The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


7. Goodbye is always the hardest part

I woke up later on at about 4:30pm and thought to myself “great I’m not going to sleep tonight” as I crawled out of bed, I needed to shower so I started walking to the bathroom thinking to myself, did she really ring me before, that was a strange phone call, I was thinking about everything and I started to tear up even just thinking about the fact that she could even do that to me or her family, why would she try to control her mother of all people.

I jumped in the shower washed my hair and climbed out, I had no need to but I wanted to curl my hair so I pulled out the curling iron I brought on my second day here when I went shopping with Niall, turned it on to heat up and pulled out my hair dryer, dried my hair then started curling my hair after I’d done that I put on some make up giving my face a nude look and with just a light brush of mascara I walked into my room in just my towel to grab some clothes I pulled out of my suitcase my black crewneck with writing on the front saying “Swag” I then grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans with rips all up the legs and my worn out black toms I walked into my bathroom to put them on looked in the mirror satisfied with my choice of outfit, I walked out of my bathroom and grabbed my credit card and shoved it in one of the back pockets of my skinny jeans, I then grabbed my iPhone and headphones and turned on some music as I headed towards my door, when I opened my door I saw him, I didn’t want to see him, I hate being the one in the wrong, I don’t want to have to say sorry, but I knew it was something I had to do he just looked at me when I opened my door, his eyes seemed to have lit up, and a smile grew on his face at the sight of me, I pulled out my headphones wrapped them around my phone and shoved them in my other back pocket “hi” I said quietly “hey, umm are you going out?” he replied
“oh no I was just going to go for a walk around town” I answered “but you wanted to talk, so if you’re up for that now I can go for a walk after” I continued
“yeah that would be brilliant actually, because I want to tell you something” he replied “So do I actually” I said smiling He smiled back and he gestured me into his room to talk.

“I’m sorry!” he exclaimed “I swear I never meant to hurt you like I did, and I promise you that I never once stepped out of line with you, I’d never do that to you, I just really want you to trust me in what I’m saying” he continued I could hear the worry in his voice “Niall, I do trust you, I don’t actually know why I couldn’t see it now, but Lucy, well Lucy is actually a bit of a head case and needs quite a bit of help, but I’m not even going to bother helping her, she’s done her dash with me” I replied putting Niall a bit at ease “well were does this leave us?” he replied eager for an answer “friends” I stated simply “friends? Really?” he replied with sadness flowing through his voice “well I think friends would be better considering we managed a relationship for one whole day and that’s it there is really no reason for us to get straight back into one, but friends we’d be able to actually get to know one another” I stated “and also I fly out tomorrow around noon, so friendship is safer I think” I continued “friendship it is then I guess” he replied “Niall, why were you with Lucy today? I mean I know it’s not my business, but after she was the reason for you and I and if you knew the truth then why would you want to go anywhere with her?” I asked almost not wanting to hear the response “I wanted to know why she did what she did, and I wanted her to know that what she did hurt me, and if she was any kind of fan she wouldn’t hurt someone she supposably cared so much for” he replied walking towards me I just smiled and he wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my neck oh god, his hugs were amazing who wouldn’t want a Horan hug I had to remove myself from his warm embrace “I’m going to go Niall” I stated as I pulled myself from his hug, I needed to take this walk I needed to clear my head, I hate that I fly out tomorrow, I would have loved to have stayed longer but I just couldn’t especially now, I turned away from Niall and let myself out of his room, I walked down to the lobby and as I was about to leave, headphones in my ears again Taylor grabbed me, I was so startled I shrieked quite loudly pulling my headphones out “you scared me oh my god” I stated still a little freaked out “I’m sorry, I was just coming over to see how you were? Because today was a little bit weird” she said “I’m fine Niall and I spoke just before actually and he cleared everything up and we decided on friendship and that’s it” I replied “but hey, can we talk tomorrow? Sorry it’s just I want to go for a walk, by the way I fly out tomorrow at 12:40, so you should come and see me before I go” I said with a smile on my face “oh my god really? That’s so soon awe I will definitely come and see you tomorrow and I’ll be here early ok” she replied laughing I headed out the door and I went walking through the streets of London, I got lost at one point and I had to ask someone for directions to get back to my hotel, by the time I got back It was really later, I couldn’t believe I actually walked for that long it was 9:30 and I knew I wasn’t tired because I’d slept such a long time today but I had to be up early in the morning because I was flying tomorrow, so I made my way up to my room and laid down trying so hard to fall asleep, eventually I fell asleep although it was quite late once my eyes did actually rest.

In the morning I woke up at 9:00am I can’t believe how much I slept considering my long sleep yesterday, I walked into the bathroom, I felt so lazy today I didn’t even bother to shower or change my clothes, I threw my hair up in a pony tail and started to collect all my belongings and put them in my suitcase, I filled both big suitcases this time instead of filling one and half filling the other one, I’d brought a lot of things for my family and friends in Australia, “shit” I thought I really don’t want to say goodbye to Niall how am I supposed to do that, so I decided to write goodbye to him I started writing it.

