Love Me Like You Do 15+

What happens when two girls meet five of the most famous guys? When they go off to tour what happens?


24. Back To Normal.. Or so we think...

Hayley's POV

I was so happy Hannah and I were friends again. Once the guys jumped on us we could barely even breathe.

"'t..breathe."-Me. They all got off and Hannah and I got up. We hugged again.

"I'm sorry Hannah."-Me.

"Me too Hayley."-Hannah. We all spent the day laughing and talking like before everything happened. Bentley was at Hannah's foster mom's for the week. So we have the week to ourselves. 

"What do you guys want to do?"-Hannah.

"Amusement Park?"-Liam asked.

"Good with me. You guys??"-Me. Everyone agreed. I went up to my room and got ready. The guys decided to move in with us, so we all share the house. I put on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a purple flowy shirt. I straightened my hair and put my bangs in a braid to the side. I did my make up and made it look natural. I put on my Ugg boots and walked into the living room. Everyone was there except Hannah who walked down two seconds after me.

"Everyone ready?"-Liam asked once again being the "Daddy" of the group.

"Yes dad!"-Louis said everyone laughed. Liam grabbed my hand and walked out of the house. We got in the car and fooled around the whole time. We finally got to the amusement park and walked in. Liam and I were walking around just enjoying the day together. We got stopped only a couple times by fans which was fine. We rode a few rides, then met up with Niall and Hannah. We were walking around and they guys saw a game they wanted to play. They went to play, Hannah and I stood next to them and watched. It was one of the basketball games. They were being very competitive with each other. They played two times. The first time Niall won, the second time Liam won. They both got small stuffed animals and they gave them to us. We ate and decided to meet up with the rest. We went on many rides and took pictures. We decided that we should get going because the sun was about to go down. We were on our way to the car and the guys were walking ahead of Hannah and I. They were fooling around the whole time. I'm so happy that everything is back to normal again.

"Hayley do you hear anything.. i think someone is following us."-Hannah. I stopped to listen.

"Yeah.. Want to go up to the guys?"-Me.

"Yeah.."-Hannah. We were walking to the guys when we heard something. We heard gun shots. We turned around and saw people running out of the amusement park in terror. The guys turned around and saw it all. Hannah and I ran up to them and we ran to the car. Everyone was yelling and screaming. We heard terrifying yells for help. When we got to the car we all piled in quickly. We were on our way out when we heard glass shatter. I looked behind me and saw the back window just got shot.

"GIRLS GET DOWN!"-Zayn yelled to us. Hannah and I unbuckled and we got on the floor. What the hell was happening? All the windows started getting shot. The guys were on the ground too. Paul was driving and called someone.

"Someone call the police!"-Paul. I took out my phone but it wouldn't turn on.

"My phone won't turn on!"-Me. Liam took out his and called. Right as I thought things were back to normal they were far from it. Paul pulled over and we all got out. Everyone was shaken up. I sat down next to Hannah and Niall. We heard bushes shake, so we turned around and saw Josh and Lindsey standing there.

"What are you guys doing here?"-Me.

"What do you think?"-Josh said as he pulled out a gun.

"Hannah?? Remember when you tried to kill yourself, when you and Hayley got in that fight?"-Josh.

"You tried to kill me."-Hannah.

"True..true.. remember what I said after though?"-Josh.

"Y..yeah you said that you would find a way to kill me.. or 'finish me off'.."-Hannah. What the hell!?

"JOSH LEAVE!!!! You have no right being here! Just go! And Lindsey.. You have no business here."-Me. Liam came to my side when he saw Josh walking towards me.

"Hayley Hayley Hayley.. haven't you learned not to talk back to me?"-Josh said as he was stroking my arm.

"Don't touch me.. and you don't control me.. Leave Hannah did nothing to you."-Me.

"But she did.. don't you remember? She is the reason why we broke up.. she ruined us.. if we kill her we can finally have the family we wanted."-Josh said.

"NO! You aren't killing Hannah and there is no 'we' its me and Liam and you by yourself .. or Lindsey."-Me.

"it's either Hannah or Liam.. pick wisely."-Josh. I looked at Hannah, then Liam then the rest of the boys.

"If I pick one let me do it."-I said to Josh.

"Fine. But you better not let me down."-Josh said. I grabbed the gun and saw where Josh and Lindsey were.. They were both near Liam.

"Can I at least say goodbye to the one I pick?"-Me.

"Yes. Give me the gun and go."-Josh said. I walked to Liam and everyone gasped. I gave him a hug and whispered.

"They are closest to you.. when I'm about to shoot you I turn around and shoot them both. I already check there are enough bullets in the gun."-Me I let go and he gave me a reassuring look. 

"Okay.. go now do it!"-Josh said. I take the gun and then look around they are both near Liam still. I am about to 'shoot' Liam but at the last second I turn around and shoot Josh first. Then I go to Lindsey and shoot her too. I drop the gun and everyone comes over to me.

"Hayley... you are going to pay."-Josh. I walk over to him and lean down to him. I press on his wound.

"Wouldn't be so sure about that one.. babe."-Me. I walk to Liam and give him a hug. Paul gets another car and go back to the house. Lets hope they don't live and they are gone forever..

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