The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


6. Who is Lucy really?

The taxi arrived and Taylor and I climbed in, Taylor told him where to go because I had no idea where to find a club in London at all, she was honestly a lot of fun, we laughed and carried on in the back of the taxi she was a bit out there and in the midst of trying to get over him Taylor asked “so are you ever going to tell me what happened with Niall?” “Umm yeah, sure but when I tell you, you have to promise to leave it there and to change topic all together ok?” I asked

“If that is what you want me to do then I will do it” she said smiling

“ok so I was laying in bed with him this morning and he told me he had to tell me something, and I immediately asked what, he told me that my cousin had hit on him at lunch yesterday and all this other crap so I got out of bed and went straight over to my cousins house to confront her, when she decided to tell me a whole different story about what happened and said she had proof which sent me crazy, I tried to avoid him when I got back to the hotel, by going straight into my room instead but he walked out of his as I walked into mine and barged into my room asking what was wrong I shouted and cried and he told me to play my Lucy’s bluff because nothing happened so she had no proof I gave in to him and as I did, my phone rang when I picked it up it was Lucy’s mum telling me that she was about confirm it and so since then when I kicked him out of my room we haven’t spoke” I said signing the rest of the taxi ride was pretty silent, until we pulled up at the club, walking into it, it smelled like sweat and cigarettes, it was a foul smell, this was the first time I’d really ever gone clubbing Taylor was a great person to go with for the first time, we were pretty drunk by the end of the night and we were dancing with just about anyone we saw, but we danced with each other a lot as well, I was an emotional drunk so I wasn’t sure why I drank so much, but I just had to clear my head of him, it worked until I remembered last night with him, it was like magic with him, everything seemed perfect I broke down in tears it was 2am and definitely time to leave, while crying I tried to sort through the crowd to find Taylor “I’m going” I shouted at her trying to be louder than the music, clearly that wasn’t possible, but she did understand, she understood perfectly and she waved good bye I turned to make my way through the crowd to the exit and as I got out, I pulled out my phone, my sight so blurry from crying and drinking too much, I wanted to go to bed and I didn’t know who to called, I couldn’t figure out the taxi’s number so instead I automatically called Niall “Hello, who’s this?” he answered with cracking in his voice

“Niall, its Kailyn can you please come and get me” I said slightly sobbing over the phone to him
“where are you I’m coming now” he said sounding to be in a hurry

“Umm I’m in town at some club Taylor took me too” I replied slightly slurring my words and sobbing as well “I’ll be there soon” he said hanging up the phone, I sat down on a bench out the front of the club and waited for him, I thought I’d have to wait longer than I did for him to arrive but he was there within 15 minutes, he jumped out of the car to come and help me in, the way he did it all, he was like my hero it was as though he was Mario trying to save his princess and I was the princess, he helped me into the car and he drove at a steady speed to get back to the hotel, I think trying not to upset my stomach too much, when got back to the hotel, he raced around to my side to help me up to my room he had his arm around my waist while I had my arm around his neck “Niall!” I called “yeah Kailyn, what’s up?” he asked “I’m sorry I was the way I was earlier” I said trying to apologize to him “Kailyn don’t worry about it, really just don’t worry about it” he replied to me and continued to help me too my room “Kailyn, where are your keys” Niall asked me “oh shit, they are with Taylor” I replied “well you are just going to have to stay in my room then” he replied, “yeah sure, I just want to sleep” I stated as Niall helped me into his room, he helped me lay down in bed then started walking towards the couches “Niall, you can still sleep in your own bed” I stated slowly drifting in and out of sleep “are you sure Kailyn?”
“Yes I’m sure” I replied as he came back over to the bed and laid down next to me.

I woke up feeling absolutely disgusting I looked around the room and realized where I was, what, urghh how did I en- I cut my own thoughts off, oh my god I called him last night, what was my problem with him, why did I find myself in his presence all the time, I need to vomit I said to myself as I got up and rushed to the bathroom to vomit, Niall came in behind me and tied my hair back for me and started telling me he called Taylor this morning and she is on her way here to give me my keys, then told me he used my phone and hoped that was ok I just nodded my head because I couldn’t speak at the time, my mobile started going off, I’ve got it Niall said walking to go and get it “It’s Taylor” he shouted I heard talking coming from where he was then I heard the door open and close, did he just leave me in here what was going on right now, boy is today a weird day, I got up flushed the toilet and washed my face and mouth with water and headed for the door, I walked over to Taylor gave her a hug and grabbed my key, I’m going to shower I said unlocking my door “Taylor you are welcome to stay maybe we can go and get breakfast this morning somewhere?” I asked while walking into my room “thank for last night Niall” I said and Taylor followed me into my room “I won’t be long” I stated climbing into the shower.

