The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


11. I need you know

Weeks had past and nothing even got mentioned about what Lucy had said to me that day, I acted as though everything was fine I woke up did my usual routine with the shower going to work eating what I usually eat I was actually too scared to leave my comfort zone in case she was there ready to act, Mum has been saying Lucy has been getting better but in all honesty I don’t believe it, Lucy was one of those manipulative bitches with a compulsive lying disorder oh and bi-polar to make everything with her so much worse, she was determined to ruin what I had, and I was determined to not let her get in my way, it has been eating at me from the inside out thinking about when she might act, and everything that happens to me lately that is bad makes me think was that in her plan I mean I have no idea what she has planned so it could actually be, I needed to stop thinking about it and be myself again, this was probably her plan make me over think everything and act like I am and ruin it all myself, even though my life had been flowing correctly for the past few weeks today didn’t go as correct as I’d assumed it would, I didn’t get out of bed I’d been laying here thinking and over thinking Niall was nowhere to be seen, all I wanted was to just cuddle up too him I needed him, I think I was finally about to break and scream and hurl everything in my path at the wall I tried to calm myself down, but nothing was working I feel as though I’ve gone back into my depression and I don’t know how to bring myself back out, I was fighting every urge in my body telling me to get out of bed because I knew if I did, it wouldn’t end well I fought myself for 10 minutes until I couldn’t fight anymore and I climbed out of my bed walked to my bathroom tears streaming down my face I opened the cabinet under my sink and pulled out something I haven’t used in years “you want him Lucy, he’s yours” I said as I pulled the blade along my wrist I didn’t care anymore if I bleed out or not I didn’t want to suffer anymore, I’d had too much to deal with, after I’d pulled the blade along my wrist a few times, I’d released endorphins I’d forgotten about, I’d actually forgotten the feelings I felt after I’d done this, but at the same time I’d forgotten the fact that I actually will have to live with these scars and I didn’t want that and when I realized that I put the blade back to my wrist and I pulled it up my wrist pushing as hard as I could without wanting to scream, it’d pushed too hard and I let out this huge blood curling scream id sat on the floor of my bathroom for 10 minutes now acting and thinking stupidly and I realized this now, but when I realized it was too late for me to act differently, I was falling in and out of consciousness but I saw him standing over me leaning down to grab me I heard his sweet voice “Kailyn, you need to hang on please”

 he said as he raced me outside to the car trying to get me to this hospital the last thing I remember was pulling out of the driveway the rest was black.

Waking up in a hospital surrounded by people that are supposed to care about me, where were they when I needed them most, they were nowhere to be seen, I just wanted to cry seeing them standing there with their worried faces that turned to joy when they saw id woken up, my mum called for the nurse saying I was awake and seconds later a nurse and a doctor raced in asking everyone to leave the room “I can’t leave here, I can’t leave her again” I heard a voice say, id recognize this voice anywhere his beautiful think Irish accent, how could I not know that voice “Niall” I managed to say as loud as I could I didn’t mean to say it out loud but it just slipped out “Kaliyn, I’m right here” he said back “sir we need to ask you to leave the room please” he doctor asked so politely but quite pushy at the same time “No, can he stay please” I asked worried the doctor may say no “well we need to talk to you about what happened but if that is something you what him to sit here and listen to them that is yours and his choice” the doctor continued
“I want him to stay” I announced

“ok well Kailyn you have been out for 4 days now we will need to do a full check-up, we will also need to keep you in for another 2 days due to the fact you actually succeeded in killing yourself, you are very lucky to be alive actually, if this young man didn’t bring you in when he did you’d be no more” he said with a stern but soothing voice “the reason we are keeping you in for 2 more days is becau-“ I cut him off “I know I know, I’ve had this before I’m being kept in for suicide watch” I said rudely

“alright, well I’ll let your family know they are fine to come in again” he said walking out of the door within seconds of him leaving my family raced on in and trotting along behind them was Lucy “Get out!” I shouted at her “Get her out now she is not family to me” I started yelling “Calm down Kailyn, she hasn’t done anything to you” my dad piped up “are you fucking kidding me, you ask mum what exactly this troll has done to me, no get her out of here right now” I exclaimed mum shoving my dad out and Lucy as well Niall pulled his chair right next to my bed and held my hand trying to comfort me he ended up climbing into the bed with me and I got what I finally wanted, to cuddle up to him and just fall asleep.

