Back For You

Hi Im Alex.I went to my bffs birthday party and her name is Madison (Maddy).She has a couple of cousins but this one rocks my world.His name is Zayn.Zayn Malik.Sadly he live kinda far away.Like 2hrs away and.I never get to see him.Only on special occations.I only get to see him 5-2 times a year.So everytime I see him...I want to make it last.I want this Moment for life.And his mom dosent like me...Becouse the second time we met.We got cought kissing...But this is my story...Our story.


1. Starstruck

I woke up and saw the time it was 7:00 AM.Today was my friend Maddys birth day and rememberd that my love would be there.Zayn Malik.I hopped out of bed and saw my little sister Trinity and my little brother Justice getting ready.I got a change of clothes and put them on. .I got done and it was 8:00 AM.It was time to see Maddy and...My love.

"Love are you ready!?"My mum hollared acroos the room

"Yeahh" I shrieked back walking twords my mum.

We walked twords our car and drove off.

I was getting the butterflies just thinnking of him.2min have past and bam.We were there.Its ben atleast 10months when we last seen eachother.We had to play it cool infront of our parents..So they wont freak.

"ALEX!!"Zayn screamed and ran to me with his arms wide open and swooped me into a hug.

"Zayn!"I laughed and huged him while he was holding me up in the air.

"How are you!?"He asked and put me down.

"Great! You?"I asked

"Great!Lets go meet Maddy"He smiled.

We walked inside and heard a thud.Maddy slid in and almost killed me.

"ALEX!!!"She screamed and ran into me.

"MADDY!"I laughed.

She laughed and said "You two go in my room ill be right back!"

"Okay."I smiled and walked in the room with Zayn.

As soon as we got in he took a hold of my wrists and gentally wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Alex I love you and...I missed you sooooo much" He whispered in my ear sending chills down the side of my body.

"I missed you too" I giggled and he slowly and lightly pulled me into a kiss.

Our lips met and I blushed.I opened one of my eyes ans saw Zayn.He liked every bit of it and..looked so adorable.We pulled away and he was staring into my eyes with his chocolate coulerd eyes.He smiled.

"Wow..Your sooo cute"He moaned.

I laughed inocently.

"Thank you..You are too"I smiled and poked his nose.I unwrapped my arms from his neck and walked out the room feeling star struck.



A/N Hey!!!!This is my new series!Should i Keep or Kill?

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