The Perfect Connection

Warning; Sexual references throughout story
Kailyn is just an average australian girl that decided to go on a trip overseas
she picked London, She has family over there
but what happens in to Kailyn in London with a certain member of a band?
and will he follow her back to Australia
or will he remain just a memory of her trip to London


12. Faux Relationship

I can’t believe Lucy still hasn’t acted yet, I don’t know what to expect just as I then Niall busted through the door to my room “you will not believe who I just saw with Liam” he shouted

“Holy fuck Niall, you scared the hell out of me, who did you see with Liam” I asked quite curiously

“fucking Lucy, I saw Liam with fucking Lucy, I went to the shops because I wanted to get you something and surprise you with it this morning, but I had to rush back here and hide from him because I had no idea what to do and I needed to tell you” he exclaimed

“Liam? as in your Liam? It can’t be there is actually no way, are you sure? I mean Liam heard everything she sai-” I cut myself off
“Liam knows exactly what’s she’s like doesn’t he?” I finished

“Liam heard what” he asked “nothing I meant to say Liam knows what she is like though right?” I tried to cover it up

“But you didn’t say that to begin with, what aren’t you telling me?” he asked
“I tell you everything Kailyn, what aren’t you telling me?” he continued

“Nothing, ok I need to go out for a bit, I need some fresh air, I love you” I said as I go up and kissed his cheek on my way out.

Liam with Lucy, it really can’t be, how is this even happening, I mean he was there that day she said that crap to me my phone started ringing I look at my phone it read “Niall” I swiped to answer “Hey, what’s up?” I said

“Can you come back please Liam is coming over” he replied
“Ok, I’ll head home now” I said as I turned around and headed home when I reached my house Niall met me out the front “can we talk before Liam gets here please” he asked nervously my eyes started to well up “err of course what about?” I asked he ignored my question and grabbed my hand pulling me inside and he sat me down next to him there was not a single sound being made for a good 5 minutes eventually I spoke up “you’re making me nervous” I said
“I’m sorry I’m just not sure how to say it” he said
“well just come out with it, it’s not that hard” I said knowing exactly what he wanted to say he was clearly going to break up with me my eyes started to well up and I couldn’t control them tears just started streaming down my face
“don’t cry baby, it’s nothing to cry about I promise it’s just something I’ve been talking to the boys about” he said
“well can you just say it then, because I feel like it’s something I should cry about” I replied
“I err, I want to ask you something important, I want to ask you” he said pausing and looking me dead in the eye
“I want you to move into a house with me” he said rushing the words out
“but you kind of basically live here with me and what will happen when you go on tour again” I asked as I wiped the tears from my now pink cheeks
“I know I do, but I mean I want to buy a house here with you, and well when tour comes around we will sort something then” he stated I never got a chance to give him my answer because, well Liam turned up at my door, I got up and opened the door I didn’t know how to answer his question as lovely as that idea is, I just don’t know yet I sat down next to Niall again and he wrapped his arm around me and leaned into kiss my cheek and whispered “please don’t feel pressured to say yes, I only want you to say yes if you really want to” he pulled away from me and I leant in and pressed my lips on his “really guys?” I heard Liam say and I quickly pulled away

“What did you want to talk to me about?” he asked Niall burst out he must have been so eager to find out
“I saw you with Lucy today, why?” Niall asked
“I uhh, umm, well I can’t explain it properly but I’m doing it for you two, you guys just need to trust me please” he said explaining himself and looking over at me a lot
“can you please explain properly” Niall asked seeming to get frustrated
“if I did, it probably won’t work out correctly, I’m sorry you just need to trust me ok” he said

“Well can you tell us how it’s supposed to help us?” Niall continued to hound him for questions

“Niall, all I plan to do is keep her out of your way, yours and Kailyns way okay” Liam stated

“I have to go, I’m going to see Lucy” Liam said rolling his eyes slightly and began walking to the door

“Liam I really don’t want you to do this” I piped up
“what do you mean?” he asked
“I can’t let you do this, she will ruin you” I continued
“Kailyn, that’s a risk I was willing to take myself okay” he said as he walked out the door

I turned to Niall “yes” I said
“yes what?” he asked laughing at me
“Yes I will move into a house with you” I continued with a smile on my face
Niall almost jumped with joy and he leant in to kiss me and I kissed back