“Niall, I’m sorry I didn’t have the guts to face you and say goodbye, but to save myself the tears I decided to write what I needed to say, so here goes, I’m really going to miss you, and I do feel bad that I couldn’t say this to your face, it’s almost time for me to head to the airport so I’m sorry if this seems like a rushed goodbye, thank you for everything you have shown me over here, you have honestly been the main reason I have enjoyed my trip here I only wish it was longer, you will have to come and maybe visit me sometime? Well I really do have to go, but don’t be a stranger”

I finished cleaning up my hotel room and I took one last look at it grabbed my suitcases and the letter I had wrote to Niall and walked out closing the door behind me, I let my suitcases stand up right while I walked to Niall’s door, I took one big deep breath in and as I went to slip the letter under the door I hear someone call my name and as I turned to were the voice was coming from I saw Liam Harry Louis and Zayn walking down the hallway “what are you doing Kailyn?” Harry asked as I stood back up I hadn’t even slipped the letter under the door “I didn’t want to wake him to say goodbye, so I was just leaving him a letter” I replied “why are you saying goodbye?” Zayn asked “I’m flying back home in a few hours” I stated and they all shouted at me telling me I cannot just leave Niall a letter saying goodbye, I need to actually face him and as the boys went to bang on the door I shouted at them to stop, they just couldn’t “you can’t, I can’t say goodbye, I just couldn’t bring myself to say those words” I said starting to tear up I hate crying in front of people, I wiped my eyes and shoved my letter at Liam “can you please give this to him” I said turning around grabbing my suitcases and walking swiftly towards the elevator, as I was leaving Taylor arrived “Kailyn what’s wrong?” she asked seeming really worried “I just had to say goodbye” I said sobbing “oh my god, I’m so sorry that would have been so hard Kailyn, how did he take it?” she asked “I don’t know actually, I just wrote a letter and gave it to Liam and told him to give it to him” I replied sobbing even harder now “Kailyn come on you need to see him” she said grabbing me and hugging me tightly “I can’t Taylor, I cannot actually tell him goodbye” I replied to her now crying into her arms “I’m taking you to the airport, come on” she said grabbing one of my suitcases and helping me put them in the car.

The trip to the airport was quiet, if any noise came from that car it was from me, just sniffling and sobbing while I sat in the passenger seat, the airport from my hotel took a full hour, a dragged out hour that’s for sure, I finally broke the silence as we arrived at the airport “I just want to get home to see my mum” I said still sobbing a little, Taylor made her way around the car and gave me big hug “I don’t blame you, you have been through so much while you have been over here” she said trying to comfort me, I just smiled and walked to the back of the car to pull out my suitcases and Taylor followed close behind we walked in and decided we needed breakfast so we made our way through the security gates and into the food court, we decided on getting McDonalds for breakfast, I was so hungry I could have ate 10 McMuffins we sat in the food court for 10 minutes before morning on to the boarding gate to wait for my flight to be ready to board.

“Do you actually want him to come and see you again?” Taylor asked out of nowhere “of course I do, it would mean more to me than anything for him to come and see me” I replied “well, now don’t get mad at me please but I text Niall before we left the hotel and told him after he reads your letter to come to the airport if he doesn’t want to lose you for good” she said “Taylor, why would you do that?” I replied quite angry with her, how horrible if he doesn’t even turn up now, does that mean he never really cared my thoughts were interrupted by the calling of my flight to board, I looked around the area I was in hoping to see Niall, nope no sign so I said goodbye to Taylor she hugged me tightly and I walked to the gate waiting to reach the podium the women stood checking everyone’s tickets my eyes were blurry as tears streamed down my face, but there was one thing that was in 100 percent working condition and that was my ears I heard my name being shouted I would recognize his accent anywhere, I flung around to make sure what I was hearing was actually him, and my ears did not play tricks this time he was actually running towards me, just froze I didn’t want this confrontation, this was going to be horrible he didn’t stop running when he got closer he only picked up his pace a little bit more and when he reached me he swung his arms around me and pulled me in tightly “Sorry I’m late, the line at the front was chaotic” he whispered in my ear “what do you mean you’re late?” I asked not understanding his statement “I don’t think I’m ready to let you get away from me yet, and I’m definitely not satisfied with just this friend thing, I’m coming with you, I have 2 months off work and I plan to spend every bit of it with you” he said pressing his lips against mine, we boarded the plane together and well here I am now telling you all about it and Niall, well he’s at my house probably still asleep” I said to my mum as I’d finished telling her everything that had happened since I’d got to London until now, her facials didn’t change the whole time, she was so shocked the first thing she said to me was “You lost your Virginity to Niall Horan in London?” “I did” I replied, I told my mum everything about me I was never too shy to hide something from her she was my best friend, my dad walked into the dining room and mentioned to mum something I’d wished I could have put a stop too, “Tabs is sending Lucy over to see if we can pull her into line, she has been apparently running amuck over there” dad said I just looked at him “oh you remember Lucy don’t you Kailyn?” he asked “how could I forget her” I replied through gritted teeth while my mum just looked at me.


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