The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


8. Why didn't you tell me Kailyn

I was so furious that she was coming to Australia, she probably had this huge plan up her sleeve, and she probably wanted revenge badly everything was crossing my mind, when I was pulled from my thoughts by my phone ringing, I excused myself from the dining room and answered “Hey, did you just wake up?” I asked “yeah I did, but I woke up to an empty bed?” he replied still sporting his morning croaky voice “oh I’m sorry I just really wanted to see mum and dad and I didn’t want to wake you” I replied “that’s okay, I miss you though” he stated I could hear the smile grow on his face while he said it to me “I miss you too babe, I’ll be back in a little while I have something to tell you ok” I said worried what he might say when I tell him who is coming to stay with mum and dad “okay, well hurry back” he said hanging up the phone, I walked back into the dining room told mum Niall was awake and I was going to head home she got up gave me a hug and walked me out to my car to say goodbye.

When I got back to my house, I walked through the front door and down the hallway to my room, he was asleep again “does he ever wake up and stay awake?” I questioned myself so I walked over to my bed and I was considering laying down next to him and waking him up gently but if this was me asleep and him awake I’m pretty sure gently wouldn’t even apply to him, so I took a few steps back from my bed and ran towards it springing up and jumping on top of him shouting “good morning baby, I missed you” “what the fuck” he replied with a scream “I just really missed you babe, I just wanted to be nice and close with you” I replied with a smug facial expression “you want to be nice and close to me hey?” he replied while I now regretted my decision to jump on him, he grabbed me around the waist and rolled me over playfully so he was now on top of me he leant in closer “is this close enough” he whispered as he leant in further and kissed me “umm not really” I replied with sarcasm “oh really? Well how close do you really want to me” he continued while raising his eye brows “well I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would get pretty jealous if we got to close” I replied being sarcastic “well maybe this boyfriend shouldn’t have let you out of his sight, because a catch like you might just get swept off her feet by some good looking Irish lad” “what a coincidence my boyfriend is some really good looking Irish lad” I said as he leant in to kiss me “go have a shower, and get dressed I want to take you somewhere today” I said as I pulled myself away from his kiss “alright alright, only if you come and join me though?” he asked as he got up “I’ve already had a shower and got dressed” I responded, I truly didn’t want to get in the shower again because of my hair, doing my hair is always the hardest part of getting ready for me but Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him he pulled me into the bathroom and shoved me against the wall and started kissing me like it was going to be the last time he would ever got to press his lips on mine, the way his hands moved along my body and the way he knew how to pleasure his girl, I couldn’t even explain the feeling, his hands were always so warm and every moment we spent together always felt so right, he pulled away from me to go and turn the shower on, but the moment it was on he flung straight back to me and grabbed me by the waist pulling closer to the shower, he ripped my crew neck sweater off and began to unbutton my skinny jeans and told me to kick off my toms and as I did he unhooked my bra and removing my underwear, he rushed to pull all of his clothes off then started kissing me passionately, running his hands over every part of me as though he was a blind man feeling the beauty of something he would never be able to see, he moved from my lips to my neck, and started pulling me into the shower, by now steam had filled the bathroom and it was like a sauna in here, I felt as though I couldn’t be in a better situation then I currently am, the way he made me feel, I actually don’t know how to explain it, I just, I really don’t have the words for it, as Niall was about to slip inside me I heard my front door open and then close “SHIT! No stop!” I shouted at Niall “what’s wrong” he replied seeming rather confused “someone is here” I replied “just tell them to come back later, I’m not finished with you” he said with a big cheeky grin from ear to ear on his face “no I can’t, I’m pretty sure it’s Ashleigh” I said to him “who is Ashleigh?” he asked puzzled “my best friend, she still has no idea that I met you in London and you are here with me” I responded quietly “Kailyn” I heard her shout out which cleared up the fact it really was her “I’m just having a shower Ash I’ll be out soon ok” I replied “wrap yourself in a towel I have a surprise for you” she replied while shaking the door handle to warn me “no you can’t come in” “what the hell Kailyn, shut up and get a towel on or I’m coming in anyway” she snapped at me I had no idea what to do so I grabbed a towel and threw it at Niall and grabbed the other towel and wrapped it around me “brace yourself, she’s a bitch” I whispered as the door opened “Kaily- umm w-what? I. Arhh. There is a member of one direction in your bathroom Kailyn” she said with almost horror in her voice “What? Where? Oh shit Niall how on earth did you end up in here?” I asked with sarcasm “you. get dressed now, we need to talk ASAP” she snarled at me “yes ma’am” I replied saluting her as she walked out of the bathroom I turned around giving Niall a kiss grabbing my clothes and walking towards my room “I’m not finished with you” he said grabbing my arm pulling me in and whispering “I’m pretty sure I always finish what I start, so it’s on later on babe” “shut up Niall” I replied shoving him playfully and walking out of my bathroom, I put my clothes back on and walked out towards Ashleigh as I walked past the bathroom I heard Niall say “it’s on later on, remember” I just laughed and kept walking I sat down next to Ashleigh outside “alright let me have it” I stated waiting for her to go off at me but instead she just spoke to me calmly “Kailyn, he’s cute, but how did it happen?” she asked “well” I said and continued by telling her everything and then I told her that Lucy was coming to Australia and when I mentioned Lucy coming here she got quite mad “if that psycho bitch even considers stepping out of line in my home town, I will and I can guarantee I will tear her a new asshole” she snarled why informing me “Ash, you need to settle, I’m a big girl and I have more trust in Niall than I do her, so you know it’s fine alright” I replied “now I have some pretty exciting plans today, so can we talk tonight? I’ll call you later tonight ok?” I continued “ok but make sure you do, and also, were you and Niall having sex in the shower?” she asked being her usual nosy self “Ashleigh, go home!”I replied “oh my god you were and I walked in, I literally cock blocked him” “GO HOME” I shouted at her sarcastically as she got up and hugged me goodbye “Call me later bitch” she said walking away, I never understood how I am friends with such a person, I mean we are complete opposites but you know like they always say “Opposites Attract” I stood up and walked inside to see Niall in the living room he was dressed so lovely in his black kicks, beige skinny jeans white shirt and red bulls hat “well don’t you look a bit cute today” I said walking over to him leaning down to kiss him, he grabbed me around my legs and yanked me in “Niall, later I promise” I said slightly giggling at him “fine, what are we doing today?” he asked “I was thinking we just go into the city and see what we can fine to do?” I asked him grabbing his hands and pulling him to stand up “but I’ve already found what I want to do” he stated I just looked at him “what?” I asked “I’m talking about you silly” he replied “Oh my god Niall, stop” I insisted I grabbed him by the hand grabbed my phone credit card and keys and dragged him out the door locking up my house and jumping into my car I didn’t drive a car quite like Niall’s car, I drove a Holden Barina 2012 model, just a typical girls car I guess “well this is a turn of events now isn’t it” he stated “what do you mean?” I asked quite puzzled “I mean usually I’m the one driving around and now it’s you driving around” he replied laughing “it is a bit unusual isn’t it” I said joining in, in the laughter, I drove us into Brisbane City and parked the car in an undercover car park close by King George Square I really wanted Sushi, I’m so fussy about where I get Sushi from and there is only one place I do buy it from and it’s a little shop in the city “I want Sushi” I said whining at Niall “than let’s get Sushi” he said putting his arm around me and draping it over my shoulder I smiled and started leading him to the sushi shop, on the way to it from the car park you pass about two other sushi restaurants and both of them he tried leading me into I told him no, not there each time and when we finally reached this particular sushi restaurant I jumped a little in excitement “oh how I have missed you” I said walking in the staff actually know me and know exactly what I have I work in the city so I eat sushi every day from this restaurant “Kailyn hi, are you having what you usually have?” one of the staff asked me “hi, umm yes please and can I also please have” I said looking at Niall for him to say what he wants “err one of each of your dim sims please” he asked the staff “yes yes, sure” the man behind the counter said rushing off to grab everything ordered “what you usually have? How often do you actually eat here?” Niall asked “well Niall I work in the city and I can be an extremely fussy eater, so five days a week, I eat this” I said smiling he just laughed at me and pulled me in closer kissing my forehead, I paid for Lunch and we walked to the upper level of the restaurant to eat, once finished I took him around Brisbane and showed him everything I think is beautiful about Brisbane once we were both finished we went back to my house and laid down in bed “I have to go ring Ash” I said as I started to get out of bed “I think Ash can wait” he said to me pulling me back onto the bed and into his embrace “I think now that we have the time, we can finish what we started” he said smiling cheekily at me I just smiled at him pressing my lips against his.

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