The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


15. The Appointment

I got up from the sofa in the living room and walked into the kitchen to grab my iPhone off charge to ring up and book the appointment to find everything I needed to find out as I hung up the phone I felt strong arms wrap around me waist and I felt his warm breath on my neck and he leaned in to kiss the back of my neck “who was that?” I heard his whisper to me “I just booked the appointment for tomorrow morning” i said as i turned around in his arms and leaned in and kissed him with so much passion when i heard the noise of someone clearing their throat “get a room” i hear Liam say to us with a bit of a chuckle “maybe that is what we need” Niall replied with a smirk on his face “oh right well I’ll talk to you later then” Liam said as he let himself out the front door Niall rushed to the door to lock it and in almost seconds he picked me up bridal style and raced me down the hallway into my bedroom and laid me down on the bed “Niall i really just want to sleep” i said to him letting out a yawn “but babe” he said with his incredible puppy dog eyes and dropping his bottom lip to a pout, i just looked at his silliness and smiled i leaned in to kiss him and then proceeded to lay down in bed i felt Niall’s warmth fill the cold patch next to me as he laid down cuddling up to me within seconds of him laying next to me i felt safe so i closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling like absolute crap I lifted Niall’s hand from around me so I could move out of bed and head for the shower, I grabbed a towel from the hallway cupboard and locked the door of the bathroom behind me, I had this damn appointment today I washed my hair and my body while I was in the shower and I looked down and all I could think about was not being able to see my feet for so long I was dreading it, I didn’t think I was ready for this, and what could be worst then not being ready, oh right not know if your boyfriend is the father or his best friend god when I put it like that I sound so stupid a knock on the bathroom door rang through my head pulling me from my thoughts “yeah?” I asked questioning the motive of the knock
“Babe can I come in” I heard Niall say from the other side of the door as I turned the shower off
“yeah hold on let me get my towel” I said jumping out of the shower and wrapping my towel around me and unlocking the door he opened the door and looked at me funny
“What?” I asked confused
“you don’t usually wrap a towel around you before opening the door?” he said sound like a question as to why I did it
“really? That’s weird then I guess” I said forcing a smile, although I knew it wasn’t weird or out of character for me, I just didn’t feel comfortable exposing myself in front of him, I felt disgusting I had this thing growing inside me, this thing I didn’t want.
“oh well” he said walking up to me and starting to remove my towel from me while kissing my neck
“Niall I don’t have time for this, I just need to get ready for the doctor’s appointment” I snapped at him grabbing my towel and walking toward my room to get dressed
“well do you want me to come with you?” he asked down the hallway I could hear the hurt in his voice, it killed him having me snap at him like it did
“I really don’t care to be honest” I said pulling anything I could find from my wardrobe I slipped on a t-shirt with the words DOPE written on it and a pair of shorts with Union Jack prints on the back pockets I then slipped on a pair of plain black doc martins, I walked back to the bathroom to blow dry my hair I decided on letting it all flow freely today so I let my waves fall as they needed and put on a nude look on my face with a hint of mascara and walked into the living room to see Niall just sitting on the lounge
“are you coming or not?” I asked him his eyes flung up and he looked at me for a while before answering
“well honestly it doesn’t seem like you want me there, so I text Liam and asked him to go with you so I knew someone was with you keeping you safe” he replied with a clearly forced smile hearing that broke my heart my eyes starting welling up but I hid it I sucked it up and walked over to him leant down and kissed him goodbye and all I said was “thanks” and walked for the door to wait outside for Liam to arrive.

