The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


1. The Encounter of a Lifetime

I woke up to my alarm going off I thought to myself “urghh it’s already 6:30am” as I crawled out of bed and walked into my wardrobe searching for an outfit to slip into after I showered, I scanned my wardrobe and found an outfit almost instantly “arhh that looks perfect” I said to myself as I pulled out my black skinny jeans my light pink crew neck sweater and my light pink toms I quickly scurried off to the shower, I usually spend up to 20 minutes in the shower but today I only spent a few minutes in there, I was so eager to get out of the house today, id had the best holiday of my life but I was so happy to be back home, I missed my friends and most off all I missed my family, so my plans for today were to go and see my family.

After id stuffed my face with bacon, eggs, muffins, pancakes and a glass of apple juice for breakfast I headed out to go see my mum and my dad, I just couldn't wait to tell my mum everything that happened while I was in London.
As I arrived at my parents house my mum came rushing out to greet me and before I could even open my door to get out my mother was squeezing me so tightly in the warmest hug, my god I missed her “Hi mum, I missed you so much and I honestly have so much to tell you, you have no idea” I said to her rushing her inside to sit down so I could just blurt it out “ok what’s the gossip you have for me?” she said quite eager to hear
“ok so it started as soon as I got to London I was just going to get into a cab waiting out the front then head to my hotel and that all happened correctly, then when I got to my hotel there were literally 1000’s of screaming girls out the front, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so I got out off my cab and I managed to find a pay phone to call the hotel and ask about how I am supposed to get in to check into my booked room they told me that someone will be waiting out the back entrance and to just tell them my name so they knew I wasn’t just some scary fan trying to gain entrance to the hotel to meet the boys, I agreed and started walking towards the back entrance and there he surely was, a man waiting for me, I told him I’m Kailyn I’m trying to get in to check into my room? He lead me to the front desk and as I walked in I was thinking who are the “the boys” that the lady on the phone mentioned? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it that was until I walked into the lobby and saw who “the boys” were, I was gobsmacked I couldn’t believe they were there standing right in front of me at the desk they were all so flawless and so beautiful, standing right in front of me were five beautiful boys Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and oh my god perfection, Niall, one direction stood there right in front of me, they looked so different in person I’m not one of those crazy girls that would scream at them and carry on at them but I could not help but fan girl a little on the inside seeing all of them, just then my thoughts were interrupted by a women’s voice “Kailyn right?” she said to me gesturing me to the front of the desk, were I was to stand was directly next to Niall I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to just stand there next to him, when the women said my name the boys turned around and looked at me, I just smiled and I hesitated a little about moving towards the desk near Niall as I stood at the desk checking in, Niall quietly spoke to me “you have a beautiful name, Kailyn” he said, I was hesitant about turning to look at him in case it was all in my head, but what if it wasn’t in my head then I’d seem like the rudest person ever if I didn’t answer him, so I slowly turned my head and surely enough there Niall stood staring at me as if he was waiting for a reply and to be sure he had spoke to me I asked “I’m sorry what did you say?” and he repeated oh his accent and he deep husky voice, urghh pure perfection “Thank you very much” I replied and turned my head back to the women at the desk, “arhh there you are room 409 on the 6th floor” the women at the desk said to me I thanked her instantly as she handed me the room key and then headed for the elevator, I pushed the button by the elevator door signalling up I waited a short period before the it arrived and as I boarded I heard a voice “hold the door please” was it him? I thought to myself no I doubt it would be, but it sounded so much like him my thoughts were interrupted but the voice again “thank you” they said and to my amazement it was him, Niall Horan had asked me to hold the elevator for him I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t believe the fact that I was even standing anywhere near him, I was literally amazed by my first day in London, it had been a treat.

I exited the elevator on the 6th floor looking for room 409, I heard a lot of shuffling about behind me I turned around to see what it was and weirdly enough Niall had gotten off on the 6th floor as well, it seemed as though he was struggling with his luggage “are you alright, do you need any help there? I said giggling at him “oh yes I’m fine I’ll sort this out eventually I always do” he replied with a smile and a slight laugh so I continued walking and looking for my room “407, 408, 409 arhh there you are” I said to myself when I found my room and just as I was about to enter I heard a huge crash I flung my body around to see what had happened and there lying on the ground with his luggage on top of him was Niall I dropped my bags and rushed to his side to help him “are you ok?” I said while snickering at his sight “yeah I’m fine, I guess I couldn’t sort this out this time” he replied while laughing at himself “I guess not” I said back still laughing, I helped him up and grabbed some of his luggage to carry “I’ll follow you” I said gesturing him to take the lead to his room so I could help him with his luggage, he started walking and I followed closely behind.