“I’ll be back soon babe” he said as he grabbed the keys and headed for the door as the door closed I got up and grabbed the TV remote and flicked it on i scanned through the channels trying to find something remotely interesting when E.T popped up on channel 9 i can never pass up and opportunity to watch a celebrity gossip show even if they fact were wrong, it was just my nature to require a dose of celebrity gossip, I sat there and listened, “Does a member of One Direction have a new girl in his life, Liam Payne known as “Daddy Directioner” seen walking with a light brown haired girl while in Australia just a few hours ago, could she be the boy that Liam will end up gaga over” i looked at the TV and listened intensely, she is going to ruin his life and I need to put a stop to this fake relationship and otherwise i want to know what his plan is, because if it involves Liam getting hurt i couldn’t bare that at all i pick up my phone and scroll through my contact until i find Liam’s name i tap my screen on his name and begin to call,

“Kailyn, hey, what’s up?” he answers the phone immediately
“Liam hi, nothing I’m just watching Entertainment Tonight and you can’t date Lucy, fake or not fake she will ruin you” I exclaimed hoping he’d say ok i’ll call it off with her i didn’t quite get the answer i wanted i actually didn’t expect this reply at all
“Kailyn, I’m coming back over be there soon” he said as he hung up on me, why on earth was he coming back over i just cannot comprehend why my thoughts began to wander and before i knew it Liam was at my door,
“Kailyn, open up its Liam” i heard he shout from the front door, i jumped up and raced to the door and opened it for him as soon as he walked in he grabs my hand and pulls me to the dining room and sits me down in a chair and proceeds to sit in the chair next to me,
“Look Kailyn, i’m doing this to help you and Niall out, if she is distracted with me, she won’t have time to bother you and the last thing i want is to see you hurt again” he said pouring every bit of emotion into what he has said to me my eyes begin to well up
“Liam i am a big girl, and i can handle Lucy, i do not want you anywhere near her please” i begged “Kailyn i’m sorry but this is what i’m doing you will thank me in the end” he said as he gets up to walk away, i jump up and grab him hand “Liam please, please, please do not do this, we don’t want you to do anything” i continue to beg as tears roll down my face “You don’t want me to get hurt again? well to be honest this is hurting me” i say as i let go of him and turn away walking down my hallway to my bedroom and i heard him race after me “if you aren’t even going to listen to me then just get out” I shout as I open my bedroom door and slam it behind me i crawl staright into be bawling my eyes out i don’t understand why it hurts me too much to know he is with someone else even if the relationship is supposably fake, i mean Lucy doesn’t know it’s fake so does that slightly make it real, i can’t even think straight Knock, Knock, Knock i hear at my door “Liam go away” i shout through my shaky voice as more tears pour out he opens the door slightly and pops his head in “Kailyn what is going on? Why is this so upsetting for you?” he asks “all you should be caring about is the fake that you and Niall are fine” he continues
“don’t you think i know this, but i can’t help but get upsetting over this, and i don’t even quite understand it” i say to him as he sits next to me on my bed “Kailyn?” he says nervously “yes?” i reply
“Could it be that... err.. Well maybe... Never mind” he said as he turn away to get up and walk out
“could it be what? Could it be that i like you and i really shouldn’t?” i ask quietly his head turns around and he looks at me with sorrow in his eyes “well you know what Liam, i actually don’t know i mean since we had that talk a few weeks ago i just kind of, oh i don’t know” i say as i throw my head into my pillows
“Kailyn, do you feel something towards me?” he asks I look at him nervously “i think so” i say while i throw my head back into my pillows
“Kailyn look at me please” he said almost demanding, i lift my head from my pillows and turn to look at him, “those feelings are actually returned, when we had that talk i didn’t want what Niall and you had, i wanted what Niall had and i knew i need to stop feeling this way and so do you, so i am doing everything in my power to stop, Niall is my best friend, i can’t do it to him, and you need to get over these feeling as well, please, i know you love Niall and you need to remain with him” he said as he walked over to me kissing my forehead and walking out “i’ll see you later Kailyn, and i’m glad we had this talk” he says as he leaves the room and escorts himself out of the house, i lay back down in my bed and i cry myself to sleep.

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