The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


10. Whats your plan this time?

“The boys will be here soon Kailyn” Niall yelled from what sounded like the bedroom

“ok Niall but why are you shouting at me” I said back to him as I walked to the bedroom and as I got to the door Niall was laying on my bed just looking at me “just come here quick” he said rushing me to the bed “why, what is it?” I said as I walked over to him when I got close enough a smirk grew on his face and I realized what he had planned but before I could get away he grabbed me and pulled me to the bed and climbed on top of me “Niall seriously?” I said trying to be serious, but with Niall around nothing is ever really serious “the boys will be here do babe” I continued “exactly, but they aren’t here yet” he said kissing my jaw line I couldn’t help it I had to give in to him, we started kissing roughly but passionately he kept pressing hard and hard on my lips when he pulled away he looked at me “I love you Kailyn, you mean a lot to me” he said to me but before I could say anything he started kissing me again and at the same time started sliding off my sweats once he got them off completely he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off he laid down on top off me and started sliding up and down on me while still kissing me after a while off doing this he pulled my shirt off then his and started pulling off my underwear followed by his he started kissing me roughly again as he slid inside me I heard a banging in the distance but I ignored it because what was happening here was a hell of a lot better Niall continued moving up and down in and out when his phone started ringing he ignored it and it rang out I was moaning pretty loud by now but I could still hear all the banging from the distance and his phone ringing again and then it clicked It was Harry Louis Liam and Zayn “Niall stop” I exclaimed “are you ok? What’s wrong?” he said “answer your phone, I’m pretty sure the boys are at the door” I said “no no they will be right for a minute” he replied still sliding in and out picking up his pace and as he picked up his pace I let out the loudest moan, he pulled out and laid down next to me when he phone started ringing again he picked up his phone and answered it “hey Lou are you at the door?” I heard Niall say as he got up to get dressed “alright hold up mate, I’ll be out in two seconds” he said as he hung up the phone and threw on his shirt and skinny jeans and I got up and threw on my shirt and my sweats again and raced to the bathroom as he raced to the door to let them in I needed to fix my hair, so I pulled the hair tie out that was now loosely hanging in my hair, I fixed my hair and tied it back up nicely then ran back to my room and changed out of my sweats and into a pair of short shorts with an American flag print on them and walked out to the living room “hey” I said as I walked in the boys must have brought some drinks over because they were now drinking I went and sat on the floor with my phone in my hands texting Ashleigh telling her that all the boys are here but she didn’t reply to me so I just decided to check twitter I was reading all my mentions and holy shit was I getting so much hate god these Directioners really don’t want Niall to have a girlfriend, I bet if they were in my position it’d be a different story so I decided to post a status “spending time with my wonderful boyfriend Niall and Harry Louis Liam and Zayn are here too” I knew it would stir up trouble but I don’t care, these girls need to stop and accept that he is happy with me as his girlfriend and them as his fans, I was in such a trance and deep thought but I was pulled form that when I finally got a text back from Ash saying “I’m out the front come and lead me to my four future boyfriends” I started laughing really loudly and I then felt all eyes on me “your laugh is hilarious Kailyn” I heard Liam say “it’s really contagious” Louis said while laughing at me laughing “Oh hi, I forgot there were people in here I’ll be back Ashleigh is here” I said still laughing but excusing myself from the room to go and get Ashleigh I walked outside and I could still hear them laughing at me “hey buddy” I said as I saw Ash get out of her car “Hi” she said to me as she locked her car up and came towards me I told her what happened just before I came outside and she started laughing at me we were both laughing as we walked inside and all the boys turned around to see what the commotion was “hey Ashleigh” Niall said waving at her “hey mate” she replied as she went to sit in the living room Niall proceeded to introduce her to the boys “Harry close your mouth” Niall said jokingly but it seemed Harry couldn’t take his eyes off Ashleigh we sat around for hours just talking and laughing and the boys were drinking, so I offered them to stay the night I have two spare queen sized beds in the spare rooms down the hallway I informed them and they accepted the offer, I wanted to go to bed, but I held out for a little longer then finally said “well I’m off to bed the spare rooms are just down the hallway when you guys are ready for bed” and then walked off to my room and shut the door behind me to lay down in bed it was 2am and I was so buggered I’m definitely not going to work tomorrow as my eyes started to shut I heard my door open my eyes then flung open and I looked to see Niall trying to sneak in so he didn’t wake me up “babe, I’m awake you don’t need to try and be quiet” I said chuckling at him he was pretty wobbly I think he drank a little too much tonight he came and laid down in bed and flopped his hand over me leaned in and kissed me so softly “goodnight baby” he said smiling “you too” I replied as I rolled over putting my back to him and he shuffled in to me spooning me almost as though we moved around in sync with one another.

