The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


14. The late unexpected event

A month or so had gone past since i'd cheated on Niall we had recovered from it quite well actually, i wasn't sure why he forgave me so fast, i mean if he cheated on me with Ashleigh, i don't think i'd be able to forgive him or her for that but i had nothing to worry about i knew it would never happen, i was sitting in the living room of my house when Niall came running through the door
"Get dressed, Get ready i have a huge surprise" he shouted at me i instantly jumped up due to being frightened by the outburst from him and he started shoving me down the hallway forcing me into my room i told him to calm down to let me get dressed he left the room and i began searching for an outfit i pulled out my marron skinny jeans and a black t-shirt  saying "DOPE" on it i threw on my denim print vans and began walking into the living room where Niall was he quickly scurried over to me, he looked into my eyes then leaned in kissing me passionately

"Please don't get angry with me Kailyn, i know i should have asked you first but when i saw it i had to get it" he said as he grabbed my hand and lead me to the car we drove for a good 30 minutes before he pulled up, he pulled up in front of the huge house, "What are we doing?" i asked curiously

"Well you see that house across the road" he said pointing to a small cottage like house
"Yeah?" i answered
"Well that house next to it, it’s ours" he said turning to me with a great big smile on his face
"Ours? What, when, since when?" i questioned
"Since this morning, I finalized all the paperwork for it and rushed home to take you here" he said his smile only growing bigger, i didn’t know what to say it was beautiful it had a huge front garden, 6 foot fences it was modern home i turned to Niall with a forced smile "it’s beautiful" i said not sure if i’m completely sure moving into a house with him is the right decision, i’m comfortable where i am
"do you want to see inside" he said turning the car back on and pulling into the driveway of this new house "sure" i responded he pulled the car up and rushed me up to the front door of the house and pulled the keys out of his back pocket and opened the door walking into this house was just beautiful it had high roofs, i’ve always wanted a house with high roofs so i could get a huge four poster bed i thought to myself
"4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 down stairs and 1 out the back" he said and i flung my head towards him
"1 out the back?" i asked

"It’s just a little living area and room out the back it connects to the house though there is also 4 bathrooms and a pool out the back" he finished i was amazed he continued to show me around the house and it was truly perfect, i started to get this sharp pain in my stomach and a sickly feeling, i asked if we could go so i could go lay down and we walked out to the car and he drove me home he seems a little worried, but i assured him it was fine, i actually don’t know if it will be fine, i’m over a week late, we got back home and i went straight to my room to lay down, the sharp pain in my stomach was killing me i cried while i laid there pushing on my stomach to try and get rid of this pain but it just wouldn’t go away i eventually go up to get pain killers i took 4 of them with a glass of water
"Niall i’ll be back soon, i’m going to go see mum" i shouted out after taking the pain killers and i headed to my mum’s house i ran into her house almost in tears once again Liam was there i saw him as i rushed past Lucy’s room, which happens to be my old room, and ran into mums i threw myself down on her bed tears still rushing down my face from the pain "i’m late mum" i shouted out through my crying
"Late, how late?" she said whispering to me trying to calm me down but nothing was calming me i was in excruciating pain
"over a week late" i said slightly quieter then the last time
"Alright you wait here, i’m going to get you a test" she said jumping up and rushing around to get all of her stuff
"Lucy you’re coming with me" i heard her say, i was in to much pain to even bother stopping that from happening, i continued to sob even after they were gone and i felt the spot next to me in mums bed sink down i rolled around only to see Liam
"Kailyn is everything ok" he asked
"does it look ok Liam" i snapped at him i didn’t mean to snap, it just came out that way i was in too much pain to care
"I’m late ok" i finally said

