The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


16. Judgement Day

Time was flying by i was getting bigger every day and i was feeling absolutely disgusting, i hated how i looked, i was just glad that i was still able to hide the fact i was pregnant by wearing baby doll dress and big baggy shirts with my shorts Niall still didn’t seem to care that this baby might not even be his, he was just happy being with me and every night he’d kiss me goodnight and then kiss my belly goodnight as well as singing to us both with his soothing beautiful voice, he’s been reading so much lately on what to do during pregnancy he’s honestly more dedicated then i myself, but i was hiding the fact i showed no interest in this baby from him my mum knows this and she seems to just assume it’s because i don’t know if it is Niall’s or not yet, but we will soon see if that is the case when i get the test results back, i’m three and a half months along now and today is Judgement Day.

“Baby, the hospital just rang, the results are ready” i heard Niall shout from down the hallway i really didn’t want to get out of bed, but i wanted to know whose baby i was carrying “please let it be Niall’s, Please let it be Niall’s” i pleaded as i crawled out of bed “I’m nearly ready” i lied i was still in my pyjamas i heard him walking down towards my bedroom that we now shared but not for much longer because Niall was currently in the process of having people walk through the house he brought for us and having it all child proofed and furnished for us except one room, he’s really superstitious about buying anything for the baby before the 6 months mark, it’s kind of cute actually, “Nearly ready are you babe? What are you going to see the doctor naked or something?” he asked while laughing at me standing there in just my bra and underwear now “no silly, i won’t take long to get ready though i promise” i laughed back he always knew the right things to say to me to bring a smile to my face even if he was taking the mickey out of me “alright, but do you need any help baby” he said seductively as he placed his hands around my waist from behind me leaning down and kissing my neck “Well actually seeing as you are offering your assistants i could really use your help with something” i said turning around cheekily smiling at him “oh really and what do you need me to do?” he questioned me with a wink
“well i have this itch on my neck and i personally can’t seem to get rid of it” i said smirking at him but before i could continue he cut me off “oh like right here” he questioned me while he laid kisses all over my neck, he continued to kiss my neck for a while before i finally stopped him, gently pushing him away from me he groaned really loud “why?” and he continued to groan at me “we have to get Liam, baby then go to the hospital” i said laughing “why do we have to get Liam?” he snapped at me “why can’t the both of us just go and tell Liam when we find out?” he continued to snap, i was abit taken aback when he snapped about me about bringing Liam and i understand but Liam has a right to know as well, doesn’t he? “Ok then baby, well we’ll just go then” I said with a smile still shocked that he had spoken to me the way he did “I’m so sorry baby i didn’t mean to snap at you, i just don’t see why Liam has to come with us” he said pouting and gripping me in a tight hug “baby it’s fine, i’m just going to get ready then we will go get the results ok” i said smiling and reaching up to give him a kiss he turned around and walked out of the room and i began putting some clothes on i pulled my black demin shorts out of my draws along with a tank top and a big baggy shirt threw on my uggs and headed to the living room only to have Nialls warm arms wrap around me “i love you baby” he whispered into the crook of my neck.

As we pulled up out the front of the hospital, we walked up to reception “hi, I’m just here to check some results, we got a phone call earlier saying they were ready” I said to the women behind the counter “no worries just take a seat, your doctor will be with you in a moment” she replied smiling looking only at Niall I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away seriously sometimes being out in public with Niall was beginning to be the most annoying part about my life, we sat down and waited, within a matter of moments my doctor came out and called upon myself and Niall I began to feel butterflies swirling around inside my stomach, the next few minutes could either make or break my relationship and I was scared as to what might happen, I truly don’t want to lose him, he means the world to me, we both lifted ourselves off the waiting room chairs and walk into the doctors little office Niall closing the door behind him “Now we ran the tests with the DNA provided along with the DNA we got from you of your babies and the results came back saying that Mr. Liam James Payne is the biological father” he said with a half smile on his face, my heart sank I wanted to look at Niall but I couldn’t bring myself to face him, I just put my hands in my face trying not to cry, I finally pulled my head up, looked at my Doctor when I heard the room door close, I immediately looked at the door, Niall was gone I looked back at the doctor thanked him and got up to find Niall, I walked out of the room and he hadn’t gone anywhere, he walked outside of the room and waited in the hallway of the hospital just outside the room I was in, I was still speechless “Baby” Niall said breaking the awkwardness as he walked closer to me “I meant everything I ever said to you, I’m with you and this kid no matter who it belonged to, I love you baby” he said to me causing my eyes to well up and tears to freely fall down my cheeks “now let’s go tell Liam his good news hey?” he said smiling at me and leaning to kissing me, he grabbed my hand and lead me out to the car opening my door for me still treating me the same as he did before he found out, he jumped into the driver’s seat and looked at me with the biggest smile on his face leaned over and kissed me again, I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, he pulled away started the engine and began reversing.