After I got out of I walked into my room in my towel to rummage through my suitcase “hey Kailyn, remember how you told me what happened with you and Niall?” she asked “yes and I know I was with him last night but nothing happened I think I just rung him because I was a little freaked out about being where I was by myself” I stated “no no that’s not what I was going to mention, but thanks for clearing it up” she replied laughing “no I wanted to know if you are cousins with the same Lucy I think you were talking about last night because her actions sound familiar to a Lucy that has done this before” she asked “Lucy Atkins” I replied almost immediately and without hesitation

“No way, are you being serious? She is a diehard Directioner, she has stated she will do just about anything to get with Niall she was one of the biggest “Niallers” at school you should be very careful around her and so should Niall, she practically rules her house her mum lives in fear of her and does anything Lucy demands Lucy also has a bad case of Bi-Polar and refuses to take any medication for it, we used to be best friend” she replied with a sign
“But Lucy began to get really possessive over one direction and I just wasn’t allowed to be in the “fandom” she was in she told me so I told her to stick our friendship for good and walked away from her, but I’ve seen what she is actually capable of and it’s not good, so be careful and maybe go and warn Niall about her” she said a little shaky

“Wow I’m sorry what?” I shouted
“arhhhhh!” I screamed “I cannot believe that little bitch did this to me” I shouted “she had honestly ruined everything for me by doing this” I continued trying so hard to calm myself down, but I was actually just working myself up even more “I need to go and see him now, I need to tell him, but I also need to ring my Auntie and ask her about all of this, because Lucy is going too far and Auntie Tabs needs to stand up to her once and for all” I said as I marched myself back into the bathroom with some clothes I just grabbed in my anger and threw them on, which when I looked in the mirror actually looked really cute “wow I can really pick cute outfits even in my rage of anger” I said to myself as I walked back into my room where Taylor was sitting “do you want to shower here Taylor?” I asked hoping she’d say yes, so I could go see Niall and tell him “you can borrow something of mine if you’d like, we look about the same size” I continued while smiling “that would be fantastic thank you Kailyn” she replied.

As she walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on, I ran for the door, I needed to warn him, and most importantly I needed to say I’m sorry, I felt awful for not believing him, he was actually the one telling the truth I knocked on his door, and waited a while, but there was no answer, so I walked back into my room, as I was walking back in the shower turned off “did you want me to grab you some clothes Taylor?” I shouted to her “umm yes please” her small little voice carried threw my room in reply to my question, I slightly opened the door just enough to shove the clothes id picked out for her through to her and waited about 10 minutes for Taylor to finish getting ready so we could go and get breakfast, when Taylor walked out she looked beautiful “Thanks for letting me borrow some of your clothes Kailyn” she said as she headed out the bathroom “no worries, are you ready” I said to her “yeah lets go” she replied we both walked out the door and headed into town to find a nice place to have breakfast at, Taylor pointed to Nando’s and well, how could I say no, Nando’s is kind of amazing “Yes Nando’s” I shouted with a bit of excitement as we walked into Nando’s, we headed to the counter to order our food then go sit down, all I wanted was hot chips with Peri-Peri salt we ordered our food and went and sat down at a table inside the restaurant, Taylor and I were getting along so well and just as our conversation started to just flow from topic to topic, and kicked me under the table, I looked at her “why did you do that?” I asked confused “look at the counter” she replied to me I turned around as she said it and saw something I wish I’d never seen Niall was out with Lucy “Kailyn, hi, how’re you?” I heard Lucy shout as she saw me looking at them both “oh, you know Taylor?” she continued “yeah I really do know her, and now thanks to her I know you a little better” I snapped at her “I need to go” I said turning to Taylor then turning around to get up and walk away, I shuffled past Niall on my way to the door to leave, he grabbed my arm “can we talk later” he asked quietly “whatever” I snapped as I walked out of the restaurant and headed back to the hotel, I was so angry I could scream, what would he even want to talk to me about, maybe about me calling him to get me last night when I could have called my Auntie to help me out, all of this ran through my head, when my phone rang I answered it and spoke to the person on the other end, I hung up and in shock I walked to my bed and just laid down, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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