Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


15. Drama...

Hayley's POV

After the phone call, I was worried Josh was going to try and go take Bentley. So Liam and I decided to go home to keep Bentley safe. It might sound pretty bad to keep Bentley from his father.. but it isn't when it comes to Josh, it's the best for him. We rushed home and finally got there, to see Harry, Niall, and a random person's car there..We run in and see two HUGE fights going on. What the hell?? Hannah and this random chick are fist fighting.. Hannah winning of course, and then Harry and Niall fist fighting. Where was Bentley? I ran over to Hannah and the girl I think was Lindsey. I tried to pull Hannah off of Lindsey but just got slapped in the face instead...FUN!! I finally stopped them.. Liam stopped Harry and Niall..

"OKAY!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?"-Me. I look at everyone and they all are bruised up pretty bad. Then Bentley starts crying from his little play pen down stairs.. I went and got him. 

" at a time..tell us what happened. Niall you first."-Liam.

"Okay, so me and Lindsey broke up last night, so I came here. Me and Hannah agreed that we would be 'talking' and in a few months date. Then today me and Hannah were kissing on the couch and Lindsey walked in....."-Niall was telling his story

"And that's what happened."-Niall.


"So I walked in and saw Niall trying to break up Lindsey and Hannah so i tried to help but Niall told me to leave. I told him No so we started fighting and then you guys came back."-Harry.


"Well me and Niall were kissing Lindsey walked in she was saying all this shit about how she wanted Niall back because Josh screwed her over and it was a mistake to leave him. She was calling me mean things so i stood up for myself and we got into a fight. I don't know what happened between Niall and Harry. I was too busy WINNING my fight!"-Hannah.

"Now Lindsey.."-Me.

"So I walked in on Niall and Hannah making out on the couch, so I got mad. Me and Niall only broke up the night before. So I got mad and said stuff. She also said stuff. Then we started to fight. Then Harry came and they started fighting."-Lindsey.

"And we were worried about Josh coming."-Me.

"Yeah..this is a nice way to come home.."-Liam.

"What do you mean Josh coming?'-Lindsey.

"You don't know about what Josh did to me?"-Me.

"No! What did he do?"-Lindsey.

"See this child in my arms? He raped me and he came! So now he wants a part of his life but he isn't."-Me.

"YOU'RE THE GIRL HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!? He said that he wanted me to meet his baby boy."-Lindsey.

"Yes...I'm the girl he was talking about! So i said you guys won't be meeting him...well you did but he won't be seeing next time you see him tell him to leave me and my family alone..okay?"-Me.

"Me and Josh aren't together anymore he just left after he called.. you i think this morning. He said that he had to go to his family..and that his family wanted him to be there."-Lindsey.

"Um... NO!!! I want him away from me! He has no family."-Me. Everyone looked confused. Then there was a knock on the door...

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