The drive home was mostly highway drive but the roads were a bit wet because it had been raining so Niall sat on the speed limit the car behind us had been tail gating us for quite a while and Niall was getting a little big aggravated, he was to focused on the idiot driver behind us to realize that the traffic in front of us had come to a slow pace I began to freak out because he wasn’t slowing down “NIALL STOP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs before he slammed on the breaks causing the person behind us to slam into us and forcefully pushing us into the truck going at a slow speed in front of us, making the impact to be more severe, I blackout for the rest, I woke up to Niall being pulled from the wreckage that used to be my car and someone rushing to my aid, Niall was unconscious, his body was so limp so lifeless, I was getting asked so many questions but I couldn’t answer, no words could actually come from my mouth, I was in so much pain, I couldn’t move my left arm or my left leg and if I tried I caused myself so much more pain I wanted to know if he was ok, I wanted Niall by my side to comfort me, but he was being placed on a stretcher and put into a different ambulance to me I slowly began to fade back to black.

I woke up in the hospital, seeing everyone around me including Niall my mum dad and Lucy were there and the rest of the boys were Liam knew nothing about the baby being his yet and I wanted to tell him to lighten the mood “Baby, I’m so sorry” Niall said standing up and leaning down to kiss my forehead he had a broken arm and his face was a little bruised but I couldn’t see if anything else was wrong with him “It’s fine baby, I’m just glad you are ok” I said with a smile, was I the only one in this room who wasn’t crying, we are all alive that’s the main thing right? “Stop crying, please? I’m fine Nialls fine, everyone is fine” I finally said “Not everyone is fine baby” Niall said as he began to cry even more “Who isn’t fine then? The idiot driver that was behind us?” I questioned “Guys can you all give us a moment please” Niall asked everyone agreed but Niall gestured Liam to stay so Liam stayed sitting where he was “what’s wrong?” I asked and Niall turned to face Liam “Mate, I’m sorry, but… the baby… he was yours” Niall began to tell Liam, Niall and I had found out the sex of the baby the day we could, but we had hid it from everyone, Liam’s tears began to roll down and produce faster now “WAS?” I almost shouted in fear and Niall’s head flung back to me “Baby the doctors asked me to choose between you or our baby” “so you choose me, did it occur to you that maybe someone else had a say in this matter like Liam” I snapped at him “Baby let me finish please, I didn’t choose I left it up to your Parents and Liam, I couldn’t bring myself to answer the question” he finally finished and my eyes began to well up and I looked at Liam “Liam now that you know he was yours, would that have effected your decision?” I asked curiously “No, I’d never have choose the baby over you, you are far too important in mine and Niall’s life to just let you go like that” he answered as he stood up “I’ll leave you too alone” he said with a forced smiled and walked out the room door “I’m sorry baby, I was getting so angry that a diver could be so stupid on the road, but I began to act stupid on the road, I’m truly sorry” he said starting to cry again “Stop Niall, stop saying sorry, I really don’t care that it happened, I only really cared about you” I slightly snapped at him and my eyes started welling up and the tears broke free “seeing them pull you from the car so limp and so lifeless, I honestly thought I’d lost you for good, so having you here with me right now, is the best thing I could have asked for, I love you baby” I continued and without saying a word he shuffled me over to one side of the bed and laid down next to me on the bed pulling me closer to him kissing my lips with so much passion “I love you too baby” he said while still hovering over my lips.




let me know how you guys are enjoying the book?
your feedback is always awesome
and i hope the book is actually as good as people have been telling me
Also i actually cried writing this chapter :'(

#EmotionalDirectionerProblems xx

Love Jay-Jay

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