The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


2. I Think I Like Him

I woke up at 8:30am, it was quite dull outside so it didn’t light my room up to much, I knew all about the weather in London I knew all about how dull and morbid it can get, but no type of weather was going to stop me from going out into town for the day to shop and enjoy myself and then maybe I’ll go and see my family over here I thought to myself, so I got up walked to my suit case searched for an outfit to suit the weather I pulled out some stockings a pair of denim shorts along with a baggy tank top my black cardigan and my wore out black low cut converse shoes and walked to the bathroom, I removed all my clothes and climbed into the shower, I needed to wash my hair today I told myself, as soon as I was finished I got out wrapped my towel around me and started to dry myself when I realized I’d forgotten to grab my bra and underwear, so in my towel I ran back to my suitcase to grab some, I grabbed my black bra that has little gems all over it and boyleg underwear to match, as I went to run back to the bathroom when I heard a knock on my door I was in a hurry to get ready so I just shouted out “who is it?” really loudly “it’s Niall, sorry to disturb you” he replied “oh shit, hang on I’m just getting dressed” I shouted back at the door, I rushed to the bathroom to throw my clothes and shoes on, shit my hair I thought to myself, so I raced to the door to open it and told him to come in and that I was just doing my hair he seemed to have laughed at my attempted to rush around my room quickly, “how’re you today Niall?” I asked while I fish braided my hair to the side of my head “I’m really good thanks, I well, I just wanted to ask if I could take you around to show you the best of London?” he said quite shyly I walked out of the bathroom in a little bit of shook, I couldn’t help but wonder why he wants to spend the day with me showing me London but without thinking anymore I agreed he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door “wait, I forgot my bag” I announced while escaping his grip on my hand and racing back into my room to grab it, I pick up my bag, my iPhone and my key to my room and raced back out the room and pulled the door shut, Niall once again grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway, he seemed to be in such a hurry “What the hurry?” I asked “I just tweeted I was spending the day at the hotel so we wouldn’t get to mobbed by fan today so we need to get out of here fast” he relied while laughing oh wow that’s a very smart idea I thought to myself as I picked up speed running down the hallway “is there anything in particular that you actually want to do today?” he asked when we reached the elevator to go down to the lobby “umm well I kind of want to do a little bit of shopping but tonight I’m going to see family” I answered “ok well today we have time to shop and I can show you some really cool things about London then I can take you to wherever you need to go if you’d like?” he asked kindly

“That sounds perfect to be honest, but there is no need for you to take me to my family after today” I smiled sweetly

“No I want to Kailyn so after today, just give me directions” he replied cheekily

I was so grateful for how polite he is and how helpful he has been, he was truly such a sweet person “thank you” I replied

The whole day we spent doing these cheesy tour attractions he showed me things in London like the Cartoon Museum he took me to some really cool shops where I brought a lot of cute stuff, he got stopped a few times to have pictures taken with him which I half expected to happen and he took me on one last tour he took me on was my favourite he took me on the rock n roll tour, it was a tour based on London’s rock n roll like the Beatles the rolling stones David Bowie and the Sex Pistols I loved the Sex Pistols so that tour actually made my day it reached 5:30pm “I have to be at my aunties house by 6 O’clock” I said
“well we better get you to your aunties house then shouldn’t we” he replied, I hesitated to answer because it seemed as though he was making sure that was what I wanted, it wasn’t what I wanted, it was what I had to do if I could do what I wanted I’d stay out with Niall so I compromised with myself “Niall you are more than welcome to come to dinner as well?” I stated with hope he would want too

“I couldn’t intrude on you and your family like that” he replied

I signed because it wasn’t the answer I was looking for “unless you actually want me to come?” he continued

I looked at him shocked, I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I did want him there I just struggled to find the words to say I did, he was looking at me for a response for about 2 minutes he looked away and that’s when I found the words “I do want you there, having you there might actually make it a little less awkward for me considering I’ve only ever met this part of my family once before and that was 2 years ago” I responded we both laughed and go into the car heading to my aunties house I directed Niall to the exact location, we pulled up and  got out of the car “I feel as though I’m going to be intruding Kailyn” he said while walking to the front door with me “Niall honestly it will be fine, you really aren’t intruding” I replied smiling at him, I rang the door bell and I heard a ruckus inside as though a stampede was coming towards the door, and when the door flung open, a small stampede actually came at me and wrapped their arms around me, “ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” we heard a huge scream everyone automatically let go off me and turned around to see my cousin Lucy having a moment and when she was being asked what was wrong her only response was “Ni-Ni-Niall, Niall Horan is at our door” they all turned back around to where myself and Niall stood and they just looked at him, he already felt weird about being here why did it have to be made any weirder “oh yeah, Auntie this is Niall, I invited him to dinner, I hope that was ok” I stated “of course it was ok, any friends of yours is a friends of ours, Lucy will settle down, she is quite the Directioner, I think she calls herself” she replied while she wrapped her arms around Niall pulling him into a nice tight hug making him feel more comfortable
“come in, come in” she said gesturing us to enter her home

