIS IS MY ROOM!"-Hayley yelled back to him. Hannah came back on the bed and sat next to Hayley. Then Hayley's phone went off.

**Phone Call**


"Hi Hayley... I was just calling to say Happy Birthday."-Person.


"I hope you have a good day.."-Person.

"Thanks...I have to go now bye."-Hayley

**End Of Phone Call**

"Who was that?"-Hannah asked.

"My 'Mom'"-Hayley answered.

"Hayley get dressed we are going to eat. Then Liam is taking you out somewhere special!"-Zayn said.

"Alright.. leave so I can get ready."-Hayley. Everyone left except for me.

"Where are you taking me after?"-Hayley.

"It's a surprise!"-Me.


"NO.. If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise."-Me.

"What do I need to wear? Casual? Fancy?"-Hayley.

"Casual."-Me. She finally got dressed. (Her outfit link

We walked down stairs and everyone was ready. It was now 11 am.

**After Breakfast** (Nothing happened) Everyone went back to the house except for me and Hayley.


Hayley's POV

So far my 19th birthday has been amazing! I love the guys and Hannah. Bentley was with us at breakfast but everyone else took him back to the house. I really want to know where Liam is taking me. And I'm surprised Hannah didn't throw a party for me.

"So..How's your day been so far?"-Liam asked me.

"Amazing! I bet it is going to get 1000 times better now."-I said.

"I bet your right."-Liam said with a chuckle. We pulled up to a beach. There was a blanket set up it all looked amazing.

"OH MY GOD! Liam this is amazing!"- I said while hugging him.

"Glad you like it."-Liam said. 

"Do you want to go in the water?"-Liam asked me.

"I don't have my bathing suit."-Me.

"Yeah you do. Do you think I would come to the beach without being prepared for my special lady?"-Liam. He pulled out a bathing suit and it was my favorite one. ( (Links will be in comments) I changed and came back out. I sat on the blanket and saw Liam standing by the water in his swim trunks. I ran up behind him and hugged him.

"Hey babe."-Liam said turning around.

"Hi."-I said. All of a sudden he picked me up and ran into the water.

"LIAM!! DON'T DROP ME!!!"-I screamed. We got in deep enough and he dropped me in.


"Hayley!!!"-Liam said mockingly. We started laughing and then I dunked him under. We had an amazing time but sadly we had to leave. We both got changed and left. It was 4:30 when we left. So we should get back to the house at like 5:00. 

"Nice video Hannah put of you on twitter."-Liam.

"You saw that?"-Me.

"Yeah. You looked adorable."-Liam said. I blushed.

"I looked crazy."-Me.

"I have a present for you but i'll give it to you later. When we are alone."-Liam.

"Alright. You didn't have to give me anything."-Me. We pulled up to the house and walked in.


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