The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


3. Why are you doing this to me?

I woke up feeling disgusting this morning, I wanted to go and see him and tell him what I really wanted, but my brain was saying no, no, no why was I being so stubborn with myself it’s 8:30am and he hasn’t even knocked on my door so I crawled out of bed and managed to work my way over to my suitcase, I’m glad I packed some really cute clothes to wear while I was over here, I picked up my in room hotel phone and dialled my aunties number while I still rummaged through my clothes in my suitcase

“Hello, Tabs Speaking” the voice on the phone said

“Hey auntie it’s Kailyn, can I please talk to Lucy?” I asked while still trying to find a cute outfit

“Sure sweetie, LUCY!” she shouted almost deafening my ear the phone was pressed against

“Hello?” a new voice appeared on the phone

“Hey, Lucy its Kailyn did you want to come into London with me for the day, I want some company, and I thought you’d be perfect to spend time with” I said hoping she’d be interested

“Oh my god really, I’d love you Kailyn I can be in there in about half an hour” she replied seeming rather happy I’d invited her out with me

“well don’t hurry because I still need to shower and do my hair” I replied laughing and with that we hung up, I rushed to the shower washed my hair, my hair was so hard to maintain it was dark brown with blonde in it also, and it was long so I had so many products to put in it all the time, but after I’d done everything I needed with my hair I climbed out of the shower got into my black skinny jeans my plain white tee blow dried my hair and let it sit all natural with the waves all over the place I threw on a beanie and my navy blue vans boat shoes grabbed my bag and headed out of my room, as I walked out my door I hoped id see Niall, but instead I saw an empty hallway, a little disappointed so I walked down the elevator and headed down to the lobby oh my god crazy fans again, they need to leave these boys alone I thought to myself as I left via the back entrance I walked out the front and hailed a taxi

“Where are you going ma’am?” the man in the taxi questioned

“Err the main mall in London please” I replied and I laid back in my seat and relaxed while the taxi driver headed in there, it was a short drive in there, where I got dropped off was exactly where Auntie Tabs was waiting for me so she could drop Lucy off, I walked over to their car

“Hey strangers” I said smiling

“KAILYN” Lucy shouted bursting out of the car to give me a hug

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” I said
“What time does she need to be home?”  I continued

“Whenever you girls are finished, just give me a call and I’ll come and get your both” she replied

“Alright, thanks Auntie, have a good day” I said as I turned around and started to walk off with Lucy, we went into the mall and we did so much shopping, it was actually insane how much shopping we did oh my god, we actually shopped right from 10am until 4:30pm, which was when we called Auntie to come and get Lucy

We sat out the front waiting for Lucy to be picked up, to begin we sat in silence, but then Lucy spoke

“So how did you meet Niall?” she asked

“Well I met him as soon as I arrived in London basically, he’s staying in the same hotel as me, it was a weird meeting I guess you could say but it was a good meeting” I said while starting to feel quite upset about what I had said to him I ended up with this horrible feeling in my stomach luckily I got distracted from the feeling when Auntie Tabs turned up to get Lucy, she offered me a lift home as well and so I jumped in the car and directed her to my hotel I thanked them for the lift home and I thanks Lucy for spending the day with me, I really enjoyed my company

“I’ll call you when I get home Kailyn, to finish what we started talking about” Lucy said to me I nodded my head and quickly raced in through the front door due to the time of the day, this is when girls start to disappear from the front of the hotel.

I got inside and crawled into bed, when my hotel phone rang, that will be Lucy I said crawling out of bed, I picked up the phone not looking forward to actually explaining the whole situation

“Hello?” I said picking up the phone

“Kailyn, its Lucy, so please continue, what happened between you and Niall, because your head kind of looked down and your face went from happy to seeming really disappointed” she said

“Err, I don’t know if I want to say anything, but what happened between Niall and I when we got home last night it was well, well it was really weird, I can’t even begin to explain this situation I’m in with him at the moment, he told me that he likes and I pretty much shrugged him off and basically told him I didn’t want to date him, I was telling myself not too but I was also telling myself to do it as well, I felt horrible about it, and I haven’t seen him today” I said with sorrow in my voice

“Kailyn, just go to his room and tell him you are confused about it and you do want to be with him but you don’t as well and you just need time to think about it all” she said so wisely

“Thanks Lucy, I might do that tomorrow” I said sweetly
“I’m going to go lay down for a while ok, I’ll speak to you tomorrow, maybe we can do something tomorrow as well have a good night Lucy” I said and with that I hung up and went and crawled into bed it was only 7pm but I was exhausted and I needed rest so badly, I closed my eyes for what seemed to be 5 minutes, but I woke up to a three knocks on the door, it was 2am, great now I’ll never get back to sleep I thought as I got up and headed to the door, without even thinking I opened the door shocked at what I saw but before I could say anything I was picked up bridal style and carried all the way down the hallway by Harry, Louis not far behind us with my bag

“What the hell are you doing?” I questioned with actual anger in my voice
“Are you crazy, take me back” I demanded

“We can’t, we have to sort this out” they both shouted while running down the hallway to room 446

“Where are you taking me, this is so weird” I said with worry in my voice, they placed me in the room and turned around and pulled the door shut, what is going on I thought to myself, I tried to yank the door open and get out but I’m pretty sure someone was holding it shut, so I walked further into the room and there sitting on the bed was Niall