We reached room 410 “hey you are right next door to me” I said sounding surprised “I guess we are hotel neighbours then hey” he replied to my statement while smirking “alright well there you go” I said while I placed his luggage I carried in his doorway I didn’t want to intrude and just walk in to place it anywhere “I’ll see you around” I said as I turned around to leave “thank you so much, you are really kind Kailyn” he said smiling at me “and yeah I will see you around hopefully” he continued, I set off back to my room in hopes that what he said would actually happen I really did hope to see him around again he was so charming and so sweet and he was actually quite funny, I picked up my bags from my doorway and walked into my room, this place was amazing my room smelled so fresh my bed was made perfectly and actually had little chocolates on the pillows the room was very elegant small and cosy but extremely elegant the curtains hung they were a beautiful gold colour and the bathroom was all made of white tiles and had a white china bathtub and the shower was just glass and white tiles this hotel was beautiful as I drew the curtains and opened the windows I heard a knock at the door, I hadn’t told any family that I was here yet so I had absolutely no idea who on earth would be at my door, as I made my way to the door I asked “who is it?”
there was no response maybe I didn’t say it loud enough so instead I put the lock chain on and opened the door, to my surprise it was Niall “Hi?” I said while in shock “hang on let me open the door properly” I continued so I shut the door and took the lock chain off and re-opened it “come in” I gestured to him “Hi and thanks” he said as he walked into my room my thoughts started to wander, why was he at my door and before I could stop myself my mouth spoke before my brain even told it too “what made you come to my room?” I asked bluntly not realizing how rude I sounded saying it “oh sorry arhh my mouth spoke before my brain could do anything I didn’t mean for it to sound so rude, I just meant what made you decide to knock on my door?” I said slightly laughing “well I did say I hoped to see you around and I guess I couldn’t wait to see if it would happen so I decided to actually make it happen” he said with a cute but smug face I was gobsmacked, how do I reply to that and once again my mouth carried on before my brain could do anything “well I’m actually glad you did” I said shyly realizing what I said I then felt hot flushes on my face oh my god I hope I’m not turning bright red I thought to myself, oh my god how embarrassing of me to say that, I mean it was the truth but oh my god, Niall just smiled though, so I guess I had nothing to worry about.

Niall actually stayed in my room for a while and we talked for a few hours, it was so nice to meet someone in his circumstances and to have him be so down to earth he wasn’t one of those conceded types of famous people he was genuinely a nice guy but it came time for dinner “well I guess it’s time for me too slip out and grab something to eat” he said I nodded “yeah me too actually but it was good to spend some time getting to know one another” I admitted “oh I agree It was really nice to do that, well seeing as we both are wanting dinner now, how about we go together?” he asked with a rather smug facial expression I thought about it for a while and I really wanted to freshen up and shower and change my clothes but my mouth did that thing where it talks before my brain allows it too and to that I agreed to have dinner with Niall, but after agreeing, I asked if he minded if I freshened up a little he didn’t mind at all “I’ll wait outside the room for you” he said while walking out the door I rushed over to my suitcase oh god I’m having dinner with Niall Horan I need to look cute I told myself, I was stressing about my choice in clothing I had packed what if it’s all really horrible clothes I couldn’t wear horrible clothes around him arhh I began to stress out a lot I almost walked out the door and told him never mind and I was going to just get room service, but I didn’t because I’d found a lovely outfit to wear, I put on my marron skinny jeans my black baggy shirt and I also threw on a pair of my Macbeth shoes, I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought this is perfect, I fluffed my hair a little bit and walked out into the hallway where Niall was waiting on me.

It seemed as though his face ad lit up at the sight of me “you look beautiful” Niall said quickly as though he was in a hurry to get the words out “thank you” I smiled “should we head off now?” I asked and so we started walking down the hallways to the elevator I pushed the button signalling down and as the doors opened the rest of the boys came tumbling out “NIALLER” they all shouted I kind of just stood there not knowing what I should do when Niall introduced me “guys, this is Kailyn” he said so calmly just hearing Niall say my name made my name sound 1000 times better than it really is, they all looked at me then the boys all introduced themselves to me one by one, they were all actually the sweetest boys, they started to have a conversation with me about where I was from, they told me they really enjoyed my Australian accent and as we were about to continue talking Niall interrupted “guy Kailyn and I are going to dinner I’ll catch up with you guys later” he said while pulling me towards the elevator that had arrived once again we boarded it and pushed the button to go to the lobby when we arrived at the lobby I could still hear all the girls screaming out one direction lyrics it was insane how dedicated some of their fans really were it really was true all the rumours about Directioners being crazy, they go a little overboard sometimes, Niall and I had to exit the building through the car park we got into Niall’s black Porsche, his car was lovely we drove around London trying to find a nice place to get food, and to my surprise we pulled up in front of Nando’s “I love Nando’s” I said excitedly “really? I do too” he replied to me quite impressed with himself we go out of the car and walked into the Nando’s restaurant it smelled of peri-peri chicken “YUMMMMM!” I said as we walked in “I’m so hungry I could order everything and eat it all” he said laughing I joined in on the laugh if anyone knew anything about Niall it was that he loved his food and he especially loved his Nando’s we ordered out food and we sat down at a table and waited, while we waited for out dinner we just talked a little more, you’d think after spending several hours with someone you hardly know you’d get awkward and run out of things to say, but with Niall it was different he was funny and he always knew how to bring our conversations back up when they started to die down, if he wasn’t as good at conversing as he truly is then our talk would have died a long time ago I thought to myself and laughed “what’s so funny” he said “oh nothing, it’s just if you didn’t know how to properly  converse I think our conversation would have died ages ago” I said still giggling about what I just said and thought Niall joined in, in the laughter, after we ate out food we headed back to the hotel the fan had started to disappear as it was getting late by now it’s about 10:30pm, I go back to the 6th floor with Niall and we said our goodbyes and I thanked him for a lovely evening just as I went to walk into my room Niall walked up to me “I’m actually glad I met you today Kailyn, you are such a lovely girl” he said to me and with that he kissed my cheek and said goodbye as he walked into his room.


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