"Late?" he said an paused for a while
"Oh my god you’re late, that’s incredible isn’t it? Niall will be so happy" he said
"he might be, he might not be, Liam we had sex a month ago there is every chance that if i am pregnant it could be yours" i said with more tears flowing down my face now
"What? Are you serious? You cannot mention that to him please? Niall and I only just got back to how it used to me, with the exception I shouldn’t even been next to you right now" he said
"Niall is not stupid, you can’t and I cannot take him for a fool, because he is far from it, he will put two and two together Liam
"I know he isn’t, but well I don’t know, we need to find out, I want to find out" Liam said to me almost with tears in his eyes
"Liam I need to find out as much as you want to, so we will find out, but Niall needs to know" I said to him as I turned around and began to sob I felt Liam stand up and heard him leave the room I laid there for 10 minutes before mum got back throwing the bag at with containing the box with the test, I walked into the toilet and pulled my pants down, I pulled the stick out of the box and took the lid off I sat on the toilet put the stick between my legs and began to pee on it, I got off the toilet pulled my pants up put the lid back on the test and sat it down in the bathroom, I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom I sat on mums bed and she put her arm around me I rested my head on her shoulder
"whatever that stick reads, just know that I’ll be here to support you ok" she said trying to comfort me
"thanks mum" I said we sat there on her bed for the full 10 minutes the test required you to wait for the result, I got up to grab it, I couldn’t even look at it I sat down with it in my hands for another 10 minutes thinking what would happen I was and it wasn’t Nialls I’d be mortified Liam came into the bathroom and sat down beside me
"Have you checked it yet?" he asked
"Nope, I’m too scared too, can you just look at it for me?" I asked I felt his head hover in front of my face my eyes closed, he then put his arm around me and kissed my cheek
"Congratulations" he said
"what?" my eyes flung open and I looked straight at the test, Two pink lines exactly what I didn’t want to see I put the test down stood up and walked into mums room "I’m going now, love you" I said as I walked out the door I knew by doing that, I’d have to expect a phone call from her later, but I needed to go see Niall, I needed to tell him first, I got into my car buckled up and headed straight home as I pulled into my driveway I came to a halt in my car, how was I supposed to tell him this, I eventually got out of my car and walked to my front door and headed inside my face blotchy from crying on the way home
"hey babe, how’s your mum?" he asked he was so happy how could I do this too him ruin his day no doubt
"She’s good, but I have something to tell you" I say walking towards the sofa
"is everything ok?" he asked seeming really concerned
"I don’t know, that all depends on how you take it, but part of it is bad" I said in reply to him
"ok well what is it?"
"so I’m late by over a week, I went to mums and get got me a test turns out Niall, I’m pregnant bu-" he cut me off
"Are you serious? This is fantastic" he said jumping up and wrapping his arms around me I smiled
"But Niall, you weren’t the only one, id had… you know… unprotected sex with" I said with horror through my voice
"well we will get a DNA test done when you are able to, but I love you Kailyn even if this kid isn’t mine I’ll still love it because if it isn’t mine… it’s my best friends" he said slightly looking down he came and sat next to me and put his head on my shoulder he shuffled his head slightly and kissed my neck
"babe, you need to book an appointment to have this all looked over, please" he asked me
"yup, I’ll ring later and book one, I just want to go an lay down for now" I replied as I got up to walk to my room
"we also need to tell Liam" he stated
"Liam was at mums house with Lucy he already knows" I groaned continuing to walk down the hallways to my room, once I reached my room I threw myself on my bed and buried my head in my pillows falling asleep almost instantly.

When I woke up it was 6pm and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but I had to get up, so I crawled out of bed and into the lounge room and saw Liam and Niall I just forced a smile and walked in and sat down on the sofa next to Niall flicking the TV on
"I’m so hungry" I groaned dragging out the Y
"does pizza sound any good to you?" Liam asked
"Actually pizza sounds brilliant" I replied
"Cheese pizza BBQ sauce and pineapples right?" Niall asked
"sounds perfect" I said smiling Liam got up and started to dial pizza huts number he proceeded to order my pizza a meat lovers pizza and Hawaiian pizza he gave them my address then hung up

"pizza is on its way guys" he said as he sat back down.

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