Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


61. GIRLS DAY!!!!!! <3

Hayley's POV

Once the guys and Bentley left for the interview Hannah and I decided to bake so cookies. First we go upstairs and change into short shorts and tank tops. We went back downstairs and went to the kitchen. We started to make the batter. Then I decided to crack an egg on Hannah's head. She gasped.

"NO YOU DIDN'T!!"-Hannah.

"But I did."-Me Before I knew it there was flour in my face. We spent like an hour having a food fight. We never really got to making the cookies. We never cleaned the mess up we just said we could clean it up later. We did each other's nails after we cleaned ourselves up. My nail's were blue and her's were pink.

"What do we do next?"- Hannah.


"HELL YEAH!!"-Hannah. I turned on Pandora and the first song was Live While We're Young. We were dancing and acting crazy. Then Nobody Compares came on. We took remotes and used them as microphones. We are CRAZY!! Then The warning, Hannah and I are pretty good at rapping If I do say so myself. Kiss you came on. Hannah and I were like singing to each other.

"AND LET ME KISS YOU!!"-Us. Then the song ended. We heard claps from behind us. We turned around and saw the guys standing there with their phones out laughing. Even Bentley was laughing. SHIT.

"And TWITTER!!!"-Louis. I heard my phone go off like 5 times. GREAT!! I looked and they all posted their videos on twitter.

"I HATE YOU GUYS!!"-Me. Liam walked over to me.

"Yeah.. yeahh. AND LET ME KISS YOU!!"-Liam. I pushed him away.

"Nope! Come on Hannah lets go upstairs."-Me

"Bentley want to come with mommy?"-Me. He looked between me and Liam.

"No. I want to stay with daddy!"-Bentley. Liam smirked.

"No. Come on Bentley can you come with mommy?"-Me.

"But mooommmmmyyy I want Daddy and Uncles...."-Bentley.

"Bentley can you come with mommy and I?"-Hannah.

"YAY!! AUNTY!!!"-Bentley.


"I love you mommy."-Bentley.

"Good. Now let's go upstairs."-Me. We all walked upstairs.


Liam's POV

When we walked in I made everyone stay quiet. They are crazy together. I made sure Bentley was staying quiet. He was trying so hard not to laugh. We all were. Once they ended. They looked pissed once we put it on twitter. Hayley wouldn't even kiss me!! She took Bentley upstairs and we all burst out laughing.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!"-Hayley screamed from upstairs.

"Damn. They really are mad."-Louis.

"They'll be fine. They will come crawling back to us soon."-Me. We were all watching football when we heard music being blasted. Oh joy! It was What Makes You Beautiful. It was about 2 minutes and we heard little steps coming down the stairs. We looked and saw Bentley. He ran over to me.

"Daddy, they are weird. You need to go see."-Bentley.

"What are they doing?"-Me.

"They are doing this."-Bentley says as he starts dancing horribly. I stop him.

"Okay. Let's go have a look."-I take Bentley and we walk to the room. I look into the room and they are jumping on the bed and everything. Hayley saw me.

"Liam.. why are you in here?"-Hayley.

"Bentley came down and said you guys were weird, and that I HAD to come see. So I did and he was right."- I said laughing.

"STOP!!!"- Hayley and Hannah.

"Now leave. We are trying to have fun. Hayley and I haven't had this much fun sense little Bentley came because no one was here to watch him. So WATCH HIM!!"-Hannah. I took Bentley and we left the room. I walked downstairs and the guys were playing video games.

"How'd it go up there?"-Niall.

"They kicked me out."-Me. They laughed. Then we heard Low play. OH BOY!!

"Daddy I want to dance!!!!"-Bentley.

"No No! That' gay stop!!!"-Louis. Then we heard Hayley and Hannah.

"NO! YOU'RE GAY!" Hayley was walking down the stairs in front of Hannah. Hannah tripped and they both went tumbling down the stairs.

"Oww."-Hayley. We ran over to them.

"What's that supposed to mean"-Hannah.

"!"-Hayley. Niall helped Hannah up and Hayley was just laying there.

"Need help there babe?"-Me.

"Kinda..."-Hayley. I helped her up and she rubbed her butt.

"Owww."-Hayley. It was like 8pm Hayley put Bentley to bed. Then Hannah and Hayley went upstairs.

"Night guys.. oh and Liam.. Hannah is sleeping with me tonight.. should've thought about that before twitter.."-Hayley. OF COURSE!!

"Fine..."-Me. They went to bed and then the rest of the guys did too. Niall and I were left down there.

"Want to go in Hannah's room?"-Niall.

"Yeah sure."-Me. That's where we slept that night.... I hope Hayley isn't actually mad about twitter though.

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