The two days I spent in hospital under strict suicide watch were horrible, I had a doctor nearby me at all times in the bathroom all I had was 1 extra toilet roll I had no glass in there and I had no way of doing anything while I was in there all I thought about was what I can do when I get out of here, I wanted to do something fun, because I haven’t done anything all that great in a few weeks because of all this drama, I just didn’t know what to do, I was stuck on it day two came to a close and I was signed myself out of the hospital, thank god I thought to myself these two days have been a true nightmare I hated it, I just wanted to get home, it was almost 5pm by the time I’d managed to get a train and bus home, I got to the door but it was locked, my car was still here so Niall mightn’t have gone out, I hoped not, or id be stuck outside, I knocked on the door and no answer, so I knocked again and then the door flicked open “Kailyn, what? Why didn’t you call me, I was getting ready to come and get you?” Niall asked astonished that I was even at the door “I wanted to surprise you, SURPRISE” I said adding the loud surprise at the end “you’re such a dork, but you are my dork and I’m honestly miss you” he said pulling me into a tight embrace “I have a surprise planned for you tonight baby” he continued with a huge smile on his face “go get dressed and wear something comfortable, but something you won’t care about being seen in” he said pushing me to my room to get dressed “alright, alright” I said as I shut my bedroom door behind me I pulled my shirt off as I rummaged through my wardrobe I heard a few knocks on my door and the door opened, I had a heart attack I jumped behind my wardrobe doors “get out please” I said to him completely stressed out he would see me like I am I didn’t know why I was so worried about it, he’d seem me completely naked before, none of this was making any sense, I just threw myself on the ground and broke down in tears he rushed to my side “babe, what’s wrong, you never yell me to leave your room when you get dressed?” he asked with concern “I don’t know, I don’t understand, I’m just not comfortable being un dressed around you” I said threw my shaky voice and tears falling down my now flushed cheeks “ok well if you want me to get out I will respect your wishes” he said as he got up and walked towards my door “Wait, Niall it’s not that I don’t want you in here, it’s” I said pausing “it’s what?” he asked waiting on an answer “it’s just I feel disgusting and if I can’t look at myself nicely how can I expect you to” I bite down on my tongue hard I really didn’t want to find what he would say it would probably be break my heart I was literally expecting the worst when the most beautiful words came flowing from his soothing voice,

“Kailyn I don’t want you to ever think that I will judge you in any way, the person you are is the person I fell for, scars and all and I know your scars are what is making you think this way, and I knew about them before what happened the other day so please, please don’t think like that I love you and I always will Forever & Always okay?” he said to me as he walked up to me and wrapped his warm soft hands around my waist and pressed his lips against mine
“now go get really” he said to me as he kissed me one last time and left the room why is it he knew all the right words to say to win me over again.

I was ready to walk out the door I was wearing my light pink crew neck sweater my black skinny jeans and my black vans, we walked to the car and Niall wanted to drive so I climbed into the passenger seat and he climbed into the driver’s seat

“Niall where are you taking me?” I asked curiously
“Babe, that’s a surprise” was all he said back to me as he started the engine and began to reverse the car out the driveway, we didn’t drive very long, we drove for about 20 minutes and pulled up in front of a park in an area I was quite familiar with “are we going here?” I asked
“yup” he replied popping the p
“a park?, but why a park?” I asked quite confused
“you will see babe” he replied as he go out and raced over to my side of the car and opened my door for me
“you really are a gentlemen aren’t you baby” I said to him as I climbed out of the car he walked me over to a bench that had a candle lit up in the middle of the table, I couldn’t quite make out what was happening on the huge field at the park but there was something out there Niall placed a letter on the table and said wait 5 minutes and read it then he disappeared, if I knew Niall at all this was going to be something I wouldn’t forget that is for certain, I waited 5 minutes and then opened the letter it read
“Kailyn if you are reading this look up at the field in front of you and when the lights flick on stay where you are because I will come back for you”

I had no idea what was about to take place in front of me in the field, but sure enough when those lights all came on to light up that field I saw all the boys from one direction and I saw Niall “this one if for you my beautiful girlfriend that I love deeply” he said threw the microphone

“Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me 
But bear this mind it was meant to be 
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me”

“I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, 
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs 
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine”

[Zayn + Liam] 
“But i'll love them endlessly

I listened closely as tears started rolling down my eyes, when Niall took centre stage he started walking up towards me singing

You never love yourself half as much as i love you 
You'll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to 
If i let you know, i'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like i love you oh”

By the time he reached me I could actually feel sparks flying, he put his mic down and the boys finished the song he sat next to me and all he did was kiss me we stayed out until sunrise, it was honestly the most perfect night with the most perfect boy, I needed him because without him I don’t know what I’d do anymore

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