I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing, I picked it up whispering because Niall was still asleep I could smell food being cooked and I couldn’t understand why because Niall was next to me but I ignored it and spoke “hello?” “Kailyn it’s mum I’m coming over I’ll be there in 10 minutes” she said it was mum arghh I hope she isn’t bringing Lucy “see you soon then” I said then hung up, I could still smell food so I climbed out of bed and started walking to the kitchen half way up the hallways I realized that Harry Louis Zayn and Liam stayed over and they were probably in the kitchen, then I realized I’m only wear my underwear and a shirt I turned around to run back to my room but instead I crashed into Zayn I didn’t just crash into him I shoved him over as I tried running and fell straight on top of him, everyone came rushing out because he heard the loud bang as we hit the floor and my scream I let out “well well well, I see you’ve moved on, was I just not good enough hey” Niall said jokingly “I’m so sorry Zayn oh my god, I feel awful, are you ok?” I said trying to examine him to make sure he wasn’t hurt “and yeah sorry babe, I have moved on” I replied joking around with Niall “I’m fine, are you alright, you ran at me as though you just saw a ghost or something” he replied “umm shit, no I ran because I need to put pants on, excuse me” I said blushing and walking straight into my room, “Niall, mate she’s so fit, id never noticed she even had a thigh gap” I heard Harry say “she’s fit she’s beautiful and she’s so smart, I feel so lucky” I heard Niall reply to him “excuse me I need to go and kiss my beautiful girlfriend good morning” Niall said as he walked into my room he grabbed me from behind and pulled my hair out of the way and started kissing my neck “good morning princess” he said as he turned me around and pressed his lips against mine “good morning baby” I said as I leant down to pick up a pair of my jeans and my baggy shirt with a open knitted back I leaned in and kissed Niall one more time and then headed to the bathroom to shower.

I got out of the shower threw my clothes on, I couldn’t be bothered sorting my hair out so I just threw it up in a tight pony tail and walked out of the bathroom and saw my mum and Lucy, mum was smiling and laughing as she was talking to Niall, it was so nice to see and Lucy was talking to Zayn, Harry was talking to Ashleigh I wasn’t sure when she got here, Louis was on the phone and Liam was in the living room by himself so I was past everyone and over to Liam, he didn’t seem all that happy “is everything ok Liam” I asked “yeah, I’m fine” he replied
“you don’t seem fine” I said to him a little worried “It’s nothing it’s just everyone seems to have their relationships all sorted out and I can’t seem to get it right at all, I mean Niall has you and you guys are as happy as anything you know, Louis has El Zayn has Perrie and Harry has whatever he wants when he wants and he is happy with that, but I want something perfect and every time I get close to having it I drive the perfect relationship away” he said almost tearing up “you know, Niall and I aren’t “Perfect” we are just happy, people just seem to think perfect makes you happy but really being happy is what makes everything perfect, when you are happy that’s when you should feel as though everything is perfect” I said to him “thank you Kailyn, thank you for talking to me” he said to me as he got up to go and talk to everyone I stayed in the living room for a while and as I went to get up Lucy came in to sit next to me “Kailyn” she said “what?” “Can we talk please?” she asked “sure, what about? Maybe how you broke Niall and myself up maybe how you forced your fucking mum to lie to me, or maybe about the fact you suffer from bi-polar and you won’t fucking medicate yourself for it, because if you medicated yourself for it, then you probably wouldn’t be this crazy bitch” I shouted at her it went silent and everyone looked at us in the living room, Lucy broke down crying and raced outside my mum shook her head at me “she told me today she wanted to apologise to you Kailyn that’s why we came over” mum said to me “for fuck sakes” I said as I stormed outside to find her when I found her she was sobbing to herself “Lucy, look you have to understand why I am the way I am towards you, I was so nice to you when I came over I made time to spend with you, but what you did to me, well that was wrong, you encouraged me to get him back, but then did what you did, it made no sense and it was selfish, you just don’t do that to family” I said to her slightly apologising to her “thanks for kind of saying sorry for snapping at me, I guess but you know what, by the time I’m finished over here” she paused and chuckles “you won’t have him anymore, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t, Niall belongs to his fans, and I’m his fan not you” she continued I was taken back by her response I closed my fists and raised my hand but I was pulled back by someone “don’t waste your time” I heard them say and I turned around it was Liam “what are you doing out here” I asked “well I’m actually just stopping you from doing something stupid, just go inside and calm down” he demanded so I walked inside and walked straight to my room and laid down to just cry.

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