Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


17. Girl's Day.

Hayley's POV

After Harry left and everything calmed down a bit. We were all watching TV Zayn came over. Hannah and I were upstairs talking.Then I had an idea...

"Hannah, want to go shopping and have a girl's day??"-Me.

"Yeah. Sure.. whose going to watch Bentley though??"-Hannah.

"Liam,Niall,Zayn,Louis duuh!"-Me. She agrees and we walk downstairs.

"We are going shopping!"-Hannah.

"After you just got into a fight?"-Niall.

"Does it look like I'm hurting?"-Hannah.

"Plus, she definitely needs a girls day and so do I."-Me.

"Can I come!?"-Louis.

"No! You have to stay here with the guys and watch Bentley!"-Me.

"PLEAASSSSEE??? I reeeally want to go shopping!!"-Louis.

"Fine! You can come Lou..only because you have the best style.."-Hannah.

"HEY!!"-The rest scream.

"It's the truth..."-Me.

"Why does Louis get to go?"-Niall.

"Because we need a guy's perspective on the clothes we buy!"-Me.


" can go on the next girl trip we go on."-Me.

"YAYY!!"-Zayn. These boys are weird. I said bye to Bentley, Liam, Niall, and Zayn and then we left for the Hannah,Hayley,Louis shopping trip..this ought to be fun. We get in the car, Hannah and Louis up front me in back and we drive to the mall. We get there and go to the first store. American Eagle. We all look around and I buy a couple shirts and a few pairs of jeans. Hannah gets a few outfits, and Louis gets a couple shirts. As Hannah and I were waiting for Louis to finish checking out Hannah had an Idea.

"I have an idea."-Hannah.

"What is it?"-Me.

"We need to find Louis a girlfriend."-Hannah.


"I don't know..any ideas??"-Hannah.

"Hmm..remember our old friend Eleanor from modeling? Her and Lou would be cute together."-Me.

"Yeah..hmm let's text her and ask her to meet us here."-Hannah. She took out her phone and texted Eleanor.


Hannah: Hey El:) any plans today??

Eleanor: No why?

Hannah: I was wondering if you wanted to meet up with me and Hayley at the mall.

Eleanor: Yeah sure. I'll be there in 15.

Hannah: Alright. When you get here just text me and i'll tell you where we are.

Eleanor: Alright.. sounds good :) see you soon.

**End of Messages**

Louis finally walks out and we go to the next store. Louis decided to drag us into Delia's to get us some One Direction shirts.. of course. By the time we got out Hannah ended up having a shirt with Niall's face, a 'Future Mrs.Horan' shirt, and a Louis shirt. I had a Liam shirt, 'Future Mrs.Payne', and a shirt with all of them on it. We walked out of the store and Hannah's phone went off.

Eleanor: I'm here.

Hannah:Alright meet us near Delia's. We have a surprise for you.

Eleanor: Okay..should I be scared?


"Can we sit down on the bench quick? My feet hurt."-Hannah. She was obviously trying to stall so Eleanor can meet up with us. Then I saw her. She ran up to us and gave us a hug.

"Louis, this is Eleanor, Eleanor this is Louis."-Hannah. Louis and El got on real well and spent the day talking. We all finished shopping and El decided to spend the night. We drove back to our place and walked in to see, all the boys sleeping except for Zayn and he was holding Bentley.

"How was shopping??"-Zayn.

"Really good. Hannah and I set up Lou with a girl."-Me.

"Haha. Good one."-Zayn.

"How was your day?"-Me.

"Good. Just talking, chilling, and obviously sleeping."-Zayn.

"Guys..since they are asleep let's wake them up.. by pranking them.."-Hannah.

"Okay... who gets Liam and who gets Niall?"-Zayn.

"Me and Hannah get Niall, you get Liam.."-Me. We all got the stuff for our pranks.. Hannah and I decided to give Niall a little make over.. and Zayn decided to do the old fashioned whipped cream. Hannah and I go over to Niall and start putting lipstick all over him then painting his nails. We finally finished our masterpiece and took a picture. Zayn put the whipped cream in Liam's hand and then, Liam woke up to whipped cream all over his face... Niall finally woke up and saw his nails.. he ran into the bathroom and wasn't the happiest with what he saw.

"WHO DID THIS!??"-Niall screamed. Hannah and I started laughing hysterically. Liam was chasing Zayn and Niall was chasing Hannah.. so I got Bentley and fed him a bottle.. I was just happy no one was chasing me around. After everyone stopped we all at on the couch and watched movies. Lou and El joined us. After the 1st movie ended my eyes were getting heavy and I fell asleep on Liam's shoulder.


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