“Thank you” Niall and I both said as we walked in, “your house is beautiful” I said while we all walked to the living room

“Thank you, Kailyn, Dinner is just about ready I just have to dish it out, won’t be long, but Kailyn would you mind helping me?” she said whilst walking into kitchen

“oh umm” I said, I didn’t want to leave Niall all awkward so I looked at him waiting for him to say if it was ok or not and he nodded “sure Auntie” I said getting up and walking into the kitchen miming “thank you” to Niall as I left the living room I thought it was weird for her to have asked me to help her, when she stayed with us over in Australia 2 years ago she was crazy about cooking and dishing out the food it was to all be done in moderation and she was extremely anal about it all so I figured maybe this was just her way of ambushing me about Niall showing up with me and I was right she spoke as soon as I entered the kitchen “so who is he to you?” she said quite quickly

“arhh he is just a friend, no he’s not a boyfriend or anything like that, if he was id have introduced him as my boyfriend” I replied instantly seeming rather smart about my quick reply I had made but it wasn’t over my auntie was a busy body and wanted to know everything, she was actually shocked about us not dating it was written all over her face how shocked she was, it was actually quite funny, I should have made her squirm for an answer I thought while I laughed at myself and he facials, “the way he looks at you, it’s fairly obvious he likes you, you should just go for it Kailyn” she continued

“There was no way that I was even going to push that, he’s from a hugely famous band and I don’t know if I’d be able to date someone like that because it’d just be too hard for me” I was quick on my feet again with this reply

“Do you really need my help in here or did you just want to ambush me about Niall?” I said laughing slightly

“Oh honey, I just wanted to ambush you, because he is very cute” she replied smugly

“Ok well, thank you but I’m going back out there because Lucy would probably be eyeing him off like no bodies business and he’s in there by himself when he came for my moral support” I said giggling at my Auntie then walked out back into the living room and sat down next to Niall.

“How do you know Niall” I heard a whisper in my ear, it was Lucy

“I’ll tell you later, Ok?” I replied back making sure to whisper

“Dinner is ready guys” shouted Auntie from the dining room, we all scurried off and tuck in “it smells great” Niall said as he started eating we all finished out dinner and we talked for a while longer

“It started to get late and Niall and I have quite a drive back to our hotel, we should do this again” I said Niall and I stood up and started walking to the door

“Thank you for dinner, it was absolutely brilliant” he said while he was saying goodbye, “it has been raining” I stated as we opened the front door

“Are you ready to run?” Niall asked while smiling

“As ready as I can be” I replied laughing and we ran to his car thank god for his car having remote unlocking, I’d hate to be stuck in this whether waiting for my door to be unlocked we both jumped into the car, Niall started the ignition and we drove off, by the time we go back to the hotel it was 11:30pm I was so exhausted

“Thank you for today Niall, I had a lot of fun, and thanks for coming to dinner with me” I said as we reached out doors

“No thank you, today has been the best day I’ve had in a very long time and I’m actually glad that it was spent with you” he said while he leant over and kissed my cheek, I smiled and walked into my room, I closed the door and leaned against it so many things running through my head about today and the one thought that stood out the most was “I think I like him”, my thoughts were soon interrupted by three gentle knocks on my door, I turned around and opened the door, “Niall? Hi” I said I wasn’t sure why he was at my door so I was very confused by his appearance “Hi, err, well I’m not actually sure what I’m supposed to say here but, err, can I come in?” he asked seeming a little distressed

“of course, yes, come in” I replied and as he walked in I shut the door behind him I had no idea what was going to happen here, but I went and sat next to him on my bed he looked me dead in the eyes

“I like you Kailyn, everything about you has been sending tingles throughout my body whenever I was near you or whenever I would think about you, when I heard what room you were in at the desk, after you walked away I asked the lady if there were any room available next to you, and she offered me my room I’m in at the moment, so me being on the same floor as you was no coincidence, I wanted to know you from the moment I saw you” he said quite quickly I’m not even sure if he took a breath saying any of that, what do I say back to him, this was all so weird, I just couldn’t comprehend it, he was still staring me dead in the eyes waiting for my response, and I was still waiting for a response  to come into my head, I knew what I wanted to tell him, but I’m not sure if that was even remotely appropriate, I smiled at him to calm his nerves as I waited for a response to come to my head

“Niall, I think you are fantastic and I’ve had a fantastic time with you yesterday and today and I like you as well, I just don’t think I want anything else, I’m sorry Niall” I replied instantly regretting what I said to him I wanted to tell him that yes I like you too and not the last part

“oh alright, well I’m going to go to my room I’m pretty tired now” he said yawning, but it was the fakest yawn I’d ever seen, I just looked at him as he left

“good night” I said as he walked out my door.

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