Not a word was spoken between Liam and I the entire car ride and as I arrived at the hospital he asked me a very difficult question to answer “do you still love Niall, because if you don’t tell him don’t let him sit there and treat him like he’s a piece of crap please Kailyn, because Niall Loves you more than you probably thing he does” he said just looking at me then proceeding to get out of the car I never said anything back to him we just walked into the hospital and headed to reception to see where we needed to go, the doctor told me everything I already pretty much knew but I had questions I wanted to ask him in private so I finally had to speak to Liam, I asked him to wait outside so I could speak in private and he did as he was asked and walked out my doctor looked at me waiting for me to speak
“I want to know how I go about find out who the fa..” I paused
“who the father is? There is two ways, but you need to have a fair idea of who it could be for us to test the both of you” the doctor said
“it can only be out of two people, my boy friend or the guy out there waiting for me” I replied instantly just wanting to get this awkwardness over with
“ok well we will need to wait until you are further along for find it out, but if there anything else you’d like to know?” he asked
“no that’s it thanks” I said as I go up and headed for the door I know have to visit this place monthly for checkups and ultrasounds as I walked out the door Liam was waiting there quite patiently “there is someone here that wants to see you” he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist leading me to the front door, I had no idea what to expect and as I walked out I saw Niall there just waiting for me patiently Liam kissed my cheek and said goodbye to me I just looked at him, I didn’t want to be around him, I was going to get fat and I just didn’t want him to look at me in any way anymore I forced a smile on my face
“I want you to know something, I want you to know everything I feel towards you and I want you to know how much it hurts when you don’t show it back, you Kailyn, you are what my world now revolves around you can bring a smile to my face even when I’m not in your presents and when you are in my presents, my love for you only grows more and more everyday and I don’t know what I have done to make you feel the way you currently do towards me because it doesn’t feel like love anymore, this morning you didn’t even deny the fact you didn’t want me here with you today, I’ve been sitting at your place trying to work out where I went wrong to make you feel like this and I realized I’ve actually done nothing wrong, if you say no I back off so what is it that I have done that was so bad Kailyn, please just tell me and I’ll give you what you clearly want and just pack my stuff up from your house and just go home” he said to me as he came right up to me he wrapped him in a hug tears began to flow freely from my face and I squeezed tighter than ever before
“how can you love me when I don’t even know if this thing inside me is your or Liams how can you loved me more and more when you know in a few months I’m going to be getting fat, I still love you Niall more than ever and I don’t want you to go anywhere I need you” I replied to him through each sob
“just shut up, that’s all I needed to hear” he said smiling bigger than ever as he placed his hand in mine and lead me to the car, still sobbing.

The car ride home was silent for a while until I broke it
“We can’t find out if it’s your for a little while longer” I said
“that’s ok, let’s focus on that when that situation comes around” he replied smiling at me, when we arrived home I went and threw myself on the sofa grabbed my phone from my bag to text Ashleigh, I didn’t have any intentions on telling anybody about this thing inside me at least until I was able to say who it belong to before I could send the message Niall pulled it from my hands and laid down on top of me kissing my neck than moving up to my lips, he grabbed my bottom lip in between his teeth begging for entrance in which I allowed instantly I missed this, of course I’d allow it, his hands roamed my body and before i knew it he rips my shirt over my head breaking the kiss for a millisecond then slamming his lips back against mine and i do the same with his shirt, his hands move all over my body until they come to a stop, his fingers linger in the gap between my skin and my shorts his hands began to move again he places both hands on my hips and picks me up, i lock my legs around his back not breaking the intensity of the kiss he carried me to the bedroom, forcefully he shoves me on the bed but before getting on top of me he unbuttons my shorts and pulls them off he looks at me for a split second he then climbed on top of me starting to kiss me again, he bit my bottom lip begging for an entrance once again, our tongues fought for dominance i felt his hand slip down my underwear, i was so wet just being in this situation was enough to make any girl this wet, he started rubbing my clit applying pressure i let out a moan as he continued to apply pressure my back started to arch and my moans soon uncontrollable a smile grew on his face as he slipped off his pants and boxers letting his dick show freely he positioned it at my slit and he broke our kiss "are you sure?" he asked I just nodded and with that he slid inside not even giving me a moment to adjust he just thrust hard and fast and i began to move my hips in sync with his to get more of him in me "fuck me harder" i screamed "i need you Niall" i said as he let out a little moan, my walls tighten around him "i'm nearly th-" he cut me off "me too, but ride it out, just ride it out" he said through lose of breath he continued to thrust getting deeper hitting my g-spot each time i felt his warm fluids ejaculate inside me, he collapsed on me lacking in breath, he never even considered removing himself from me and i'm glad he didn't he laid there on me cuddling up to me and giving me little random kisses every now and again he then pulled the blankets over us and laid there cuddling me.

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