“Niall, Hi” I said quite shocked that he was there

“What are you doing here Kailyn?” he said seeming rather confused about me being here

“Well I woke up to a knock on the door before and being half asleep I opened it not thinking straight and I was grabbed by Harry and Louis and thrown in here, I was actually shocked as well to be honest and I tried to get out but I’m pretty sure they are holding the door shut, because I actually cannot open it” I said without even gasping for breath

“Oh god, did they really just do that?” he said
“I told them what happened when I told you I liked you and this is how they reacted, and basically we aren’t getting out of this room until they are satisfied” he continued

“Well then what will satisfy them and we can work on that?” I questioned Niall

“Well I don’t know to be honest with you Kailyn, maybe you should just go and ask them” he snapped at me

“there is no need to be to rude towards me, I’m sorry that I wasn’t ready to date someone in such circumstances as you are in Niall, and I’m truly sorry about that, but in all honesty a part of me said I was and then there was a part of me that said no and as I always do I listened to the no, I can’t bring myself to take a risk, and dating you, well in my eyes that would be a risk, oh and another thing, I’m truly sorry that we won’t be able to work this out and that your friends will not be satisfied with how this turns out, so maybe you need to march yourself over there and tell them they won’t be satisfied if all you plan to do is snap at me for something I’m so used to doing” I ranted back

“Well maybe then it’s time you actually took a risk” Niall shouted back as he came forward, placing both hands on my waist ripping me in closer, ou lips almost touching “you can’t do thi-” he cut me off by pressing his lips on mine, I felt like butterflies were going crazy in my stomach, it wasn’t a bad thing, it was a good thing, it was definitely a good thing, the kiss began to speed up our tongues moving so quickly, his hands moving all over my body, this was incredible It felt so right, the kiss slowed down and came to a halt, his lips still on mine, I managed to get out one word “Wow” I said before I felt his lips smile on mine while he pressed up against my lips again, this time harder lasting about 10 seconds, he pulled away slightly “please take a risk with me?” he whispered

“I can’t” I whispered back

“Take a risk on me!” he said this time not asking but telling me too and he pressed his lips on mine again as if he was trying to convince me I pulled away

“Ok, I will” I said giving in with a smile on my face I guess while he was trying to convince me, he actually managed too

“Really?” he asked as he picked me up and spun me around, well clearly he was happy, but me, well I was definitely out of my comfort zone with this, but it felt right to be where I currently am, I told Niall I had to go back to my room to sleep because I had plans tomorrow with Lucy and that the boys needed to know so they could let me out, he walked over to the door and before turning the door knob he looked at me dead in the eyes came closer wrapped his arms around my waist and asked to come out with Lucy and I tomorrow I agreed immediately and walked to the door “can you please ask them now?” I insisted with a smile on my face Niall walked over to the door leaded in to kiss me goodbye and turned the door knob “see it wasn’t being held after all” he said smiling, “Goodnight Kailyn” he said as I walked out the door

“Goodnight Kailyn” Harry and Louis shouted down the hallway I just waved at them and walked down the hallway and into my room I crawled into bed with the biggest smile on my face and fell asleep instantly.

I woke up early today but that’s because I’d had way to much sleep I was actually really excited for today, I couldn’t wait to see Lucy and spend more time with Niall, the phone started to ring “Hello?” I answered it

“Morning Kailyn, it’s Lucy, so what are we doing today?” she said

“Morning Lucy, umm how does Lunch sound?” I replied anxious to tell her everything

“But I have to tell you something, really quickly” I exclaimed

“Lunch sounds good and what? What is it?” she replied

“So last night, well 2am this morning, I woke up to knocks on the door, I got up and without thinking I opened it and long story short Harry and Louis grabbed me and raced me too another room on my floor, and locked me in the room… with Niall, and he convinced me to take a risk with him and I ended up saying yes” I told her

“I’m happy for you” she said quite bluntly

“Thanks and I guess I’ll see you at say about 11:30? In town?” I asked?

“Yeah that sounds go-” I cut her off
“Oh and Niall is coming as well” I said

“Cool, I’ll see you then” she said as she hung up

I raced around finding clothes I checked my suitcase, why is there a dress in here? I hate dresses I think my mum may have just decided to help me pack with this one I laughed to myself, I found a pair of shorts id packed they were denim but these ones had a floral print all over them, they were cute enough for today, I put them on, I was rummaging through my suitcase trying to find either a shirt or a crew neck sweater knock knock knock, I heard three knocks at my door without thinking about the fact that I didn’t have a shirt on I raced to the door and slightly opened it then realized I didn’t have a shirt on, “arhh” I squealed and ran back to my suitcase to grab something to put on, but I wasn’t quick enough, I had no shirt on, and Niall had walked into my room

“Babe, if I’m greeted like this every morning, I don’t know if I’d be able to contain myself around you” he stated cheekily

“Well aren't you just cheeky” I said walking over to him pulling my crew neck over my head and wrapping my arms around him, his hands going up and down my sides and back he pulled me in tighter every part of our bodies were touching each other while I stood on my tippy toes reaching up to kiss him, I wanted to just lock the door and stay in with him for the whole day in bed cuddling, London seems to always have perfect cuddle whether but I had a lunch planned with Lucy and I didn’t want to cancel on her.


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