Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


39. Beginning of Vacation :)

Hayley's POV

That night Liam and I packed everything we needed. We called the airport and got 7 plane tickets for 7 am. We set our alarms for 6 am. UGGHHH. I looked on my bed and saw Bentley sleeping on Liam. Awww. I took a picture and set it as my background. I crawled in bed and put Bentley in between us and looked at Liam.

"How did you come up with the idea of going on vacation?"-Liam asked me.

"I honestly have no clue.. it just popped into my head. We all need it though."-Me.

"Yeah.. go to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow."-Liam.

"UUGGGHH!"-Me. I put my arm around Bentley and fell asleep.


I turned off the alarm clock and Liam woke up.

"Morning babe."-Liam.

"Morning."-Me. I put on sweats and a large sweatshirt. And went to wake up the guys and Hannah. I went into Hannah's room. I walked over to Niall.

"NIALL! WAKE UP!"-Me. He woke up and groaned.

"Why so early?"-Niall.

"The flight is at 7.. it's 6:05"-Me. He got ready and then woke up Hannah. I walked out of Hannah's room and saw that Liam woke up Zayn, Louis and Harry already. Everyone got ready and we dropped Bentley off at Hannah's mom's house. Then we headed to the airport. When we got there we walked in and got our tickets. We got there 15 minutes before the plane took out. We went through the gates and boarded the plane. I sat next to Liam I was in the middle seat and he had the window seat. Hannah and Niall were behind us. Then in front of us was Zayn, Louis, and Harry all in one row. This one girl sits next to me. I hope she isn't a crazed directioner!!! The plane takes off and I put an earphone in and Liam takes the other one. We listen to music when there is a tap on my shoulder.


"Is that Liam Payne from One Direction!?"-Girl.

"Yes..yes it is.. are you a fan?"-Me.

"YES! The biggest!"-Girl. GREAT. She was blabbing on and on about the boys. I got soo annoyed. She finally passed out. I put the other earphone in again and fell asleep. Liam and I both woke up hearing a click on a phone. I looked at the girl and she had her phone out.


"Sorry... You guys looked so cute together."-Girl.

"It's alright.. and thanks."-Me. Then the speaker said that we were landing in 5 minutes. THANK GOD!! The plane finally landed. We all got off and met up. We got our luggage and walked out. We got a couple taxis to the house. The house was AMAZING!!! It was two stories we all were speechless. Niall looked very happy because he got the place for us. We went in and called bedrooms. Me and Liam share one, Niall and Hannah, Zayn. Louis, and Harry all have their own rooms. We all just spent time looking around the house. When we finished unpacking we all met in the living room. This was huge. 

"Niall! You did an AMAZING job picking a house."-I said. He just smiled.

"Who wants to go to the beach?"-Me. Everyone just agreed. We all got changed and headed out. The guys went into the water, but Hannah and I just decided to tan a little. I was laying on my back when I felt something drip on my back. I turn around and see Liam standing over me.

"Come in the water!"-Liam

"In a little bit!"-Me. Then Liam picks me up and runs to the water. NOT AGAIN!!

"Liam! PUT ME DOWN!!"-Me.

"If you insist." Liam threw me into the water. All the guys just laughed. Then I saw Hannah walk in the water.

"Hannah. I thought you didn't want to put our baby in danger of a shark attack?"-Niall. What?

"SHUT UP!!"-Hannah. We all had a huge water fight. Being careless and teenagers. We all had an amazing time. Once the sun started to set we got out and walked back to the house. We all took showers and decided to watch movies.


Hannah's POV

Today was really good. At the beach only a few girls were making little comments. They didn't bother me that much.. luckily. Once I saw them I just went into the water to see all the guys and Hayley having so much fun. This vacation is going great. I just hope it stays that way.

"What did you mean when you said that you thought that she was putting her baby in danger a shark attack Niall?"-Hayley asked. OH GREAT!

"Last night she was saying she didn't want to come because if she went in the water.. she is putting her baby in danger of a shark attack and that she wouldn't be being a good mom."-Niall.

"You didn't want to come that bad?"-Hayley.

"At first. But Niall changed my mind... plus we went shopping and Niall carried everything!"-Me. They all laughed. The second movie was put on which was Toy Story 2. By the end everyone was a sleep and I just passed out on Niall. That's just the beginning of it all. I hope nothing ruins how perfect this is. I'm definitely not going to stress during this vacation.

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